Wednesday, September 19, 2007

An ode to Theodore

Things from talk radio today:

I'm a big fan of Theodore. It's a classic moment when all three KXL show promos feature him getting shot down by three different hosts.

In fact, I'm a big fan of repeat callers in general. Especially the lefties. I miss Michael like you wouldn't believe and where is that guy who always complained that no one would hire him but when Lars would ask him what skills he had could only come up with things that he couldn't do?

As a duck hunter I'd like to take Lars to task for constantly referring to wetlands as "swamps." While I would never support eminent domain to create more waterfowl habitat I think that a solution such as the city of wherever turning to Ducks Unlimited to see if they could find an alternate site and make sure that it is open to public hunting. (I'm also a fan of the "no net loss" laws that say for every acre of public hunting land that is closed you must open an acre somewhere else, this probably does not affect this particular case since I doubt people are hunting by the airport.)

RE: the moron getting the taser.

When you resist arrest the cops will escalate force until you come into compliance. You don't get to offer to "just walk out" once you have already wrestled with the cops and they have you on the ground. Savage is dead wrong on this.

RE: the top and bottom of the hour news updates AKA the "what is OJ doing right now?"

Please... stop. It's making me long for the good old days of Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton updates.


BEAR said...

Too, bad, Mr. Daniel, britney made the koin 5:00 news.....I may have damaged the coffee table when I dove for the remote. (hit 'off' in time, though)

MAX Redline said...

That Theodore guy seems to really put the "mania" in "Skamania".

Kyle said...

I agree. I love Theodore, the guy is a nut. I've been listening to him call in, especially to Michael Savage, for quite awhile. I know Lars knows Theodore, but I wonder if Savage or O'Reilly recognize/remember him. What a red doper diaper baby.

Anonymous said...

You say OJ? I have been away.

Let me take a stab at it, he has been cutting up again, right?

eddie said...

Personally, I've given up on Savage. He spends 90% of his on-air time sulking about the fact that he doesn't get universal recognition for being the only "real" conservative broadcasting. He complains about "fake," "knee-jerk" conservative hosts, then follows it up with a long, fact-free lecture on how he is somehow the only conservative voice in the world.

Yet, I heard from fairly authoritative sources that he donated heavily to the Jerry Brown campaign in the last election cycle. A truly odd move for the "only conservative", wouldn't you say? I get the impression that he's got his act, and he's sticking to it, but in reality his views aren't quite the same.

Frankly, from the videos and such, I really can't tell enough about the situation to know whether tasing was called for or not. All I know is that no successful political action was ever enacted through the mechanism of screaming at an official giving a speech. On the other hand, these days it might get you a book deal.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Savage is a little kooky even for me. The guy flies off the handle more than he needs to, although I suppose that his target audience is as un-stable as he pretends to be.

That's right....pretends to be. I'm certain that his shtick is all an act, although I do believe that his subject matter and his views are actually his own. He just "pumps it up" a bit for the ocassional headline and excellent ratings. I like the show on ocassion, but the yelling and the screaming gets a bit much sometimes, and quite frankly, I could give a shit less about his damn dog Teddy" or which Italian joint has the best Pasta Fagiolle.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that Daniel supports government regulation to protect an activity he enjoys.

It's really a typical "conservative":

Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for ME ME ME!

Scottiebill said...

I agree with Kyle and the others about Savage. He goes off the deep end way too often for no apparent reason most of the time. I always move to KPAM and Mark Levin when Savage comes on.

As for Theodore, I enjoy him and his rants at Lars, especially when he is completely wrong about whatever his pet "rant du jour" might be. But he always makes a good diversion from the usual.

As for the college student getting tazed by the Florida Campus cops. He was a a speech being made by John Kerry and attempting, rather vociferously, to ask Kerry a question. He got tazed when he wouldn't back down. One has to wonder if the campus cops would have done the same thing had the speaker been a prominent Republican, say Bush or Cheney, and the questioner had been a liberal. Somehow, I doubt it.

Scottiebill said...

