Monday, January 15, 2007

Petri dish... I can see that

Immigrants reshape Hillsboro
The city finds itself a "petri dish" of racial and ethnic relations as a swelling Latino and Asian population puts a new face on the onetime farm community.

"We are a pretty good petri dish," says Hillsboro Police Chief Ron Louie. "This is a complicated community that struggles with its own identity and demographic change. Some see it as an invasion and others see it as an enrichment."

Nothing like a little crime to "enrich" our lives. Of course, no fishwrapper story on illegal aliens would be complete without the glowing profiles.

After years as a migrant farmworker, crossing back and forth from his home state of Oaxaca, Lopez settled in Hillsboro. He secured legal residency in 1987 through a one-time federal amnesty program.

He earns minimum wage at a Beaverton food processor. He speaks Mixteco, an Indian dialect common to southern Mexico, and a clipped Spanish -- but no English.

He got amnesty in 1987 and he still doesn't speak English. I just can't wait for Bush's amnesty.

Last summer, [Hillsboro Mayor] Hughes took heat from some residents for attending a conference hosted by the Mexican government to discuss issues Mexican nationals face abroad. And repeatedly, he has raised ire by emphasizing that the city's job is to serve all residents, whether they're in the United States legally or not.

The story focuses on race-baiting and absolutely ignores the issue: are these immigrants here legally? Do they move to Hillsboro because they want to be Americans or do they move to Hillsboro because they want to make it Little Mexico? Are the people moving in next door "Latino" or "criminal"?


bjdorr said...

I can imagine why Americans are fed up with some of the Mexicans in Hillsboro, especially the illegal aliens and probably now the "anchors" (illegal alien mothers dropping kids out of the womb on U.S. soil).

Some Americans are becoming exhausted from paying too much of our tax dollars for the illegal aliens' needs and services. Because illegal aliens do not make sufficient amount wages, this results in a huge problem with illegals shooting ten "anchors" out of the womb and we the taxpayers have to pay to support the illegals.

So why is it that I am mandated to fork over thiry percent of my paycheck to pay for the needs and services for illegal aliens? At this rate, I bust my ass everyday to work but gradually finding myself sinking to the poverty level every year with inflation and little pay raises. Maybe the government wants me to become poverish so I can rely on the government's services instead of sufficiently supporting myself.

Damn socialists nutjobs.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Daniel's racism shines through. Can't have articles about Latinos without accompanying prose about crime. Because after all, Latinos are criminals. Or at least, predisposed to be.

Rick Hickey said...

Paper once again doesn't seperate Immigrants from Illegal Aliens.
Immigrants are here for a short visit to our Colleges or to work, Legally, or have been waiting like 7 years to get temp resident alien status and are on the path to become an American.

Illegal Aliens snuck in here, usually via a Coyote, using forged or fraudulent ID. Coyotes are also in the Illegal Drug biz.
Illegal Aliens are in the shadows because they are a criminal and understand that when/if they get caught, they will be kicked out, they do NOT have permission to LIVE here or WORK here or should not have a License of course, or vote or stand in a Gov't line for "Services".
Immigrants have to prove they will NOT be a burden on society or have a criminal history.
Illegal Aliens are nothing but a burden and have only proven they hate our laws and are good at being sneaky & many have a long criminal history.

Mayors, Sherriff's, Newspapers, cannot understand why HELPING a criminal is a CRIME. They think that desperate people resorting to desperate measures is OK & we should feel sorry for them.
Most Illegal Aliens are from Mexico. Mexico is the 12th WEALTHIEST Nation on Earth with a GDP above $1 Trillion.
Tens of Millions of people running away from their self imposed poverty is not a solution.
Papers, Gov't stooges that pretend that is a solution and we should all shut up and pay for it, should be banished for Treason and enabling criminal activity.
You are either part of the solution or part of the problem.
Media & gov't are biggest part of the problem.

Daniel, OFIR, Minutemen are part of a solution, forcing a solution.

Rick Hickey said...

