Monday, January 26, 2009

This is America, speak English

State of Oregon now hiring:
Eligibility Worker/Bilingual: English-Somali
$2,473 - $3,587 MONTHLY

This employment opportunity is with Children, Adults and Families, which is part of the Department of Human Services (DHS). There is one full-time position located in BEAVERTON. This position is represented by a union.

Assessing the needs of applicants/recipients, determines eligibility and issues benefits for the Food Stamp program, Oregon Health Plan (OHP), and programs for adult clients.

Advocating for and ensures appropriate ongoing benefits and services to participants transitioning into successful long-term employment

The taxpayers are going to hire someone to advocate for ongoing welfare benefits for someone who only speaks Somali. Would you say that those recipients are "work ready" when they can't speak any English?

I'm not sure what the Somali-speaking population of the metro area is but it apparently requires at least one full time DHS worker. Next week I'm hoping to see Sudanese.


Scottiebill said...

One has to wonder how many of the Somalis are here illegally. I would bet that neither one of them are. But why would the State want to pay $2500. to $3600. a month to translate for so few people? Money to burn, I guess. That money will probably come from funding for police, fire fighters, roads, and/or bridges. But perhaps it should come from Teddy the Useless' salary. That would be a good use of that wasted money.

Robin said...

don't forget that this is the state that wanted to hire some to translate Klingon.

Angry White Guy said...

Assholes who want welfare and/or government benefits of any type should speak the fucking language. This isn't rocket science. My home state has a hiring freeze in place currently and cut the budget to deal with the upcoming revenue shortfall. But in this shitty state it is business as usual.

Bobkatt said...

According to Mayor Potter in 2008 there were "6300 strong" Somalis in Portland.

Anonymous said...

But Immigrants sucking all our Taxes dollars away, are "good for the economy", Socialist Democrat economy only of course.

Anonymous said...

Wow, there really is no shortage of xenophobic bellyaching here in Miglavia.

The Somalis in Portland are largely Bantu, an ethnic African population with a history of enslavement and persecution. When Somalia fell into civil war in 1991, the Bantu fled to refugee camps in bordering countries. The U.S. agreed to take in some of these refugees, and one of the settlement cities was Portland.

Because refugees are, by definition, fleeing horrifying persecution, the US (as with all other countries that accepts refugees) provides settlement assistance since these persons are really involuntary migrants. The Bantu have lived through things that most of you probably can't imagine. Further, prior to becoming refugees, most were farmers and have very little exposure or experience with Western culture. Federal settlement assistance helps them adjust, and this position that Miglavs is all in a snit over is very likely subsidized by Federal dollars associated with the refugee settlement assistance programs. Programs like these are good both for the refugees and the society into which they are seeking to integrate.

The heights to which Miglavian ignorance can soar never ceases to amaze me.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 1:23 pm, if the federal government let them come here, why are we Oregon taxpayers paying for an eligibility worker?

In fact, why are they even getting benefits of food stamps, Oregon Health Plan and other programs for adult clients. Don't American citizens deserve those programs? If they have been here a long time, they should have learned ENGLISH by now. Send them home. It would be a lot cheaper.

Anonymous said...


You come off as quite the inhumane prick.

You want to send a group of impoverished Bantu Somali refugees, a persecuted ethnic minority that has lived through the ravages of civil war and life in refugee camps, back to the society where they are persecuted and where genocide liekly awaits?

I probably don't have to tell you that educational opportunities aren't too great in a refugee camp, and so this group is largely uneducated and quite possibly illiterate in their own language. They need assistance.

Why don't you go spend some time fleeing persecution and trying to survive in a refugee camp and we'll see how you come out of it?

As for the money, your tax dollars are not subsidize their assistance programs. Grants from the federal government to the state agencies that provide the assistance are.

Anonymous said...

Dave, I guess OUR money coming in from the Feds is not really OUR money now, so that makes it ok in a liberal small mind I guess to take from DC and not just OR.

How many billions of "Refugees" thanks to the Muslim mandate of total destruction are we going to have to pay for Liberal idiot their excuse maker?

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:23, go cry me a fucking river, asshole. Looks like you are the fucking prick, you fucking douchebag.

Anonymous said...

Funny over here. The whimperings of nobodies. Didn't you get the memo, anti-immigrant scumbag losers aren't included in the changing America. Hurry, hurry you are being left behind.

Anonymous said...

