Saturday, September 08, 2007

The real Rudy

I'm no fan of Rudy for prez and have been watching the "Real Rudy" stuff on YouTube. Bottom line: the guy is for gay marriage, tax payer funded abortions and gun control. Here is one interesting video.


beakeer said... voted for you regret still need a hobby.

Anonymous said...

I love it when Republicans eat their own.

R Huse said...

Well, maybe that's because the Republicans are more for thinking people rather than pure partisans. If you want to blindly follow and support a candidate based not on the person but the party affiliation, join the Democrats.

BEAR said...

Rudy's no conservative. Neither is McCain. Both would kick the jihadists' butts, but America needs permanent tax cuts, secure borders, curbs on spending, a ban on earmarks, a line item veto, originalist judges, deported illegals, and so much more. Rudy and McCain can't deliver.

Bobkatt said...

Bear, right on. Rudy is a globalist, part of the North American Union. Any recommendations?

no illegal aliens said...

Tom Tancredo for 2008. Rescuing the United States of America from the hijackings by the illegal aliens.

BEAR said...

Hey, bobkatt: Huckaby, Hunter, Tancredo, Thompson, maybe Romney or Gingrich. Too early to tell.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, Bear and RHuse. You guys voted for Bush, didn't you? Twice, didn't you? How's that working out?

R Huse said...

How's it working out? Pretty good actually.

Lets see, on 9/11 For the first time I felt the collective sigh of relief that most of the country felt:

"Sigh, thank God it wasn't Al Gore"

The second time around was a little different. I mean lets face it Kerry seemed pretty sharp at first. The guy did marry money twice in a row and hey, that's a skill I sure wish I had but then came the infamous:



"Wha....wha... duh....hey, it was just a botched joke."

And again, with the rest of the country I breathed the same collective sigh of relief. "Thank God it wasn't Kerry"

Bush aint the sharpest box cutter in first class, but lets face it: Kerry, other than wife picking skills, was kind of an idiot.

Get over it, if Bush is an idiot, that means you guys got beat by an idiot.


And if you guys were so popular Nancy would be gettin somwhere

Hey - what about the 100 days? What about Nan and Harry getting us out? Hows that one going?

Yeah, that's right I got my lighter in the air with one hand, OZZY horns with the other.



BEAR said...

Bin Stupid's latest jihad tape claims (again) that is was MUSLIMS who took out 3,000 Americans, not Bush. I guess that makes the 42% of liberal, anti-Americans who think Bush did it look REALLY's THAT working for ya?.....sheesh.

no illegal aliens said...

Let me see... Bush: on 9/11 attacks, he doing good so far. On illegal aliens and illegal immigration and border security, not-so-good.

R Huse said...

Well remember this is the same crowd that believed there was no Chinese attempt to influence our elections, that there was nothing untoward in fry cooks donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to Clinton then fleeing to China. That it was just pure coincidence the Chinese then just happened to pop up with a duplicate of our most advanced nuclear warhead. Nope, nothing fishy about that one.

However they do believe Bush, the stupidest president ever, managed to trick the whole world and blow up the world trade center. Managed to convince every intelligence agency on the planet Saddam had WMD's. Managed to make Saddam behave in a way entirely consistent with that possession. Yet Bush could not manage to plant some evidence of WMD's in Iraq once the invasion was underway. That they do believe.

Keep in mind this bunch also tends to be of the same crowd that thinks Al Gore has some validity.

And that, my friends, is why they will forever be known as the tinfoil hat crowd.

Anonymous said...

Mortality after the 2003 invasion of Iraq: a cross-sectional cluster sample survey

Authors: Gilbert Burnham, Riyadh Lafta, Shannon Doocy, Les Roberts

The Lancet, October 11, 2006

Summary: An excess mortality of nearly 100,000 deaths was reported in Iraq for the period March, 2003–September, 2004, attributed to the invasion of Iraq. Our aim was to update this estimate.

Methods: Between May and July, 2006, we did a national cross-sectional cluster sample survey of mortality in Iraq. 50 clusters were randomly selected from 16 Governorates, with every cluster consisting of 40 households. Information on deaths from these households was gathered.

Findings: Three misattributed clusters were excluded from the final analysis; data from 1,849 households that contained 12,801 individuals in 47 clusters was gathered. 1,474 births and 629 deaths were reported during the observation period. Pre-invasion mortality rates were 5·5 per 1000 people per year, compared with 13·3 per 1,000 people per year in the 40 months post-invasion.