Forgot, The other Illegal Alien, same as 9-11-01 TERRORISTS, are persons who got a TEMP Visa, knowing in good faith their time here was limited.
Instead they show zero respect for the Country that let them visit and they stay as long as they want or forever.
3 of the 4 "Pilots" on 9-11 got a Drivers' License before thier Visa expired. 3 of 4 were pulled over by Police days before 9-11. They didn't show their expired from the Middle East Visa's, they showed thier Drivers' License.
Oregon will still sell them a License that won't expire for 8 years.
UNTIL BIll 2270-REAL ID License in full compliance with ID laws-Gov. actually put this on the table last week. 1/2 a decade late but better than never.

Anonymous said...

Must admit, the many thousands of Illegal Aliens from China that fill the kitchens of most Chinese Restaurants, are smart enough to lay low until they can assimilate into the mix and are not troubled with drug and alcohol problems to such degree they steal cars and drive them though the city at high speed after stabbing their cousin over a drug debt.

Chris Pieschel said...

The article had nothing to do with crime, and I think, Daniel, you could have made your point without accusing every illegal of being a criminal (aside from their initial crime).

That being said, I don't think that glorifying people who came here illegaly and after 20 years have refused to assimilate does a service to any of us. Then again, maybe it's going to make 1 more person mad about the issue.

Maybe if the guy learned english he could get a better job and make more than what the local high school kid makes at mcdonald's. How the hell can you live off of $7.80 an hour? Oh wait, it's not supposed to be a living wage....

Anonymous said...

Most of hillsboro is a shithole. Any of you guys who don't see that are in denial. Hillsboro new "immigrant" class is mostly a poor one.

I will say this, the majority of them mind their own business and just try to get by. Some of the younger dudes are just bad news, which is true with every Mexican immigrant community out here in the West. Gangs everywhere. The problem is not pervasive yet, but as a former resident of So.Cal, I can assure that it is happening here and you will have to continue to deal with it. Oregon is most welcoming of illegal immigrants, and if you question it, you get labeled a racist. Ridiculous.

As for government services, go check out the health department in Hillsboro. The waiting rooms are filled with non-English speakers who are native spanish speakers. Go to Virginia Garcia and see the same (they get Fed grants, so you pay there, too).

You people are asking for this, so there's not much room to complain. Your government does nothing in Oregon or Hillsboro, or whever to stem the tide. C'est la vie.

bjdorr said...

Rick Hickey, not to mention the "how to" guides that the Mexican government publishes to aid Mexicans sneaking into the United States illegally.

President Bush isn't the solution either; he's part of the problem. That's why OFIR and Minutemen are in existence.

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Anonymous said...

Really in essence who really care what the anti-immigrant crowd thinks anymore. They are more or less in the minority and President Bush is on the side of immigrants. Why continue to nag and moan like little loosers? Get over it and move on. "Amnesy", or whatever your latest catch word, is as good as passed.

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah Rick. You are more of a wimp hick terrorist by intimidating hard working people than anyone. My advice for you is move on to an issue you have actually a chance of winning. Once the George W. Bush Guest worker program passes, your silly little group of five is as good as worthless.

Rick Hickey said...

Washington Times today-Rebellion is brewing among conservatives on the Republican National Committee over President's Bush's attempt to "impose" Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida as "general chairman" of the party, who favors "amnesty" for illegal aliens. -- "I will be voting against Senator Martinez if he is nominated for any chairmanship of the RNC," Tina Benkiser
Local OR. Delegate June will also be voting against Martinez after every hand in the room Saturday went up against open border Martinez.

Tom Tancredo-Running for Pres.!!!!

Open Border posters (who write at 2:30 am on a Mon.?)
I/We will never give up.

You are a part of the problem or did I miss your solution? Let everybody move here? no? Then how many more? Can the 12 million Illegals bring in 4 relatives each, as proposed? 48 million more then?

Give up? With 9 times the e-mail/member list than one year ago, WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED!

Anonymous said...

Which part of illegal do people not understand? When you cross the border illegally you become a criminal immediately!!!!!!!!

I am so damn sick and tired of hearing how they just want a better life. I also want a better life however that idea is becoming more and more of a dream as I continue to be surrounded by illegal aliens.

It is a crime (I repeat A CRIME) to cross into US soil without proper paperwork it is also a crime to work in the US without providing legal paperwork (green card, visa, etc...) it is a crime to steal a SSN so you can work in the US as well as stealing someone's identity. It is a crime not to pay taxes on the money you have earned. So the statement of their initial crime is bull shit it only leads to more crime.