Careful Miglavians ... your bigotry is showing. I thought the official line was that it's only "illegal aliens" you're pissed off about. Guess that's not really the case, is it? ;-)

I'll give you an "A" for at least one kind of consistency: It really does seem to be those with darker skin that sets you off. I haven't seen any venom hurled at Asians here. Not yet, anyway.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 2:09 PM
In your definition, I'm a inhumane prick. We have seen almost three million Americans lose their jobs last year. Several hundred thousand have lost their jobs this year. Did you know that when Circuit City closes down, it's not only their employees that lose their jobs. They have less money to spend at the grocery store, at the bar, at the gas station and other places. This means the grocery store clerk or stockboy, that waitress or the gas station attendant will lose their jobs. It's called a ripple effect.

I have compassion. I feel one of the greatest things that ever happened to me was being born in American. But, we can only afford so much. I'm an American. In these times with congress spending and giving our grand children's future away, we cannot pay for everything for everyone. Are there not other deserving groups? If my tax money has to go to some persecuted group, why can't I decide where it goes.

Since we are bankrupting our country now, how will we save and pay for the next group of refugees.
The federal, state and local governments are going crazy with OUR money.

I wish we could pay for all these people, but there is a reality. If we spend all our money on these groups, there will be no money for my grand children. I have to take care of them first. Why don't you have your family support them. Since you are so compassionate, why don't you sell all your belongings? I think you're an inhumane prick for not doing so.

If it comes down to them having an eligibility worker to get benefits that some American veterans cannot get and my grand children having something to eat, a warm house, clothes and an education, I'll pick my grand children.

Who would you pick, them or your grand children?

LibLibrarian said...

Tell you what, Miglavs, Dave01BrainCell, AWG, Bobkatt and other assorted creeps masquerading as "compassionate" conservatives who are only concerned with ILLEGAL immigration (yeah, right)....

Here's a newsflash. You're not the only ones who pay taxes. Got it? So I figure you can, with just a little effort, wrap your minds around this:

LIBERALS PAY TAXES!!!! As you often whine about how "elite" we are, you can figure that many of us pay A LOT of taxes! This nation is pretty evenly split between conservatives and evil, Godless liberals. Has been for quite some time now -- hence the very narrow margins in our presidential elections since the 80s. You can figure that the nation's tax revenue is reflective of that, with a fairly even amount coming from the left and the right.

As you are aware, we Libs don't mind paying for these kinds of programs. We're most often the sort to say "He ain't heavy, he's my brother."

Now, why don't you just console your xenophobic little selves with this thought: Your share of tax dollars go to pay for tanks and humvees and bombs and shit like that, okay? Our share of tax dollars pay for milk, education, blankets, health care, refugee resettlement, translation and English language programs.

Your reward? You get to put on big rubber #1 fingers and shout USA! USA! USA! and revel in your tax dollars at work as you take your kids on tours of air craft carriers and enjoy Blue Angels shows.

Our reward? We get to enjoy the knowledge that our tax dollars are creating success stories about new American citizens like Lopez Lamong, one of the "lost boys" of Sudan. Now an Olympic athlete, he was chosen by his fellow American athletes to carry the flag at the opening ceremony at the Bejing Olympics.

Then there's Aduei Riak, who fled female castration in Sudan as a child and went on to graduate from Brandeis University. At the tender age of 24 she's already accomplished more than the lot of you put together. Riak founded, and now heads, a privately funded initiative that helps send girls to school in Southern Sudan.

John Bul Dau, also one of the lost boys of Sudan, is now an award winning author. Among his works is the acclaimed "God Grew Tired of Us." His book was made into a Oscar-winning documentary.

If I could, I'd round you all up and force you to watch "God Grew Tired of Us." Then I'd teach you a much needed cram course in American Civics. Before I let you go I'd force you to eat lunch at a table full of hispanic kids learning English in a dual language immersion program.

I salute these new Americans. There are thousands of similar refugee success stories. These people outclass you all in EVERY conceivable way. If even a dime of my tax dollars went toward securing their achievement, then I am overjoyed. These former refugees will likely have children who will go on to achieve similar successes as productive and impressive American citizens.

Okay, so next time the mewling and bleeting starts, just remember: LIBS PAY TAXES TOO.

In fact, here's a piece of chalk. Write this sentence 100 times: I am not the only one who pays taxes...I am not the only one who pays taxes...I am not the only one who pays taxes...I am not the only one who pays taxes...

DAVE01 said...

Anon 13:30pm
definition of xenophobia:
fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign

I guess I'm a xenophobic. I have a fear and hatred of strange illegal aliens coming here and stealing American jobs, American education, American health care and American benefits.

