Saturday, September 01, 2007

The customer is always wrong

The "working conditions" listed on a job info posting for an ODFW LICENSE SERVICES REPRESENTATIVE:

Works daily, in person and on the telephone, with the public who may be angry, confused, or upset.

I can't imagine why the public would be "angry, confused or upset." (see previous post on the lack of availability of hunting regs)

And while I realize that "the public" is stupid and should bow down to our PERS receiving overlords, might I make the timid suggestion that if us peons are always having the whole confused/angry thing then maybe you guys in government are doing something wrong?

Bring on Hillarycare.


beakeer said...


MAX Redline said...


You really, really need a life!

Rick said...


It appears that Daniel does indeed have a hobby. It's just the asses in the government will not give him the rules to do it....

I dunno, maybe READ before making asinine comments!

Anthony DeLucca said...

Having worked for a Municpal Gov't as well as the Federal Gov't, I can tell you that the ranks are absolutely filled to the rafters with incompetent employees who are only concerned with two things:

Payday and Retirement day.

They could give two craps about the citizens who pay their wages. All these employees do is bitch about working conditions, and brag about how in "X" amount of years, they can retire and make MORE than they did while actually working.

Reason number 658 why I left Gov't service.

Roger Doger said...

Hey De Luggi,
And now you sell used cars to in the to white trash in the armpit of Oregon. What a step up.

Roger Doger said...

Hey De Luggi,
And now you sell used cars to white trash in the armpit of Oregon. What a step up.

Anonymous said...

you really have got to read this yourself to believe it. on today's front page of the klamath falls herald and news is the following: "a fading Iowa town is transformed--even rejuvenated--by illegal immigrants" accompanied by a photo of a mexican male. almost the entire Focus section C and subsequent partial pages including a full page of text and color photos of supposedly illegal mexicans. makes one wonder just who built H&Ns brand new $----million dollar facility.

Anthony DeLucca said...


OK, you've officialy stamped "MORON" on your forehead. What the hell makes you think that I sell cars?

Scottiebill said...

Anthony: You are right about RogerDoger. If the publishers of the next Merriam-Webster were to put a picture of a moron beside the definition, it would be Roger's picture there.

Anonymous said...

hey standing tall,
i'm impressed with your togetherness. I'll be from recomending your blog to many.
(learned of you from --oregonguy)
thanks brad