Sunday, January 07, 2007

So THAT'S why my health insurance premium went up so much

Report: 40 percent of county's Medi-Cal births to illegal immigrants
A state report quietly released last spring shows illegal immigrants made up the largest single group of those giving birth at taxpayer expense in the state and in San Diego County in 2004.

The May report, "Medi-Cal Funded Deliveries," states that of the 14,350 taxpayer-funded births in the county that year, 5,814, or 40.5 percent, were to illegal immigrants. That is an 18 percent increase over the 4,916 Medi-Cal-funded deliveries to illegal immigrants in San Diego County in 2001, as shown in an earlier state report.

I'm not even going to copy and paste the part about the illegal alien who is griping about everything being covered except $35 which she thinks she shouldn't have to pay.

But the real question is: where is the report on how much illegal aliens are costing the Oregon Health Plan?

That report would be the responsibility of the Secretary of State's office. Here is the contact page with lot's of email adresses for their audit division. And here is the main contact page for the SOS's office.


Anonymous said...

I worked for the audits division last year, before leaving to work for myself. There are good people there and Mr. Hibner the chief auditor is a good conservative. But unfortunately his boss, bozo Bradbury and his clan (his PR woman is a regular writer at, if that tells you anything, she is a hack) wont allow Mr. Hibner do an audit like that. Its supposed to be a non political office but Bradbury wouldnt allow a performance audit of that kind. That is the person you should be contacting and demanding accountability. He will give you some stupid excuse trust me. I have gone to war with him on issues and he gave me true liberal excuses.

Calhoun said...

The Constitution needs to be amended, eliminating automatic citizenship. Like, now.

R Huse said...

You know what would be a better idea, is rather than wait for a re-interpetation of the 14th amendment, how about we just deport mommy?

Yes, I know this would be heart wrenching, but that is the point. The second, and I mean the second that kid is out of her; off she goes from whence she came. No last kiss, nothing.

Sound mercenary? Sure is, but hey, is it any more mercenary than coming here to drop the kid so as to have an anchor baby?

I would love to see the news footage of all the heartbroken moms back home, sobbing their heads off because their baby had been adopted out and they were back at square one.

“sob…. This isn’t right…this is monstrous…. I couldn’t saddle everyone else with my bills and make them work harder for me….. I couldn’t take advantage and game the system and now my baby is gone and I am heartbroken” soft violin music fade out…. I can almost hear the PBS voice over now.

Yep, Im a real cruel guy, but then again, I just get cranky about other people sitting back while I have to work harder to pay ever-increasing taxes. Being self-employed means I pay 50%, so with half my life spent slaving for others, I feel Im entitled.

Rick Hickey said...

Average # of Illegals on the (get this name)Citizen Alien Waiver for Medical Emergencies or CAWEM.
16,000 per month, having Babies via OHP.

Too bad Rob Kremer on KXL yesterday doesn't think this has an impact on our Health Insurance costs.

Why would any Illegal Alien pay for any insurance when the goal is too send as much money home as possibile?

Dr. Madeline Cosman PHD, calculated that of those 40 million without Health Insurance...1/2 were Illegal Aliens.

I am not a trained economist BUT, if 1/2 the people who did not have insurance were gone that would save BILLIONS in medical care and Hospitals would NOT have to overcharge to compensate for the loss of income.
They have to be paid some how.

No illegals please said...

These illegal alien mother dropping "anchors" out of their wombs? Have illegal immigrants neutered or spayed.

Scottiebill said...

All these statistics are eye-opening, for sure. But, you all might want to consider this: The 14th amemdment, as it is interpreted now, allows these kids born to illegal aliens on U.S. soil automatic citizenship. My son and his ex had two sons while he was stationed in England with the Air Force in the early 80's. These boys are not British citizens, nor do they hold dual citizenship with both countries. They are Americans. Period.

Therefore, these kids born to illegals are not American citizens, regardless of the popular interpretation by the libs as well and a good number of conservatives, any more than my two grandsons are British citizens.

If the popular present-day interpretation of the 14th Amendment holds, then it is conceivable that one of these non-citizen off-spring of an illegal alien could one day become President, Vice-President, U.S. Senator, or whatever high elective office. Do we want that to happen? I, for one, do not!!!

Amy the Razor said...


Rob Kremer is a RINO! He damages the Republicans by being on the radio. He is a Kelly Clark Bob Packwood Republican= cheap democrat.

Amy the Razor said...

Silly me anon: I forgot to say that I personally know of no white guy that has gotten a 14 year old girl pregnant. However if you do or have...well I can always reload!

Anonymous said...

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