Monday, January 12, 2009

Chamber of illegal commerce

Follow up to below post
DHS postpones E-Verify requirement
The federal government has postponed until Feb. 20 a requirement for government contractors to use the E-Verify system to check the eligibility of their employees to work in the U.S.

The Department of Homeland Security announced Friday it would push back the date because of a federal lawsuit filed Dec. 23 by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other business groups. The suit contends the government doesn’t have the authority to make E-Verify mandatory for contractors.

The Chamber of Commerce is saying that the government doesn't have the authority to enforce it's own laws. They are also saying that they don't care about American workers.

From the Chamber's website:
The IP (intellectual property) of innovative industries is increasingly under assault around the globe as governments and NGOs aggressively seek to erode patent, trademark, and copyright protections; undermine international trade rules; and destroy innovation and research-based industries. Anti-IP forces are pressing their attacks in the U.S. Congress, in a growing number of key nations, and in multilateral forums like the World Trade Organization, the World Health Organization...

How come they don't call for amnesty for those who commit copyright infringment? Where is the lawsuit that says the federal government can't verify that someone has violated at patent Criminal companies who produce knockoff products unite!

We don't get to pick and choose which laws we follow. Once you enter the realm of picking and choosing it becomes anarchy.

It is good for business when we follow ALL the laws. Immigration, labor and copyright.


Anonymous said...

ha ha! E-verify is toast. Obama will see to that.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 12:18
That will go over well with over half a million Americans losing their jobs each month. I hope you and your whole family lose their jobs. Obama will see to that hopefully. One cannot spend oneself into prosperity. With the many trillions spent and obligated this past year, somebody will have to make the interest payments. Last year we spent $412 billion on our interest payments. That will be a lot more for this year.

You must hate American. With the uncontrolled spending of the democrats and the illegal amnesty, America will be gone. Bush and congress started it, Obama will finish it.

Don't worry, our creditors will divide up the US and you will be happy with the Chinese running parts of our country. Of course you don't mind being slaves to pay of the debt. Then you and your family may be toast. Obama will see to that. ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Obama has stated frequently that E-Verify is a powerful tool in making sure that employers hire only people who have the necessary documents to work in this country.

I find it curious, being a long-time visitor to this blog, that suddenly Daniel and friends are E-Verify's biggest fans.

Wasn't all that long ago that there was considerable bleeting and braying over the onus being put on the employer to confirm the status of a worker. Wasn't all that long ago that this blog and it's yes-men deemed E-verify woefully inaccurate and that false-positives were going to unfairly cast the employer into never-ending court battles and legal fees.

Interesting how things have changed...

Anonymous said...

Dave01BrainCell --

A tad bit dramatic there don't you think?

You must hate America to characterize the lot of us as pussies willing to give up and throw up the white flag of surrender to the Chinese, various creditors and those assorteds who would have us be slaves.

LibLibrarian said...

It's hilarious to watch the evolution of Miglavian's steadfast INSISTANCE that a recession was merely the figment of the American-hating liberals overactive fraidy- cat imaginations and the Chicken Little blubberings of the oft heralded "liberal" media.

Suddenly, E-Verify is an effective way for Miglavians to do their part by supporting pnly those businesses who use it! Suddenly, the pretend recession is no longer a willful and destructive fabrication of the evil liberal media, but a super- mega volcano on the verge of obliterating the entire country into a tattered shell populated by zombie slaves.

Wow. Talk about a 180. Suddenly Miglavs is no longer mocking us that the recession is merely a "figment of our imaginiations" perpetuated by those of us who "hate" America so much that we're making shit up out of whole cloth to speed her destruction.

DaveO1BrainCell says "I hope you and your whole family lose their jobs. Obama will see to that hopefully." If that's not hating America tell me what is. He's sending that message out to no one in particular, addressing it to the 53 million adults who voted for Obama, and the families of those 53 million adults. Dave, ever the patriot, makes it quite clear that he is actually HOPING for misery for his fellow citizens simply because they disagree with him on some stuff and didn't vote for his candidate the way he told them too. He's hoping so hard he used the word twice.

How's that for true blue "Country First" patriotism? Makes your eyes well up with pride, doesn't it Miglavia? A big Miglavian round of applause for Dave, a "real" American who "loves" his country while the rest of us just hate it.

Anonymous said...

3:13, it's hard to be a pussy when you are a fucking fag.

Bobkatt said...

Obama does seem to support E-verify we will have to wait and see'
As far as people on this blog not supporting E-verify please cite an example. I did a search of blog and didn't come up with anything. Perhaps you are confusing E-verify with the Real ID act which many of us dislike because of the RFID aspect and the loss of privacy.

Scottiebill said...

Hey, Bobkatt, The guys posting here who are against E-verify obviously think that they, as well as many others who don't like E-verify, do not have to follow thelaw. I wonder which laws they adhere to and which they don't. I really wasn't aware we could pick and choose which laws we want to adhere to and ignore the other laws.

DAVE01 said...

As bobkatt said, I think you guys are confused with the Real ID act. E-verify is over 99% accurate and it is free (which means somebody is paying for it, us taxpayers).

Liblibrarian, E-verify will help keep illegal aliens from getting a job. Anon 12:18 is thinking that Obama will kill it. I was sending the message to that poster. You are wrong when you say I am sending it to the 53 million people and their families who voted for the messiah. Look at where I say Anon 12:18.
That means illegal aliens will get jobs over Americans. I want him/her and his/her family to feel the pain of not having a job as over 1.2 million Americans felt in the last two months. What is wrong with that. Most people do not understand something until they experience it. I simply want that person to experience unemployment and they will change their attitude. Then Anon 12:18 will not be so happy about the messiah getting rid of E-verify. Americans need and must have those jobs over some illegal alien with five anchor babies.

It is a fact of life that some people will feel misery. Why not the ones who do not want to protect American jobs. I also want misery for criminals, is that bad? I want them to go to prison so they don't get their kicks out of robbing and hurting people. It seems you want them to keep on committing their crimes. Shame on you!

Scottiebill said...

With any luck, Anon 12:18, will lose his job to an illegal that wasn't scanned by E-verify.

And while I can in no way support Obama and his incoming administration, I do not think that he is dumb enough to get rid of the E-verify program. He likely knows it would be one more nail in his political coffin.

LibLibrarian said...

Dave01 -- Sorry. You can't un-ring a bell. You said what you said. Nice try though.

Oh, and I erred. Actually, 63.7 million patriots voted for Barack HUSSEIN Obama.