Monday, September 10, 2007

That important illegal alien constituency

In a First, a Candidate Forum in Translation
The first presidential forum to be conducted in Spanish placed a couple of the Democratic participants in an uncomfortable position Sunday night: answering tough questions while simultaneously fiddling to make sure their earpieces didn't fall out and they could the hear the translation of the next question.

Clinton noted that her campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, is a Latina, while Obama likened the work of labor activist Cesar Chavez to that of Martin Luther King Jr.

This is so stupid it's funny. Clinton does the classic that folks who are insecure about their racism do: "some of my best friends are black" except in this case it's "my campaign manager is latina."

How about judging people on their campaign managing skills rather than their ethnicity. And how about speaking English since only citizens can vote and it's a requirement of citizenship (naturalized citizenship requires this and if you were born here you can't escape it by the age of 18) that you speak English.


Bob said...

The Dems can really pander to their base!

First it was pretend people.
Then it was the unions.
Now this!


Anonymous said...

Latinos are taking over the state and the country.

Can you say "Ola, Jose!"?

Better learn Spanglish, you hoser gringo!

Anthony DeLucca said...

Who's head of the brain trust that came up with this idea??? Even citizens who vote Democrat overwhelmingly oppose Illegal Immigration. That's why the amnesty bill failed miserably.

Like Daniel said, English is a requirement for citizenship. Therefore, if you only speak Spanish, the chances are very good that you are in the country illegally, and are not qualified by law to vote.

Can you imagine 17 million citizens of another country sneaking accross the border of a neighboring country, and influencing the voting process in that country's presidential elections?

It's happening here folks and if we don't put a stop to it soon, we will all regreat it. This country as we know it will cease to exist.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, And the Democrats keep ignoring or not allowing a Vote on a Bill to require proof of citizenship to register to Vote in Oregon, hmmm.

Arizona passed such a law and even the 9th Circuit Court said it was legal to ask.

If enough people donate to O.F.I.R., at least we will have that choice on the Ballot in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Democrat Politicians NOT Democrat voters have made that decision, so far.

Anonymous said...

In a labor day weekend in Portland I encountered three businesses where the Spainish speaking workers made it known I was not a welcome customer. The businesses were the Marriott near the Columbia River I5 bridge, a hamburger resturant near the motel, and nearby MacDonalds. At the hamburger and MacDonalds I was the only non-spanish speaking customer. I too believe that the illegals are taking over Oregon at all levels and would welcome the opportunity to kick those non-spanish speaking Americans out of the state.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. Tsk, tsk, tsk. You make it so easy ... Let us examine the evidence:

The first presidential forum to be conducted in Spanish [for] that important illegal alien constituency.

Miglavian logic at work: If you speak Spanish, you are an illegal alien. All Spanish-speaking people in the United States are illegal aliens. All of them.

But Daniel Miglavs is NOT -- repeat, NOT! -- a bigot. No racism here, nothing to see! No bigotry here, no racism. Move along, nothing to see ...

Welcome to Miglavia.

Anonymous said...

"Can you imagine 17 million citizens of another country sneaking accross the border of a neighboring country, and influencing the voting process in that country's presidential elections?"

Been there, done that.

Can you say "RajneeshPuram"? How did they change the name of small town Antelope, Oregon? By outvoting them. They also bused in a bunch of homeless street people from major metros across the US. They also spread food poisoning in the big restuarants of the largest metro (The Dalles) to try and take over the county government, but failed.

The Dems strategy of 'busing' in these 12-17 Million Jose's, and giving them your hard earned tax money, will help them take over America. Welcome to Norte Mexico! Ola, now please leave, you gringo!

Anonymous said...

The taunting doesn't work anymore.

Saying or writing, "you're a racist," has run out of gas.

Too many issues, too much evidence.

The debate was a pander fest.

No, you are not supposed to be a voting citizen, if you don't speak English.

It's a requirement to be naturalized citizen.

And if you were born in this country, but still don't speak English by 18 years old, well, our education system has failed us.

