Monday, September 03, 2007

Kids protest being grounded

Mexico Blasts U.S. Immigration Policies
President Felipe Calderon blasted U.S. immigration policies on Sunday and promised to fight harder to protect the rights of Mexicans in the U.S., saying "Mexico does not end at its borders."

He also reached out to the millions of Mexicans living in the United States, many illegally, saying: "Where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico."

First off, the "where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico" bit seems to be counterintuitive. If that was the case then most Mexicans would be constantly on the move since once they stopped, looked around and realized they were still in Mexico they would get up and try to leave again. That speaks volumes about your leadership Calderon.

Then I'm wondering where are all the good indymedia boys who whine about imperialism? Obviously the do-nothing politicians won't say anything in response to this provocation. Certainly not any "top tier" candidate for president will address the fact that a foreign leader just indicated that his countries sovereignty extends into our borders.

When the folks on the other side tell us what they really think we are advised to take them seriously.


pointing out the obvious said...

Replace "Mexico" with "the United States," and you basically have U.S. foreign and economic policy since 1945 to the present, carried out to an extreme by Bush & Co. To that, Daniel Miglavs does not object.

Anonymous said...

Wow pointing out the obvious did you read your post before submitting it? I'm trying to understand what Bush had to do with anything in 1945 especially since he was not born until 1946 please enlighten us all.

Also might I suggest an Junior High School History class (if you can find one that does not change history to satisfy the liberals agendas) which might give you a little insight as to whom created the worse foreign and economic policies since 1945 you may be very surprised at the outcome.

In other words stop blaming Bush for everything.


the obvious said...

I am having difficulty -- extreme difficulty, headache-inducing difficulty -- believing that an adult who otherwise seems to be articulate didn't understand the point of such a plainly-worded comment and read such a stupendous volume of bullshit into it. What the hell is it with you people?

Of course I am not blaming Bush for "everything." Certainly I am not blaming him for anything prior to his taking office, and I actually don't even blame him for much of the wretched conditions in the United States today. He inherited a lot of shit that's been accumulating over decades. To a large extent, he had nothing to do with it. I am saying (for the second time now) that his administration is pursuing with extreme aggression the same goals and objectives that have been central to U.S. foreign policy in the post-war period. A position, I will point out again, that Miglavs chastises the heads of other countries for adopting?

Might I suggest that you pull your head out of your ass? In its place, shove the snotty 'tude.

Anonymous said...

the obvious...yes you are.

Why isn't there an uproar about Mexicans wanting to take over the world? It's because Mexicans vote Democrat.

BEAR said...

Calderon (here-after known as el tonto), has simply plagiarized the islamo-fascists' line that muslims use to claim land (anywhere they squat). In addition to Mr. Daniel's excellent points, since mehico's drug-running residents have actually secured large portions of his failed country for themselves, might not el tonto show more leadership by attempting to regain the integrity of his OWN country, before he invades ours? This advice works for Bush, as well.

Rick Hickey said...

Over 1.3 million NEW Mexican higher paying($11/day not $8) Jobs created 'cause of NAFTA. (China is building a new $300 Mil. Auto plant in Tijuana).
World's 2nd richest Man, Carlos Slim, owns the Monoply phone system of Mexico and Calderon does what to de-regulate? as we did to AT&T long ago and created hundreds of thousands of jobs here.
Mexico our #2 Importer of OIL, has been raking in over $60/bbl. at over 1.35 mil. bbl.s/day for quite some time now, yet it is all owned by the Gov't there, do they share the money? No.
Mexican workers in the U.S. send over $22 Billion home a year.
These remittances & Oil & Tourism, in Mexico, a Nation of vast resources, puts this nation in the TOP 12 Worldwide(CIA fact book 2006) for G.D.P at over $1.3 Trillion, amongst only 100 million people. Not counting millions in aid from us every year.
and on and on and on...

It is MEXICO's fault/plan, not the U.S., that tens of millions have fled.
We actually did something about it when we were sick of England, we stood our ground, when will Mexicans go home and demand Gov't change?
Or shall the remaning 100 million flee to here and solve what?

Last year Americans privately gave over $300 Mil. to charity, a new record.

Why do some think WE are the bad guys?

Any other Nation on Earth would consider those statements by Calderon an ACT of WAR!

Anonymous said...

