Monday, January 29, 2007

Are you @#^@%&@% serious?

Landscape changes for illegal alien jobs
Illegal aliens, long a vital component of the nation's agricultural work force, are swapping hoes and spades for jackhammers and feather dusters.

A "vital component" of the ag work force? What a public relations boon for them. "Criminals are vital to our bussiness" doesn't seem like the best company slogan. In fact, it seems that every farmer you ask will insist that "some people may hire illegals but my workforce is all legal."

Uh huh. When you are fighting to support something that you can't admit to doing yourself I think that it's time to re-examine your position.


Rick Hickey said...

So Illegal Aliens do not want to work on Farms anymore?
So the Farmers are low on Workers NOT because of any mythical Border Security but because Illegal Aliens are going elsewhere for money?
So if they get Amnesty and can work anywhere, then who will the Farmers hire?
Then why do the AG Groups support an Amensty/Guest Worker program?
Hoping it will bring in more Illegal Aliens? (It did after 1986 Amnesty)
And when they do not want to do any type of Hard Labor at all, then now it is your white collar job they want too?
Would In-State College make it more affordable for Illegal Aliens to get trained in white collar work?

When does the needs of Americans, Voted in by Americans who swear to represent Americans come into consideration?

Anonymous said...

I think you guys are trying to bite off too much of the apple right out of the gate. Let's go after the end goal in more practical steps.

First off, deal with public drinking fountains: One set for legal residents, another for "aliens." Marked accordingly.

Next, "aliens" must sit in the back of the bus.

And so on ...

Daniel said...

I also don't want to sit at the same lunch counter as an illegal alien... can we do something about that?

Robin said...

just another example of what happens when you turn your back on a problem.

Polish Immigrant said...

We need more bank robberies to justify FDIC insurance.