One more thing: I inadvertently left out Michael the Racist who calls in fairly regularly to Lars. He sees everything that happens as being against the black community and for anyone who is not black. It would not surprise me to hear him call Lars sometime soon and say that the controversy between Sam Adams and Bob Ball is a back-handed swipe at the black in Portland.

But, here again, he is an entertaining and interesting diversion from the usual.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anon 9:07 said:

"It's really a typical "conservative":

"Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for ME ME ME!"

It is patently obvious that you know absolutely NOTHING, ZIP, ZILCH, NADA....about American Politics.

Look at your post, then ask yourself "Who is for Big Government giving handouts to the people?"

It's the Democrats who want to spoon feed you from cradle to grave, influencing every part of your life from property issues, to excessive taxes (but only on those who have worked hard and sacrificed, taken the risks to become wealthy), to socialized medicine, and beyond.

It's the Left who feels that the Government should be able to provide you anything you ask stamps, welfare, employment, a living wage (whatever that is), transportation, and everything in-between.

Conservatives on the other hand, are more than happy to help you get on your feet IF YOU NEED IT, and then you are obligated to make your own way. Self reliance and helping your neighbor is the key to a healthy, vibrant, society. Not sticking your hand out every time life throws you a curve ball and expecting the Governmentn (tax dollars) to bail you out.

Anonymous said...

savage is king

gullyborg said...

Did you see that the KGW story on Oregon schools teaching the Mexican curriculum, with assistance from the Mexican government, made the national news?

See Drudge.

I'd like to hear what Savage has to say about that, kook or not.

Anonymous said...

Some Oregon schools adopting Mexican curriculum

September 19, 2007

PORTLAND — Some Oregon high schools are adopting Mexico’s public school curriculum to help educate Spanish-speaking students with textbooks, an online Web site, DVDs and CDs provided free by Mexico to teach math, science and even U.S. history.

The Oregon Department of Education and Mexico’s Secretariat of Public Education are discussing aligning their curricula so courses will be valid in both countries.

Similar ventures are under way in Yakima, Wash., San Diego, Calif., and Austin, Texas.

“Students come to us with such complex issues,” said Tim King, director of Clackamas Middle College and Clackamas Web Academy, where a virtual course using Mexico’s learning materials got started this week.

“We’ve had to change in order to fit into each school scene, become more complex and open ourselves up to new situations.”

Oregon officials say the approach is intended as a supplement to keep students learning in Spanish while also gaining English skills.

Until now, Oregon school districts generally have relied on bilingual aides or used Spanish material different from the English material others are studying.

“That’s not enough,” said Patrick Burk, chief policy officer with the superintendent’s office of the Oregon Department of Education. He said the idea is minimal disruption for immigrant Latinos.

“The availability of resources is astounding,” said Burk, who flew to Mexico with Oregon curriculum officials in August to discuss making equivalency standards official. “We’re able to serve the students so much better if we’re working together.”

Mexico has made its national curriculum available to communities across the U.S. since 2001 to encourage Mexican adults and youths to continue an education often abandoned back home due to limited resources.

“We wanted people to be aware that they have to study,” said Patricia Ramos, the director of national affairs for Mexico’s Institute for Adult Education and National Advisory of Education for Life and Work.

“You have to dare to study and make use of technology because that way, it will be easier to adapt to where you now live.”

In other places, the curriculum was used to educate students’ parents, rescue dropouts and even teach inmates. A program exists now at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn.

The program caught the attention of public schools such as Reynolds High School in Troutdale and Marshall Night School, an alternative school based at Marshall High School in Portland.

At Marshall, the material has been used in night school and may soon move into daytime classrooms.

At Reynolds, educators began using part of Mexico’s curriculum to teach a Spanish literacy class.

Students learned punctuation and sentence structure in Spanish and then saw improvement in English progress, said Dale Bernardini, a teacher who handles the partnership for Reynolds School District.

This fall, textbooks, DVDs and Mexico’s curriculum Web were introduced in Francisco Rico’s math classroom at Reynolds.

“We’re just ahead with all the materials,” he said. “We have the Web site where students can do exercises ... they can learn through visual and audio. We were having trouble bringing something that would be familiar to their culture.”