Capitalism is globalized. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

"Capitalism is globalized. Deal with it."


Anthony DeLucca said...

"Antwhere there is a Mexican, there is Mexico"????

Wait for it......
wait for it......

Hey, what the heck!?!?!?! How come I don't hear the knuckleheads that scream out against "U.S. Capatalist Imperialism" screaming out against such a blatant statement by Mexico's President?????

What does Mexico have to do.....Plant a flag in the ground at Pioneer Square and chant "We Claim This Land In The Name Of Mexico", before anyone realizes where this is headed?

Who the hell does Calderon think he is anyway? He's the President of a shitty little piss ant country, and until the people do something to change that, he will never have the "Juice" to dictate what our immigration policies should be.

He should take a look at his own immigration policies and thank god that we don't treat his countrymen in kind.

Screw Mexico. If it were up to me, after a statement like that, I'd have troops on the border shoulder to shoulder ensuring that not one more person crosses the border without authorization. I'd mobilize every resource I have and would start ensuring that ANY employer who knowingly hires an illegal alien, is fined 10 grand for every one they hire. Then I'd review and audit their business tax returns for the previous five years.

Time to get tough on the greedy enablers who are helping Mexico ruin our country financially.

the socialist said...

Calderon’s statement is typical right-wing, bourgeoisie nationalist boilerplate -- which is to say, it is cut from the same ideological cloth as the rhetoric that comes out of the White House every single day.

I find it interesting that you see it for what it is only when it is issued from someone else, but when it comes from your own camp, you celebrate it. Therein lies the contradiction of bourgeois politics: one must object when the “other side” insists on playing by the same rules that you do. That can't possibly be a comfortable place to be. Which is why you remain stuck in a political dead-end.

Anonymous said...

True, Mexico is wherever a Mexican is and it makes it that much easier for our Police Dogs to track them.

eddie said...

Hey clowns... yes, the US government tries to safeguard Americans abroad... and that's a good thing.

I mean seriously, the 20 million illegal Americans in France need protecting....

Wait... that's right... the Americans we protect are on legitimate visas, and residency permits, or stationed overseas with a military or diplomatic corps. Millions of Americans aren't living in other countries against the immigration laws of those nations.

The situation is quite different, I fear when you're referring to millions of your citizens who have violated the laws of another nation and are living there illegally.

R Huse said...

Damn - Haven't heard "bourgeois politics" in years. As meaningless now as it ever was but boy it sorta makes me feel young again. I suppose it does have some value to that end if nothing else.

At any rate, what a ludicrous argument we are hearing from the hat wearers on this one. Even if you take their ludicrous proposition - the statement by El Tonto is no different from our foreign policy - as true it still makes one wonder how then they find it acceptable? I mean this is the crowd that basically finds everything America does is wrong and evil, so if Mexico is emulating it, how does it then become ok? Oh well, who the hell knows, or cares.

Anonymous said...

Two points:

1. We should have the same immigration policy Mexico has.

2. Any asshole who thinks the US has done anything wrong (unless it's losing in Vietnam or nor killing Hussein in 1991) should leave the fuck out. I'm tired of all you commies disparaging this country. Go to the fucking France. Although Sarkozy may deport you assholes.

Anonymous said...

How many times do I have to repeat it?
We are at war and have been invaded by an enemy country. If this was any other country, these statements of war would have been responded to immediately.
Arm yourselves, because the American people are going to have to defend themselves. Our government hasn't responded and it may be too late. We are at war, we have been invaded and America as it was is no longer. You like your freedom to speak your mind? You enjoy quality medical and way too much government hand outs? then wake up! When we become Amexica, you will have nothing and English will be gone.

Scottiebill said...

Mexico has one of the toughest policies against anyone entering that country illegally, such as from ElSalvador, etc. But yet Calderon want the U.S. to accept the Mexican illegals here with no penalties at all. This is a double standard if there ever was one.

Maybe we, the U.S., should adopt the Mexican policy toward illegals and sent their sorry butts bac to whence they came. ASAP!!!

Anonymous said...

RHuse, after you've finished reliving your youth, you might try cracking a dictionary. Your protestations to the contrary, "bourgeoisie" is a word that does, in fact, mean something, and you don't have to be a socialist to know it, or -- surprise! -- even use it in a sentence. Although your comment raises an interesting proposition: The existence of words that don't mean anything. Maybe you could direct us to some of those words in the dictionary.