I have a fear of America looking like mexico. I have a fear of illegal aliens drinking and driving on our roads and kill my friends and family. I have a fear of illegal aliens raping and murdering our women and children. I have a fear of my grand children growing up in a town that looks like mexico. I have a fear that America will look like socialist Europe. I have a fear of Americans having to sell off their children to pay off the debt to China because illegal aliens get all the jobs, benefits and education in America.

I never said I was a compassionate conservative. Bush is and look what that got us.

you said:
you take your kids on tours of air craft carriers and enjoy Blue Angels shows

Without those aircraft carriers and Blue Angel shows, there will be no new American citizens like Lopez Lamong, one of the "lost boys" of Sudan. That is because we will look like mexico and we know how well mexico does in the Olympics. All the mexicans that can run, jump and swim are already here.

Since you are such a proud American, does our country look like the country our founding fathers founded? No, it's a socialist country now. Can you tell me which socialist country has done what we have?

I am not the only one who pays taxes
Then pay more fucking taxes so I don't have to.

America is the most generous country on the planet. However, there is a limit to the amount that we can AFFORD! Have you sold and given everything you can? I doubt it. You probably live in a nice house and drive a nice car, why don't you sell and give everything away to support these people? Put your money where your mouth is. How many people should we take into our country? By your reasoning we should take about four billion people into our country so we can be compassionate.

How about our children? Why don't they deserve the same consideration? Why is that money not spent on poor American children? We do have poor children you know? Are you willing to let these people have preference over American children? Why not your children?



DAVE01 said...

We can do the best for the greatest amount of people in the world by remaining strong and wealthy. If we end up looking like mexico; well, how many people has mexico helped? They have one of the 13th largest GDP. If we end up looking like mexico, we will never help anybody again. So, you may doom many future generations by helping so many now and breaking the bank. Money does not grow on trees you know. Libs have a hard time understanding that.

Anonymous said...

12:30, shut the fuck up, you liberal fucking gay phaggot. lol

Anonymous said...

Dave01, you wrote:

"I have a fear of Americans having to sell off their children to pay off the debt to China because illegal aliens get all the jobs, benefits and education in America."

While illegal aliens make a nice foil for your blame, you conveniently ignore one fact: the $14 trillion in debt the United States has (and yes, our children and their children will pay for that with increased taxes) is not a result of illegal aliens. No...80% of that debt was created by two Republicans named Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

Yes, while Republicans like you were whining about how liberals like big government, and like to to spend large amounts of tax dollars, it was actually Republicans who were perfecting the art of big government and big government spending.

This is the "dirty little secret" that Republicans would rather sweep under the rug. Because right-wingers simply wouldn't get much mileage out of their worn-out "liberals like big government!" mantra if more of the public knew the truth. That truth being, again, that when it comes to big government and big government spending, the Democrats are mere amateurs compared to the Republicans.

Illegal aliens have very little to do with this debt, Dave. In fact, they have almost nothing to do with it. But don't let this inconvenient fact stand in the way of your rant! After all, why blame the people who are actually responsible for this country's debt, when it is SO much easier to blame illegal aliens!

(And Dave, this is why people of your ilk are generally seen by the public as having little credibility. You know, just in case you're confused as to why the general public often simply ignores and disregards people like you.)

Anonymous said...

Well said, 4:22.

It's amazing that conservatives still try to use the same worn out arguments when things deteriorated so fast and so severely while REPUBLICANS were in power.

There's one reason why the economy is in such dire shape: deregulation, a centerpiece to the now failed conservative economic ideology.

The sub-prime mortgages are a problem, but could have been contained had investment houses not bundled them with other securities. This act used to be illegal. The SEC Chairman, appointed by W, was completely asleep at the switch.

Anonymous said...

'This is Miglavia: If you are not white, American, "Christian" and rightwing, fuck off and die.'

Daniel said...

My cat's breath smells like catfood.

Anonymous said...

You're such a drama queen Dave.

Anonymous said...

This is Miglavia ... speak Miglavian!

Okay ...

... go cry me a fucking river, asshole. Looks like you are the fucking prick, you fucking douchebag. shut the fuck up, you liberal fucking gay phaggot. lol. My cat's breath smells like cat food.

Very good ... welcome to Miglavia!

Anonymous said...

have you donated to numbersusa this month>
Reid wants to bring back amnesty and everify will be voted on tomorrow

Anonymous said...

8:56, you get what you pay for. As for the other libtard phaeg, go fuck off and die already. lol

Anonymous said...

