Wednesday, September 05, 2007

PDC: Communism with better PR

Here we have the local news report (came from AP) on Hillary "Funded by fugitives" Clinton's Oregon steering committee.

Curiously, there is one name missing from the list on that report that is also on Hillary's commitee: John Russell, former chair of the Portland Development Commission.

For those of you who don't know what the PDC does I guess that you have somehow missed the congestion, high housing prices and the slow transition of Portland to a sort of "Netherlands West" if the Netherlands was run by Hugo Chavez. (I think that Chavez, much like Tom Potter, only follows the laws that he likes rather than "the laws as they are written")

"Our Mission is to bring together resources to achieve Portland’s vision of a diverse, sustainable community with healthy neighborhoods, a vibrant central city, a strong regional economy, and quality jobs and housing for all."

I'll translate the buzz words:
PDC: diverse, sustainable, central city

Real speak: We want gays who recycle, take government transportation and will live packed like sardines.

PDC: economy, quality jobs and housing for all

Real speak: We want government to pick the winners and losers (Ikea gets a tax subsidy, Wal-Mart gets sued) and we will provide government housing for heroin addicts

I guess that the scariest part of this is that the former head of a quasi-government agency (all the tax dollars, none of the accountability) is such a partisan activist that he is on the steering committee of the democrat front runner for president.

If the general manager for a local Wal-Mart (or pick your bussiness) was on the steering committee for Mitt Romney you can bet this would be a big deal in the media.


Anonymous said...

But don't Gays (Queers) like to be stacked like sardines butt front to back not side by side?

Anonymous said...

anon 8:30

HaHaHa, that is funny! Stupid fags!

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel-

I am not sure how to get a hold of you other than posting a comment here, so here I go...

I wanted to see if I can get your help on increasing awareness of a petition I have created to try and stop the City of Portland from renaming Interstate Ave to Cesar Chavez Blvd. I have posted info on my blogsite here:

I'm certainly not trying to steal readers from you or get some free advertising, I just want to get the word out there and get as many signatures as I can. Let me know if you have any questions, and you can contact me at


Scottiebill said...

If Portland does succeed in getting Interstate Ave. changed to Cesar Chavez Ave., Portlanders had better watch closely to ensure Tomas' and the Toadies (especially noted City Council Kook Randy Leonard) and Teddy don't drop the "Cesar" and insert "Hugo" in its place.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Chavez has absolutely nothing to do with Portland. He primarily worked for migrant farmworkers rights in the Salinas Valley of Central California, and other areas of agricultural California.

Streets have traditionally been named after Presidents, National Heros, States, or areas of interest in the region. If the City Council absolutely HAS to change the name of a street to make itself feel important, name it after someone who had a positive impact on the City of Portland itself.

Changing the name to honor Chavez is simply a P.R. move to enamour themselves with the growing Latino community. I'm certain that the City Council can find a suitable Latino Portlander (who actually had an impact in Portland) to name the street after.

BEAR said...

I believe that the lefties should be encouraged, rather than stifled. Each time these idiots pull some wasteful and meaningless stunt such as this, they put up another warning sign to actual Americans, letting us know how to avoid the kooks and their taxes. A case in point....Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. There are more empty buildings, more drugs, more gangsters, and less of the dream of Dr. King than ever before in that area. Symbolism over substance is the lefty way, and the continued promulgation of these monuments to their inept attempts at social engineering serve as fine object lessons for intelligent people everywhere. After all, no city in the world other than Portland is known as "Little Beirut." Let them play games. When the "Portland Six" get out of prison we can watch the welcome home parade on T.V., and get another reminder of how much the lefties hate America.

Louie Louie said...

About renaming Interstate Avenue Cezar Chavez Blvd. - I'm surprized they didn't go right for "Che Guevarra" Blvd.! Will they next rename Burnside after Geraldo Rivera?
Well, one step at a time, one step at a time.
Viva La Revolution! *spit*

an actual American said...

Hey Bear! Fuck you!

BEAR said...

Thanks for helping me make my point....sheesh. You lefties are sooo predictable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support guys! Daniel, I am sorry for turning your comment page on your blog into a discussion about something else. I realized that I never placed the link to the petition, my apologies. Here it is: Don't rename Interstate Ave

If blogspot cuts off the hyperlink, just go to and search for "interstate ave"

Scottiebill said...

The so-called "Powers-that-be" of Portland are forever claiming that they don't have money enough for the essential services, such as keeping a police precinct open 24/7, to just name one. But they always seem to have enough money for the stupid, non-essentials, like renaming a main thoroughfare, that will require $1000s in new street signs and the manpower to replace all those signs at each intersection.

Why is that, do you suppose?

I would imagine that the people of Portland have elected a group of self-aggrandizing egoists, Taliban Tommy and Randy Leonard to name a couple, whose main purpose there is to keep their names on TV and in the Big Zero as much as possible. Never mind the safety and security of the people, just get the feel-good crap done.