In Washington state, nearly 30 schools have already implemented Mexico’s curriculum into the classrooms.

In Oregon, learning materials are free, but districts must pay for staff. So far, two computer servers supporting Mexico’s Web site cost the state about $10,000 to install and about $2,200 annually to maintain.

One of the biggest challenges will be finding more Spanish-speaking instructors, said Burk of the Oregon Department of Education.

He said about 15 percent of Oregon students are Latino, compared with 2 percent of teachers.

Anonymous said...

In Miglavia, if a citizen who stands at a microphone at a free, peaceful public event questioning a politician is suddenly grabbed by two cops (i.e, the government) while the politician is attempting to answer the question and is eventually put down with a Taser and arrested, that citizen is a "moron."

Welcome to Miglavia.

Your tour guide will be the fascist pig holding the dead duck.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:30 your reguritated liberal shit stinks

Fascism is an authoritarian political ideology (generally tied to a mass movement) that considers individual and other societal interests subordinate to the needs of the state, and seeks to forge a type of national unity, usually based on, but not limited to, ethnic, cultural, or racial attributes. Various scholars attribute different characteristics to fascism, but the following elements are usually seen as its integral parts: nationalism, authoritarianism, statism, militarism, corporatism, populism, totalitarianism, anti-communism, racism and opposition to economic and political liberalism. Nevertheless, contrary to popular belief, racism is not a requirement of Fascism.

a conservative for free speech said...

I am a Conservative.

Daniel: To condone what the police did to that student...Reveals you have a blind side.

That was outrageous.

It was totally uncalled for.

Government abusing its authority is wrong, period.

That was an abuse of authority, plain and simple.

Daniel, what are you?

Please tell me you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

When a student asks questions (even if he does exceed his time) does that justify getting rousted, two seconds past your time limit?

Daniel, I respect your blog and many of your positions, but your cavelier attitude about what happened is dangerous!

When you ask tough questions and get rousted as a response, instead of answered, that's a problem.

That's the attitude which will justify shutting down THIS blog.

Think about it, Daniel.

Look at that video, was the student given any leeway?

I can't believe your statement.

Your statement justifies YOU being arrested at one of your illegal alien, day labor protests (because some traffic was slowed down, therefore, disturbing the peace).

I hesitate to say it, because I respect so many statements you have made, but this statement is foolish, and the attitude you display will lead to the loss of our rights.

please, take a shower, and realize this student was exercising the rights all of us enjoy, and his treatment, could be all of our fates, if it goes unchallenged.

I will fight for that student's right to ask hard questions, and not get rousted two seconds beyond his alloted time, AND MINE!

beakeer said...


Bobkatt said...

I'm not able to listen to Savage here in Eugene because the campus crowd objected to his being on the same station that airs the Ducks, but I have to agree with Mr. Conservative. It is real easy to glance at this video and say yeah he had it coming. After reflecting a bit I have to say what did he do that warranted his forceful removal and tasering? He wasn't swinging at anyone he was only arguing that he had a right to ask those questions. It is not up to the cops to decide what questions get asked.
My question-did Kerry ever answer if he was in the skull and bones? Why didn't Kerry interject and demand that the officers let taser-boy speak for a couple of minutes? What a wimp Kerry was. And how about the crowd, a couple of them were protesting but come on have even the students become sheeple?
What a contrast this spectacle was to the mob that was allowed to take over the stage at Columbia when Mr. Gilchrist tried to speak.
Let's at least be consistent.

Bobkatt said...

P.S. on this note it is very important that we call or fax our Senators to try to stop the "Hate Crimes" bills that are before the Congress. If you are not familiar with the problems these bills pose for free speech please check out Ted Pikes website. It is very important to stop Ted Kennedy and his cohorts in this anti-American effort.

the reguritated liberal shit said...

10:31: The fascists of previous generations had two other attributes: They knew what they were, and they were proud of it. Miglavs is either too stupid to know what he is, or he knows, but he's too much of a pussy to come out and say it.