We estimate that as of July, 2006, there have been 654,965 excess Iraqi deaths as a consequence of the war, which corresponds to 2·5 percent of the population in the study area.

Of post-invasion deaths, 601,027 were due to violence, the most common cause being gunfire.

blue man said...

RHuse, fuck you and your "same crowd" theory. I am as far to the left of you as it's possible to get, and I don't go along with the 9/11 "truth" movement for a second. Never have, nor do any of the liberals I know, and I know a lot of them. I think those conspiracy theorists, like you (although for different reasons) have their heads up their asses. They're wasting their time, spreading bullshit "theories" (sort of like your bullshit theory that we're all part of the "same crowd") about 9/11 when they should be doing something productive. Like thinking. I also didn't vote for Gore or Kerry, so fuck that theory as well.

By the way: If you want to insult people, ditch the "tin-foil" comment. Lame. That's a Lars Larson insult. Who knows where he got it from. Ditto for the "kool-aid" comment. We aren't all from the 1960s. What are you, in the seventh grade? Come up with something, anything, that's original. Turn Blars off for a while and you might find the haze clear.

BEAR said...

Hey, blue man, you can't possibly be "as far to the left of you as it's possible to get," or you would be an anti-American amalgam of Rosie, Hillary, Dennis Kucinich, Algore, daily kos, the NYT, CBS, NBS, ABS, CNNBS, MSNBS, jimmy carter, osama bin laden (recently heard quoting most of the DNC platform), and the other 42% of idiotards in the democrat party who are spewing what you claim not to believe. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, John Murtha, cindy sheehan, michael moore, barbra streisand, dan blather, ted kennedy, chuck schumer and the rest of the "death to America" crowd would quickly disown you, disavowing your claim of being a lefty while not agreeing to their lefty screed. I'm not buying it either. Folks who claim to be lefties while simultaneously claiming to retain some measure of sanity are not even close to being credible, or even humorous. They are simply sad, and may need to up their meds.....sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Strategy One in the Miglavian Political Playbook is to lump ALL opponents and critics into the following category: Left-wing, granola-chomping, “kool-aid” drinking “Dems” who either grew up in the ‘60s (or, if they didn’t, but long for them like starry-eyed romantics) who listen to Air America, get all their online news from Buzzflash and the Daily Kos, all voted for Clinton, Gore and Kerry, and all -- at one time or another -- have burned an American flag, spit on an Amerian serviceman, and sit at home (or in a makeshift apartment in their parents’ house, since they’re all lazy and unemployed) reading Noam Chomsky and seething about Bush, America, apple pie and baseball. Oh yes … and we all think Bush personally pushed a button that detonated explosives that brought the tower down, and that the plane that supposedly hit the Pentagon (it was a missile! a missile, I'm tellin' ya!) was diverted to an airbase in Texas where Dick Cheney personally shot all the crew and passengers in the head as they disembarked on the tarmac.

It doesn’t matter that the majority of Americans are -- regardless of whether they’re D’s, R’s, or Others -- in fact, to the left of you assholes, but NOT because they’re on the “far left,” and not even because they’re “left,“ but because YOU occupy the insane outer limits of the far right-wing. Tancredo polls at about 1 percent. What does that tell you? Look in a fucking mirror, folks. You claim to be conservatives, but most of the conservatives I know (including a few who like to thump their Bibles) think you nativists are the ones with tin foil on your thick skulls. Take your "anti-American" bullshit and shove it up your goddamned ass.

BEAR said...

Thanks for the usual lefty profanity, and forward your idiotic denials to taliban tommy, earl blumenaur and kulongoski. You just described (and repudiated) your elected democrat leadership....sheesh.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anon 5:03

Could you please define "Nativist" for me?

You claimed that since I'm a regular here, that I'm a "Nativist with Tin Foil on my Thick Skull".

Please explain. I'm not sure what you mean.

If my opinion of Illegal Immigrants being....well.....Illegal makes me one, well then so be it. I'd like to hear what you think a "Nativist" is.

Anonymous said...

If you don't know what the definition of "nativist" or any word is, ask RHuse. He's got an Oxford English Dictionary and I'm sure would be happy to look it up for you since you're obviously too lazy to look it up yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Tom Tancreepo 2007, the anti-immigrant-no-chance-in-hell-pig all the way.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the scumbags on this blog use propaganda against immigrants that involve language, jobs, pay-scales, control of the government, control of borders (and fears of invasion), moral values,etc are in fact "nativists".