R Huse said...

Meaningless words? Sure, here are a couple:

environmentalist - "Al Gore is an environmentalist valiantly fighting the global warming crises" . The word "environmentalist" clearly has lost meaning as the person it is most famously applied to in this country uses 20 times the average persons energy in just one of his homes and tends to fly exclusively on private jets.

racist - "anyone who doesn't agree with amnesty for illegals is a racist". Clearly racist is now becoming meaningless since it is applied most frequently not in cases that involve race, but in cases in which no counter to an opponents argument can be made so demonization of the opponent is taken as an alternative. Mexican nationality is not a race. All that is communicated with the use of "racist" is that one person disagrees with another, therefore it is approaching meaningless-ness.

By the way, thank you for your advice on opening a dictionary, I have several and consult them on a frequent basis. My favourite would have to be the venerable OED of which I do have the complete set. In addition my past two partners were PhD linguistics professors, one phonetic and one anthropological, thus my ability on this point.

Clearly, even though you advise use of a dictionary, you have missed perhaps the central feature of theoretical lexicography: words change. Your lame attempt at insult on the matter has, however, been noted, logged and dispatched with. Carry on Mr. Sulu!

Anonymous said...

I hate this. I've been without work for three months. I was fired due to some made up bullshit by T-Mobile. I had no way to prove what really happened so I get zero unemployment. BUT in Woodburn two blocks from where I used to live, Jose Tacoeater gets an apartment for $21 a month. Why? Cause hes brown and will work on a farm. Please call me a racist here cause yall know it's true. I still have to pay my monthly rent(which they just increased)by selling off my shit. I called the unemployment line to ask how long after the denial am I eligable to apply again. "You have to work 4 weeks to become eligable again, the denial does NOT go away." Wait wait so you ask how I'm posting this I know. It's called a library. I feel like I'm being forced to take some joe job which im over qualified for and will be seriously underpaid. So wheres my $21 a month rent? FUCK YOU STATE OF OREGON!!

Anonymous said...

I like Duucan Hunter for president, now more than ever.

Stop the invasion now.

Anonymous said...

Well RHuse, if you've got the OED at your disposal, then you ought to know that "bourgeoisie" does, in fact, mean something. The diminished frequency of use does not render it meaningless ... and in any event, if you do a Google search of news, you'll see that newspapers and periodicals do, in fact, use it.

R Huse said...

Alas my friend, you have confused "definition" with "meaning"

I never said words do not have definitions, they do and are found in things like the OED.

Meaning is another thing entirely, thus the time context given in my original remark and thus my point stands.

Bourgeoisie was a word used so loosely it had no real meaning. It became so ludicrous the 40 year old cartoon "Rocky and Bullwinkle" satirically made fun of the fact, thus contributing to its current disfavor ( aside being associated chiefly with Socialist politics, the ruin and horror of which I don't think needs elaboration ).

At any rate, the humor of the usage seems to have eluded you, much as the difference between definition and meaning is apparently quite ethereal in your mind.

That is unfortunate but clearly there is little I can do on the matter.


the socialist said...

RHuse: The bourgeoisie is the middle class.

That is how it's generally defined and that is what it "means."

The unintended humor and pathos of your tortured explanation of how this word may have a "definition" even though it has "no real meaning" has not eluded me, but it obviously has eluded you. Cheers, and goodnight.

R Huse said...

Socialist dude - Don't get all cranky at me just because you don't know the difference between "definition" and "meaning" You obviously must get quite confused when you hear the phrase "what up dog" in a movie.

"Pssst Martha? Did that Bourgeois Negro man just mistake his friend for a canine animal?".

I do appreciate you trying to resurrect "Bourgeoisie" though. The "Seinfeld" show had a guest boyfriend of Elaine doing this exact same routine ten years ago. Your attempt at intellectualism through actually trying to use it seriously in real life sort of doubles down on the hilarity of it all for me and I am sure others as well.

Please don't mistake anything I say to mean I think you should stop. To the contrary, I would encourage your charging full steam ahead!

Anonymous said...

In Miglavia, anything that goes beyond your standard right-wing grunting and bellyaching passes for "intellectualism." It's all relative. Welcome to Miglavia.