Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday funny


bjdorr said...

Nacy Pelosi's blinking was annoying, as I mentioned in the comments on 23 Jan. 2007 at 10:48 P.M. PST.

That was a funny video!

Daniel said...

Yes you did mention that! Now we just have to diagnose her particular disorder... any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Hemorrhoid pain perhaps!

Kaelri said...

Just a defense mechanism, I'm sure. Used to break down exposure to unpleasant images into manageable chunks.

bjdorr said...

What blinks the most:

A. VCR clock after a power outage
B. Car turn signal
C. "Don't Walk" crosswalk signal
D. Your computer's modem/network lights
E. Nancy Pelosi

R Huse said...

There has always been something in Pelosi's eyes that said to me "this woman is whacko". Kind of the same thing with Hillarie's eyes.

Both hold their eyes so far open it looks like their eyeballs are going to pop out. I don't know exactly why they do this but the net effect is: "Crackers".

Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi needs coaching on how to be wooden faced when sitting behind the President during a State of the Union address.

She was a study in politics all by herself.