Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stop the nightmare

From NumbersUSA:

It will take 41 NO votes to kill the DREAM Act Amnesty (SA 2237) expected for a vote this week. At the beginning of this hour, only 18 Senators have committed to vote NO.

Smith is not on the confirmed "NO" list. Please contact him and tell him we don't need nightmare amnesty. You can use NumbersUSA free fax system or call 202-224-3121.


Ken said...

Tomorrow the U.S. Senators will show Americans and the illegals they care more about illegal aliens than any active duty or reserve military personnel and veterans when they grant the illegals a free pass to amnesty for their illegal activities. Third world here we come!

Anonymous said...

All of Gordie's lines have been busy all day and remain so tonight.

Not to fear I will keep trying.

Anonymous said...

Time to make the whining of the fascist micro-minority sound like the roar of "the people."


Bobkatt said...

Thanks Daniel. Everyone please keep calling and if you are not signed up at Numbers USA please do so. This is a great resource to keep up to date on the never ending attempt at this amnesty.

BEAKEER said...


Bobkatt said...


neo_fish said...

Oregon public schools using Mexican government-supplied lessons...


Polish Immigrant said...
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Anonymous said...

why don't you post the true version of what it is
The following will provide the reader with an understanding of my position regarding the issue of illegal immigration and the security of our borders.

Based on recent comments from Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona, it is estimated that 10% of illegal immigrants who are entering our borders are criminals. Senator kyl further stated that it is estimated that over 5,000 illegal aliens enter the US every day through Arizona alone!

Consider this: With an estimated 17 million illegal aliens within the US, that equates to approximately 1.7 million criminals are within our nation. With over 300,000 incarcerated within our corrections system, leaving 1.4 million criminal illegal aliens who are roaming loose within our streets. Furthermore, according to World Net Daily (Nov 28, 2006), 12 Americans are being murdered every day within the US by illegal aliens, representing a death toll within America for 2006 that far overshadows the total of US soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined since the war began.

The current objective of building 700 miles of border fence at the current rate of four miles per year is equivalent to stopping a locust swarm with a butterfly net. The border between the US and Mexico is more than 2,000 miles long! At the current rate of building a boarder fence at 4-miles per year, it would take approximately 200 years to build a fence that would cover only 1/3 the total US/Mexico boarder! Additionally, a radar system with a handful of UAVs will not stop this problem unless there is a significant presence on the ground.

The real problem is that we have an invasion of illegal aliens in this country at an alarming rate that is jeopardizing national security. We need to address this steady flow of illegals as one of our nation’s highest priorities, and then clean up the mess within. Therefore if elected President, I would as a matter of national security:

1. Immediately present to Congress an emergency surge request to increase the military by 150,000 to seal off the Mexican border. In parallel, I would engage the Army Corps of Engineers to manage the construction of a border fence. The management responsibilities and funding for these efforts would be removed from the control of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and transferred to the Department of the Army to build the border fence and to augment the Border Patrol.

2. I would then use some of the proposed items of surveillance from the current immigration bill in support of US Border Patrol efforts, once it is feasible to transition responsibilities from the military to Border Patrol, such as ground radar and UAV augmentation.

3. I would also keep approximately 8 regiments (25,000 troops) of military rapid reaction reservists that are specialized in security and law enforcement to handle areas where border protection efforts are vulnerable. These troops would also be able to assist civilian agencies in deportation activities for criminal illegal aliens within the US.

4. I would shift the responsibilities of DHS toward accounting for all legal aliens that have overstayed their visa so they can be identified and returned to their country of origin. If elected President, I would mandate by Executive Order that ALL immigrants of non-citizen status be fingerprinted and photographed. This information would be stored within a central processing repository and incorporated within the “Wants and Warrants” system. This information would then be used to assist in apprehension of these violators.

5. I would then seek to remove the current extensive bureaucratic paperwork requirements that are preventing our law enforcement community from deporting illegal aliens when caught with forged identifications. Any illegal alien that is found to be with forged and false documentation should be banned from ever entering this country again.

6. Clarify that the revocation of an alien's visa or other documents is not subject to judicial review.
This country must immediately stop offering incentives to those considering illegal entry into the US in the form of subsidized housing, healthcare, and Social Security benefits. If they are not paying into the system, they should not benefit to the detriment of our law-abiding citizens.

Pure and simple, illegal aliens that are engaged in criminal and urban gang activities are terrorists and should be the responsibility of the Department of Defense (DoD) and DHS, not through the civil judicial system by Executive Order. If elected President, I will defend the Constitution against ALL enemies both domestic and foreign. My administration will be very aggressive in the identification, infiltration, pursuit, and eradication of terrorism within the US.

Under my watch, allocated funding to our law enforcement community will not be redistributed. In the past, Homeland Security training and reporting requirements for the law enforcement community were mandated, while promised funds were ‘reallocated’ to the Department of Transportation. This practice will cease during my administration so the law enforcement community is free to do its job.

Lastly, this country must immediately stop offering incentives to those considering illegal entry into the US in the form of subsidized housing, healthcare, and Social Security benefits. If they are not paying into the system, they should not benefit to the detriment of our law-abiding citizens.

For those who migrate legally into this nation, my administration will work with the House and Senate to create laws that protect our national sovereignty while providing the best path for immigration assimilation into our society. How?


Declare that English is the official language of the United States.

Hold new immigrants to strict standards for English proficiency and knowledge of American civics.

Declare English as the default language for government communication, and stipulate that no person has a right to have the government communicate in any language other than English unless specifically stated in applicable law.

In closing, the only way to stem the tide of illegal immigration is to:

1. Secure the borders by augmenting the military with enough troops on the ground to deter these activities, while a complete border fence is established.

2. In parallel, we must take back our streets from illegal alien terrorist groups by engaging in an aggressive campaign to purge our cities of this blight.

3. Create a system of identification and management of all immigration activities within the US so we know who is here, why they are here, how long they will be here, and when they are supposed to leave.

4. We need to support the law enforcement community by providing them with the funds to support and enforce illegal immigration laws.

5. Any provision of assimilation into our society by law-abiding illegal immigrants will be a future topic for consideration when and only when we can secure our nation against this current invasion. Any statements of concession prior to ensuring our nation’s security are not only premature, but also irresponsible.

I encourage you to click here to watch a video from Roy Beck with N

Anonymous said...