R Huse said...

Anon 10.33 - OOooohhhhh cranky wanky you got trounced in our last round? Still pondering the difference between "definition " and "meaning" I see.

Blue Man - I love your act. Those crazy zany instruments and the all blue rubber mask thing is HOT! As for political commentary, get a life. People have been using the phrase "tin foil hat" wearer for as long as I can remember. Sorry if you don't like it but these days its incredibly appropriate, thus its resurgence.

Kool Aid drinker is fairly new, but damn, it is an amazingly accurate phrase for the majority of the hat crowd.

As for lumping all lefties in a group? Hey, what are you going to do when virtually every Dem who posts here does so in a mindless group think droning fashion:

Bush is dumb

Bush lied to get us in Iraq

Cheney is evil

I hate Halliburton even though I haven't a clue what they do.

If you dont support amnesty and above equal status for illegals your a - insert nativist or racist here, big brother does allow this tiny bit of creativity.

Lets face it, if you want to shake that brain dead group think image, you guys have got to come up with some opinions, thoughts or ANYTHING that would differentiate you from the party line. None of you ever do this so therefore you will forever be lumped together. Case closed.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Hey Blue Man

Kool Aid drinker has been around since the Jonestown Guyana Incident in the 70's. It's used to describe folks who blindly follow whatever their party (or in the case of Jonestown..Cult) leader tells them to do, think, or say.

All the chemicals in that blue make-up is seeping through your pores and causing dain bramage.

gullyborg said...

I won't be voting for Rudy in the primaries, but you can bet your ass I will support him in the general if he wins the nomination. He may be too soft on taxes, guns, and immigration, but he is still better than the alternative on those issues. And on the one really big issue - defending America against moslem terrorists - he outshines every democRat.

Besides, say what you will about him, he DID clean up NYC.

Still, he is not my first choice, not by a long shot.

I do, however, think he would make an excellent VP - he would bring in "big tent" voters to help beat the more liberal democrat challenger, but would be unable to do much harm to conservative principles. And, he'd be too old to make a good run for President 8 years later.

VP would be a great capstone to his career.

Bobkatt said...

The real Rudy.
"When you throw an immigrant out of the country, it's not a criminal proceeding. It's a civil proceeding,"

I guess it depends on what the definition of "is-is".

BEAR said...

I don't trust Rudy not to revert to type. Lawyers tend equivocate, or obfuscate. This country needs someone unafraid to lead. That person may not be among the current crop, but it's still early.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what are you going to do when virtually every Dem who posts here does so in a mindless group think ...

More evidence that RHuse has mastered Strategy One in the Miglavian Political Playbook. If they're critical of Bush, the war, etc. then they must be "Dems."

Anonymous said...

Bobkatt: Rudy Giuliani is licensed to practice law by the New York State Bar, and he is a former prosecutor; I think he has the necessary legal and professional qualfications to know the difference between a criminal proceeding and a civil proceeding. His statement is a simple, opinion-free fact. You are entitled to have your own opinion about that fact, but you are not entitled to your own fact.

R Huse said...

Once again - Anonymous types - Don't try this at home. Stick to just doing your boiler plate posting as critical thought is clearly beyond you.

Anon 9:08 posted:

>More evidence that RHuse has mastered Strategy One in the Miglavian Political Playbook. If they're critical of Bush, the war, etc. then they must be "Dems."

Well, considering that Daniel is about as critical of Bush as one can get, and that it is something of the foundation of this Blog, so much for that theory. Yet another example of the advanced thought processes of the anonymous posters.

Again, please, for the love of God, just sit back and watch Anons. Don't make a fool of yourself like this guy did.

Anonymous said...

Well, considering that Daniel is about as critical of Bush as one can get ...

Then he's anti-American scum. The president is commander-in-chief, and Daniel is criticizing him in wartime. He is therefore a traitor, guilty of treason, and belongs in prison.

Welcome to Miglavia.

ron paul said...

Vote for ME, and I'll set you free!

Anonymous said...

No one candidate ever supports all the issues one would like. Most people still end up going with their gut on who they think is the most rational for the most important issue of the time.
I say Rudy looks good. Most people can relate to him on some level.
Hillary is not left enough for the true liberals and most rational people will not vote for her. She emanates creepiness and true stereotypical bitchiness.
Rudy appears real. I don't like his stance on the superhighway but I believe he will stand up to those who would destroy us.
I predict a conservative will win again!
You guys got a cool blog going on.