In any event: Please read and think about the INTELLIGENT and THOUGHTFUL post by the CONSERVATIVE above. His comment is a gale force breath of fresh air here in Miglavia, and I salute him for posting it.

Calhoun said...

Re : Andrew Meyer

Andrew plainly doesn't know how to handle an arrest. The rule is "Fight it in court, not at the arrest." Maybe they should teach that in school!

Most of the videos the media showed begin at the point of Andrew's arrest. Here's one that shows it from the beginning of Andrew's time at the mic :

He spent all of 90 seconds on the mic, then they cut the mike and grabbed him. Why? What was the initial arrest for? I'd like to know. But I guess the media has tired of the story now.

a conservative for free speech said...

To Calhoun:
Thank you for providing the link to the extended video: I watched it. Yes, the student was borish and unpleasant to watch and listen to.

And, yes, fight it in court, not at the arrest. That being said, my comment still stands from last night. The student didn't do anything to justify the original rousting or grabbing, if you will, by the police.

This is an authortarian action by the cops, and supporters of tough questions from either side of the political question should reject police action of this kind.

I'm sorry Daniel has this blind spot.

This kind of action is a threat to all Americans.

the reguritated liberal shit said...

" ... your cavelier attitude about what happened is dangerous!"

P.S. The point above made by the conservative is an excellent one and merits repeating: The position Miglavs takes represents a threat to his own interest, his own democratic rights. And let me add that if the cops were piling on Miglavs for doing no more than the "moron" in the video did, it would be just as chilling, and equally worthy of condemnation. And yes, this "reguritated liberal shit" would say so. I'd say it pretty goddamned loudly.

Anonymous said...

first of all, I used to be a John Kerry fan, but his lack of action in this case is pathetic. He could have said something like "he hasn't done anything, don't arrest him." He didn't. He should be ashamed of himself for his lack of action.

That being said, the cops are in for a big lawsuit. There's also a good chance that they'll lose their jobs, and perhaps have criminal charges filed against them, though it's always difficult to hold the police accountable for their criminal actions against citizens--remember, the cops in the Rodney King case were acquitted in their first trial.

But everyone, left, right, and center, should be concerned that the freedom of dissent is under attack in this country. Yes, it's true that Democrats have too often been complicit in the attack, but those pressing the attack on the freedom of dissent have been Republicans.

MAX Redline said...

Personally, I've given up on Savage.

I agree with Eddie on this. I don't bother listening.

On the tasering of the idiot:

Exsqueeze me, but this was a Liberal event. John Kerry, decorated war hero, never left the podium. Yet somehow, this is All Bush's Fault.

That's just bizarre.

Anybody ever been tazered at a Conservative event?

Anonymous said...


It's not "all Bush's fault." But he's certainly been at the forefront of criminalizing dissent at events with office holders.

Kerry's behavior was terrible--he could have put a stop to it, and didn't.

But the real culprits are the police who arrested and tasered the guy (who's not an "idiot"--he was asking Kerry legitimate tough questions.) We don't know the political affiliations of the police involved, and it's not at all safe to assume that they're liberal--most cops aren't (though some are.)

Again, EVERYONE is at risk when dissent is criminalized. Righties think they're safe because one of their own currently holds the Presidency. That can easily change in the next election, and you can be the ones subject to wiretaps with now oversight.

Think about it.

As for Michael Savage, he's a joke. I don't know if his going from calm to hysterical in 20 seconds is real or an act, but it's tiresome to listen to.

a conservative for free speech said...

I'm glad all sides of the political spectrum can agree hard question are always welcome regarding the future of our republic.

Hard Questions:

If they are supported with hard evidence are the meat and potatos of mature political discourse.

Hard questions demand fine distictions that shed light on the speakers intentions and assumptions.

Both sides in the American Debate need to listen and discern.

Be open to reason, common sense, and an understanding of human nature and history.

Sometimes the best questions are the most unpleasant to hear.

Anonymous said...

Theodore isnt a lefty you guys just drink to much lead laced koolaid Bush is letting in from Chinaland. Youzall be gettin slow in the head. Try to listen harder.Boneheads.