Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mac says it

Why Illegal Immigration Is About to Get Worse
...When asked directly about the issue by pollsters, voters of all major ideologies consistently oppose its continued tolerance by government. Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike want it stopped. This result is much too clear and direct for many politicians and pundits to find useful, so instead an assemblage as diverse as George W. Bush, Robert Novak, Teddy Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi are claiming that voters in the last election demanded amnesty for illegal aliens.

A good deal of propaganda has been spun over the last two months in support of that notion, as Democrats prepare to move forward on legalizing 15 million to 30 million future clients of the welfare state; while the Bush wing of the GOP, by contrast, prepares to move forward on legalizing 15 million to 30 million current workers of the corporate state.

...In other words, the bipartisan open-borders lobby would have voters believe that the root cause of crime is law. After all, if there were no laws or limits, no one could violate them. Crime would be zero. So they propose to solve the illegal alien problem by simply attacking the fact that they are illegal. In this way, terrible anarchy will be replaced by a healthy lawlessness on the border. This will reduce future illegal crossings about as well as giving car thieves a “path to ownership” would reduce future car theft.

I just cherrypicked a few paragraphs. Go read the whole article and see the rest of Mac's stuff at his page.


Scottiebill said...

I had a scary thought a while ago. In the Constitution, it states that, among other things, one qualification is to be a "natural born citizen" of the U.S. With that in mind, it is conceivable that, under thae interpretation of the Constitution today, the illegal child of an illegal alien could one day become President.

Effectively, an illegal could become President. That is unconscionable.

Daniel said...

Imagine the sob story the media would use: "I was born two-feet across the border when my mother sqautted and dropped me on American soil, hoping for a better life..."

Anonymous said...

Bottom line: No one is looking out for us. Therefore, fuck all these mother fuckers. Fuck 'em with a rake. I am tired of their bullshit.

I commend you for continuing the day-to-day fight. I can't stomach it.

Amy the Razor said...

Quick! Call eddie murphy anon might be one up on f" words..