In Oregon, we know who controls that, don't we?

The headline from the debate?

All Democratic candidates for president support AMNESTY.

Anonymous said...

If Miglavs wants to refute or dispute the charge of bigotry in this case, then all he would need to say is this: "I realize that not all Spanish-speaking Latinos in the United States are illegal aliens."

The subject would then be closed.

That isn't what he said. His statement is unambiguously the exact OPPOSITE of that.

The U.S. has the world's fifth-largest Hispanic population -- more than 30 million. Even if you assumed that the approximately 12 million "illegals" are included in the 30 million (and you know damn well they aren't) and also assuming that none of them speak English (and you know damn well some of them do) then you still have at least 18 million more, and more than three-fourths of them (I've seen figures indicating its as high as 86 percent) say that Spanish is their primary language. That's more than 15 million legal, Spanish-speaking AMERICAN citizens who (surprise!) aren't "illegal aliens."

Miglavs' post is so spectacularly and blatantly ridiculous AND racist on its face that it merits no explanation to anyone with so much as a stump for a brain stem. The only reaction he deserves and Anon 8:36's comment warrants is laughter. Hysterical laughter at how stupid a human being can be.

R Huse said...

Good lord, why is it the duller the reasoning then the more likely the person will be named Anonymous?

Look - Get it through your head - Spanish is not a race - Spanish is a language. Got it?

The statement "Everyone who speaks Spanish is an illegal" is not racist, it is bigoted, but there is simply no use of race in the entire sentence.

The statement "Speaking Spanish defines a race, so Daniels statement was racist" is racist. It assumes a racial category where there is none and simply lumps people together by what language they speak. By this logic whites from Argentina and blacks from Cuba would be considered the same race. Its sort of a different version of "I cant tell you people apart, you all look alike".

Second - there is absolutely nothing racist with assuming anyone here who does not speak English is quite possibly here illegally. Reading writing and speaking English is required for citizenship, thus it is not all that unreasonable to assume if someone is here, doesn't speak English, and doesn't look like they came for a vacation but rather job hunting, they are possibly illegal. Now they could also be here on a green card, but lets face it, these same nitwits would also call that assumption racist.

R Huse said...

News Flash - This just in, Democrats are seeking to block trucks coming in from Mexico from traveling the states under NAFTA.

Oh my god - how racist - I cant believe this. Apparently the Democrats are convinced that somehow, even though Mexican trucks flunk safety inspections at the same rate as US trucks, they are still unsafe.

Well I guess I cant blame them. Frankly, unloading and then reloading onto American trucks would seem to provide some very marginal protection against a terrorist threat. However, since the Democrats are hell bent on insisting there is no threat from an open border with Mexico, they cant use that one. Oh well, now I guess all they are left with is the contention that Mexicans are inherently less safe. I am sure the Anonymous types will be up in arms over the Democrats leading the charge on this one.

Anonymous said...

A big day in Miglavia. A historic one. Rhuse let an inconvenient truth slip out. Daniel Miglavs is a bigot.

The statement "Everyone who speaks Spanish is an illegal" is not racist, it is bigoted ...

What was it, Rhuse? Was it the Kool-aid? The tin foil hat? Some bad weed?

I can already hear Rhuse composing his inane response. It‘ll go something like this: “Ah-HA! You overlooked an inconvenient truth of your own, you anti-American lib! Daniel never made the statement, ‘Everyone who speaks Spanish is an illegal.’ You’re putting words in his mouth. That’s not what he meant. Blah, blah, blah.”

Do us a favor and spare us the bullshit. It's obvious what Miglavs meant. Congratulations for figuring it out, even if it was accidental.

Anonymous said...

your pandering to the dems already
see below
Gordon Smith Wire (Page 7) - Topix
Governor Barbara Roberts will serve as co-chairs of Merkley's election effort to unseat Republican Senator Gordon Smith in 2008. Oregon's unemployment rate ... - 53k - Cached - Similar pages
so basically your pandering to the democrat already why don't you get real