Thursday, January 15, 2009

Parents of the lowest order

I'm taking a break from watching videos of terrorist's children crying in Palestine and have run across this video of an illegal alien's children crying.

Now the folks who posted the video, the blog where I found the video and the commenters on YouTube all seem to place the blame for the crying children on law enforcement. Why doesn't anyone blame the mom for commiting the crimes?

Hamas loves to hide behind children and so do the illegal aliens. It scumbaggery at it's worst. You are simply putting your selfish wants in front of doing what's best for the kids.

You really are a bad parent to come here illegaly and have children. You could be arrested at any moment and be deported. YOU will be responsible for uprooting your family. It is YOUR CHOICE to put yourself in a position where your kids could be left crying while you are handcuffed.

I feel bad for the kids, I am disgusted with the parents.


Anonymous said...

And what exactly would Mexico do if the situation was reversed? Just let the mother on her merry way even though she was illegally in the country? Of course not.

Notice all of the comments......all bleeding hearts to the very last one. And notice how the kids were speaking spanish? Enough already. I don't care how cute the kids are, the law is the law. Get every one of these lawbreakers out of MY country.

Anonymous said...

mexi trash is mexi trash.
but your post implies that Israel is good and it is isnt. let the jews pay for their own state without our money.,

Anonymous said...

And Miglavian trash is Miglavian trash. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for your kids Daniel, on multiple levels.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Miglavs: Parent Expert Extraordinaire.

Anonymous said...

11:27 PM, 9:58 AM and 10:18 AM

I feel sorry for the future of this country because of people like you. I feel sorry for the future of mankind too. Please don't breed. Please for the benefit of maknind and our future.

Anonymous said...

Humans do not "breed." Have some respect for God.

Anonymous said...

I really very seriously doubt, Miglavs, that you "feel bad" for anyone, about anything. Cut the crap.

Robin said...

hey buddy, we would not have known that there were UNDERCOVER COPS here if you had not pointed them out.


Anonymous said...

Im sure Daniel is a great parent. He is letting his kids see what America has become. He is letting them see hes proud enough to do and say something about it. As for the mother in the video? What example is she setting? How to steal resouces from Americans, how to..well lets lets just cut it there and call her the criminal she is. Period.

Anthony (Legal Immigrant) DeLucca said...

Should I feel sorry for someone who robs a bank, and then goes on the lamb with kids in tow? When that person gets arrested and is seperated from his kids, I'm supposed to be angry at the Police for "tearing families apart"??

And before any of you idiots out there say that there is no comparison between illegal immigration and bank robbery.....yes there is. A bank robber goes into a place, takes what he has no right to, and then hopes that he won't get caught. If he gets caught, he will end up being sent to a place where he really doesn't want to be.

Same with an illegal immigrant.

Come here legally, and I will welcome you with open arms. Come here illegally, and I will not shed one tear if you are caught and sent back to whatever third world cesspool you came from.