Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Because only the victims should die

Oregon justice suggests death penalty review
An Oregon Supreme Court justice has recommended that the court review the constitutionality of the death penalty.

Justice Martha Walters wrote in a concurring opinion on a Portland case that the court should consider Oregon's experience with the death penalty and again examine its constitutionality.

Maybe Justice Walters is confused but the constitutionality of this issue has been settled for quite some time. But liberals seems to treat laws they don't like the same way they treat elections they don't win: keep counting until they get their way.

Let's not sentence the worst offenders in Oregon to a lifetime of cable tv, card games and walks in the yard. Let's punish and deter future crime with the death penalty.


Anonymous said...

Any student who has had classes on civics, government and/or American history and taken it the least bit seriously understands that constitutional law has been evolving for the past 200 years and that it is never "settled," you moron.

LibLibrarian said...

I often comment to anyone who'll listen on the dire need for a return to old-fashioned American civics classes in our schools. I am never more reminded of that need than when I visit Miglavia.

a dreaded lib Anon said...

Daniel displays a remarkable level of ignorance of American history and the political process as well as shameless hypocrisy. I am sure he does not regard the constitutionally of abortion as "settled" and regularly votes for candidates who want to see Roe v. Wade overturned.

In spite of that position, he STILL wrote today's inane post, as if Justice Walters' approach is one that is embraced exclusively by "liberals." Absolutely amazing, Miglavs. If your intention is to generate discussion, you fail. If your intention is to elicit howls of laughter and make conservatives everywhere look like fucking idiots, you've succeeded.

As a liberal, I thank you. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

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