Monday, January 08, 2007

The Oregon conection

RE: the below post about illegal aliens having so many babies at taxpayer expense

How many illegal alien babies are Oregon taxpayers footing the bill for? Several notable numbers:

Medicaid Advisory Committee (search terms highlighted)
Oregon births for 2004 were 45,400. Of the 20,000 of the total births paid by Medicaid, 4,800 were in the CAWEM program.

(CAWEM stands for Citizen Alien Waived Emergency Medical, as covered by me here and here and thank you for the reminder Rick)

Just so we are clear: more than 10% of all births in Oregon in 2004 were to illegal aliens. Let me say it again, one out of every ten babies born in Oregon has an illegal alien for a mother. Of the births that were paid for by taxpayers, 24% were from illegal aliens.

The kicker here is, I don't believe that these numbers include illegal alien babies where the mother just showed up at the hospital, gave birth and left with no intention of ever paying the bill. I will ironically use the term "undocumented birth" for this.

I have to believe that many illegal alien mommies are not in the CAWEM program despite the best efforts of our folks in "public service." These numbers were from 2004, I would have to imagine that the 2006 numbers are even worse.

The economic costs are staggering but the social costs worry me as well. One in ten children born into a criminal family. A family where they don't respect the law. Scary.


Anonymous said...

Mexico is looking better all the time with Presidente Felipe cracking down Big Time on the criminal gangs and firing Police everywhere.

Go Flipper!!!

With so many of their criminals coming here it might time to make a move South.

Imagine cutting down a tree on your own property without a city permit?

I don't have a problem with the people of Mexico, its the criminals that bother me and they have come here for that purpose!

Amy the Razor said...

Last years first child of 2006 where I live wa hispanic and just barley turned 15...the father was 33. Go figure. I can only say that if 'Jose" were to try that with my girls or any girls I knew..he would be very...eunic!

Bobkatt said...

For all those who buy into the "offical" lie that there is nothing local or state authorities can do about illegal aliens, please go to my blog.

Daniel said...

Also, I realized that CAWEM doesn't count children born to illegal alien fathers, just the mothers.

Bruce said...

Not to change the subject, Daniel, but did you miss the big news story Sunday nite on Fox with John Gibson? This story was about the pizza chain "Pizza Patron". They interviewed the owner who was hispanic and he said their chain catered to the hispanic trade because it's locations are in Texas, AZ. and New Mexico...that's fine with me...BUT....and it's a big BUT....they accept "pesos" and dollars. I have a problem with the acceptence of pesos in my country. He stated that a lot of his customers travel back and forth between the borders so often they ususally have pesos and dollars in their pocket. SO....he will accept pesos for pizzas. This is a problem for me because i thought and was told they were here to assimilate to the "American Way". BULLSHIT!!!!. Accepting pesos in my country is not assimilating....that's undermining my country. Deliberately making us accept their home countries currency. This is why i don't believe, for a second, that they intend to assimilate...they intend to undermine and convert my country to a third world hispanic cesspool.

Anonymous said...

Amy the Razor wants to castrate any man who knocks up one of her girls. Ok, whatever. Watch out for mom.

Oh, wait a second.

She didn't say "man." She said any "Jose." Will horny white guys will get something less than Amy's razor?

Nope, no racism here!

Amy the Razor said...

nah, anon: I shoot em all...hey where did you say you live?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that 33 year old father been charged with rape?

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