If people do not wake up and smell the coffee soon we are all going to have to learn Spanish.

I am fed up with people thinking that this is not a problem and we should be embracing the illegals and aiding them. They can go the HELL back to where they came from.

Sorry for the ranting but I'm tired of reading how this is not a problem by a bunch of idiots who do not have a clue or a brain to think with.


Bobkatt said...

Right on Deb. These anon. snivelers are the same ones chanting "free Mumia" the cop killer, and "save Tookie" the gang banger murderer, and free the envirowackos terrorists. They have no future, no jobs to worry about, no kids to protect and won't be happy until the rest of the country is as miserable as they are.

silent bob said...

>>> Which part of illegal do people not understand? When you cross the border illegally you become a criminal immediately!!!!!!!!<<<

And when one country launches an unprovoked war of aggression against another country, you become a war criminal immediately. What part of THAT don't YOU understand?

And which of the two crimes -- crossing the border illegally and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people -- would you say is the more serious? Which of the two crimes pisses you off more?

Anonymous said...

The illegal aliens of course....

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Anonymous said...

I don't blame illegals for trying to make a better life here. I'd probably do the same thing. I blame us for letting it happen, and continuing to refuse to do anything about it. This divided Amerika really sucks. Can't agree on anything. Divided, we will definitely fall. It's only a question of when.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Silent Bob,

Why don't you ask that question to an American Citizen who is unemployed with children? Or better yet ask someone who identity has been stolen and has to fight with the IRS and credit companies so an illegal alien can work in a country they snuck into.

Even better yet ask the widow of the police officer that was killed by an illegal alien that had already been deported what she thinks.

Do not even try to compare the two. Or even better yet try to stay silent like your name says.

Stop watching the main stream media I know alot of service men that come back from Iraq that show pictures of Iraq citizens loving the fact that we are there and that a mad man has faced his justice along with the rest of his family. Try not to forget 9/11, the terrorist that attacked our country was partially funded by Iraq.


Anonymous said...

So, let me get this straight. There are a few left-wingers who are so angry with a blogger that they spam his board?

Get a fucking life already! Geez..

Daniel said...

You haven't really made it until you are getting harrassed...

silent bob said...


>>> Why don't you ask that question to an American Citizen who is unemployed with children? Or better yet ask someone who identity has been stolen and has to fight with the IRS and credit companies so an illegal alien can work in a country they snuck into.<<<

I would be happy to have that conversation. I've been unemployed, and I've had my identity stolen and gone to battle against the credit card company. It wasn't an illegal alien, either, but some punk red-white-and-blue asshole American kids who presumably ran in the same kind of circles Daniel used to hang with before he found Jesus and Lars Larson.

>>>Even better yet ask the widow of the police officer that was killed by an illegal alien that had already been deported what she thinks<<<

Lame argument. You know full well that there are people who've had loved ones killed, but oppose the death penalty for their murderers. There are 9/11 widows and sons and daughters who oppose Bush trying to launch WWIII in the Middle East. A list like that can go on all night, so save it.

>>> Even better yet try to stay silent like your name says.<<<<

Fuck you. If that's your attitude, move to North Korea; you'll find sentiments about free speech more to your tastes there.

>>> Stop watching the main stream media <<<<

I don't.

>>>>I know alot of service men that come back from Iraq that show pictures of Iraq citizens loving the fact that we are there and that a mad man has faced his justice along with the rest of his family.<<<<

So? There are a growing number of American servicemen who are opposed to this war, from the front-line troops all the way up to the top. I'll stand with them. They are heroes for speaking out -- in spite of bullying from fools like yourself who warn critics of the war to "stay silent."

>>>Try not to forget 9/11, the terrorist that attacked our country was partially funded by Iraq.<<<

Is that what Faux News told you? Lady, the United States government poured a hell of a lot more money and weaponry into Saddam Hussein's hands than Bin Laden got from Iraq, if he got any at all -- and we did THAT when he was gassing defenseless Kurds. What did you have to say about the American government supporting a terrorist dictator then? Nothing, I'll bet.

I suspect you opted to stay silent.

Anonymous said...

Laugh of the Day: Daniel Miglavs thinks he's "made it."

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