Monday, January 19, 2009

The irony of it

Statesmen Journal editorial:
Interpret King's dream through action
If we want to honor King, we'll follow his path. We'll leave our chairs, our sofas, our endless meetings and strategy sessions and go into the streets.

We'll start by confronting our own prejudices that someone is different — not as good as us — because his or her skin color or dress or speech is different from our own. We'll begin to understand that Oregon, for all its surface friendliness, holds a deep undercurrent of racism.

We'll follow the lead of Willamette University, which has canceled classes this coming Friday afternoon so students, faculty and staffers can go into the streets.

But we'll do more than demand equal opportunity in our schools and businesses. We'll set that example in our hiring and teaching decisions.

When we're hiring, we'll give opportunities to the unemployed, to young people seeking their first jobs, to ex-prisoners seeking a new start, to people who don't fit the company mold.

This editorial is incoherent blather. I guess the point here is that you are all racist scum who shouldn't judge people by the content of their character but instead hire people based on superficial requirements like skin color or age.

The sad thing is that today we will likely hear an endless reference to the skin color of our new president.


Anonymous said...

By the way, Gunslinger Patriot Wear is now here, so you might want to change the link on your page:

Anonymous said...

Ramos and Campos to be freed in March thanks to President Bush. He only commuted their sentences but its better then nothing.

Bobkatt said...

Finally a modicum of rationality from Pres. Bush.

DAVE01 said...

I hear you bobkatt, I feel better about the messiah taking charge tomorrow. I think Bush already sent a message to the border patrol, don't so your jobs too aggressively or you will go to prison. They got the picture. I would prefer to arm the border with guns, tanks and cannons pointing south.

I am curious and worried about what the messiah will do about about our border and illegal alien problem. With the new amnesty bill and all these bailout bills, I think they are trying to collapse our economy. I cannot think of any other reason all this bullshit goes on.

Anonymous said...

Fuck them. Who gives a fuck what they think? MLK has become the most socialist of holidays. No real honoring of Vets on Veterans' Day beyond a few ceremonial events. No real honoring of our fallen men and women of the military on Memorial Day. No honoring of the county on July 4th. No honoring of the religious heritage of Christmas or the fact it is a federal holiday. Nothing. But here we are admonished to go do something on this particular day. Well, what if I have to work you stupid mother fuckers. Go suck an AIDS-infected dick for MLK day, phaegs. Oregon fucking sucks, man. Oregon is one of the worst at this bullshit. It's not my fucking problem that some here feel guilty about not having more black people here. Move to fucking Detroit if you don't like it here. Assholes.

Scottiebill said...

Then along comes Amonymouse 438 with his usual profanity laden tripe. If he could pot something here that would not include the F-bomb every other word, he might be taken seriously.

Anonymouse 438: Clean up your act and your language. No one here wants to read your drivel that is on a par with third grade playground babble that only someone with your single digit IQ would appreciate.

As far as Campos and Ramos are concerned, they should have been fired for filing false reports to their superiors and nothing more. But to go the the slam for 11 or 12 years for trying to cover up their actions with a false report is overkill of the highest order. For shooting the illegal alien drug dealer in the butt, they need to go to the shooting range to sharpen their aim a bit.

Anonymous said...

Then don't read it, asshole. I live free. you don't get to tell me what to do, although I can tell you to go fuck yourself all day long. So go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

Quite a lofty discussion you're having here. Thanks for your allegiance to democracy.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, bitch.

Anonymous said...

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