Daniel gave up the "I'm not a bigot" act long ago. I think it was around the time he did a "Gotcha!" with his video camera at a Mexican dinner night at some school like he was Geraldo Rivera. Caught them in the act, he did, serving tamales 'n beans! Those fucking bastards! We'll never eat hamburgers again! Bawaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

BTW, quick question for the Miglavians. When you guys, um, "respond" to someone by saying something like, "libtard phaeg, go fuck off and die already," do you, in real life, as you're sitting there at the keyboard admiring your prose and thinking to yourself that Lars Larson would be so proud of you, do you actually laugh out loud? Just curious.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 4:22 PM.
I could be wrong; but, did not four trillion of that debt occur during the Democratic controlled congress. I guess I will have to relearn my US government history. I learned that that congress passes laws and the president signs them. Am I wrong? Who controlled the law writing process for the past several years? You are telling me that Bush spent all that money without the help of congress?

Sir, you are just like the DemocRATS, you blame the Republicans when the Decomcrats are mostly responsible ones. Yes, there have been some Republicans to blame too.

You do know it was Barney Franks (Democrat) and Chris Dodd (Democrat) and Chris Cox (probably Republican, appointed by Bush) that caused most of this mess. Then again, you have to open your eyes. How is that for your dirty little secret!

I'm putting the whole blame on the Democrats. I am blaming the whole government. I am blaming the voters for voting for these jackasses too.

Illegal aliens have nothing to do with this debt? I guess the fact that they suck several hundred billions a year means nothing to you. After several years that is a trillion dollars. So yes, they have a lot to do with the debt.

Anon 5:03 PM
deregulation in some areas is very bad as we learned in the savings and loans. However, over regulation is very bad without oversight.

Please check this out and tell me that Barney Franks is simply an angel and did nothing wrong. Maxine Waters (D) says there is not a crisis about 0:44, she says we do not have a crisis. Frank Raines gives outstanding leadership according to Maxine Waters(D). How is that leadership now?

We have a fucking crisis now don't we? All the Democrats were against any regulation. The Republicans wanted regulation.
Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

I also blame you for voting for these idiots. I blame you for wanting people who can reach across the aisle and who can work with each other. I want these fuckers to work for us, not the lobbyists and their customers like mexico and china.

Anonymous said...

Dave - there's no rational basis to blame this entirely on the democrats. You do so only because you are so blinded by hatred of democrats. Sucks to be you.

Not that sitting around pointing fingers at this point is going to accomplish anything, but you can't deny that from 2000 to 2006 the Republicans controlled the congress, and from 2000 to 2008 W was our chief executive. During that time, in which core Republican economic policies -- tax cuts and deregulation -- reigned supreme, our economy went completely in the tank. THANK GOD Bush was unsuccessful in privatizing social security. Could you imagine how that would have turned out given recent events?

Laying this shitstorm at the feet of the Democrats is a complete non-starter.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 10:28 AM
You need to reread my last post. Check out paragraph 2. I said I also blame the Republicans. I also blame the voters for voting these corrupt assholes in.

DAVE01 said...

We also need to get rid of lobbyists. We also need to limit campaign contributions to politicians only from their constituents. There is too much money available to politicians.

I recommend paying politicians a lot of money. Say ten million a year. Then they could get only one hundred dollars from each constituent. That way they would make the majority of their constituents happy to keep that great paying job. We would also increase the pool of potential people to draw from. Maybe we could get some smart and honorable people, not corrupt politicians.

Something has to be done. We all know how politics works in government elected politicians. They listen to whoever gives them the most.

Calhoun said...

Anon 1:23 PM said :
"... in 1991, the Bantu fled to refugee camps ... prior to becoming refugees, most were farmers and have very little exposure or experience with Western culture."

That raises the obvious question : why did they come here, then? Why didn't they go to some other African country where things might be more familiar to them? Like maybe ... South Africa. That country must be a paradise now that the evil racist white people have been taught their lessons.

If there's trouble in your country, that shouldn't mean that you've hit the jackpot, and can move to America and make us take care of you. The US is not the only country where they can go. And now seventeen years have passed? And they still won't speak English?

Anonymous said...


Take it up with elected and appointed officials who make decsisions regard refugee resettlement.

I'm proud that our nation reaches out to those who have been persecuted and offers them a new life in America.

And, they haven't been here since 1991. The US offer to the Somali Bantu was only made in 1999, so they haven't even been here ten years yet.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The funniest part is pretty much everyone in Oregon knows who is Daniel. If he keeps up the hateful rhetoric, he may be needing those social services as no self respecting employer would give him a job. Maybe Hickey can give him a job mopping up the tears of failure over at OFIRs lodge.

Anonymous said...

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