Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sign the petition

Well I guess it could come down to voting betwen two candidates who both hate guns (Guiliani & Hillary) or two candidates who both love illegal aliens (McCain & Hillary) but why let the media pick whose going to run? They want "left" and "lefter."

We want a conservative! Please urge Tom Tancredo to run for president!



Bruce said...

I signed it !!!!! YEAH...he is what this country needs!!!!!.

Nek said...

But will not get.

BEAR said...

no more rinos!

RINO WATCH said...

RinoWatch has signed the petition...

Anonymous said...

He's already decided to run. You can get involved at:

Daniel said...

The petition is from the Team Tancredo site. He's filed exporatory papers and needs assurance that the American people are interested in voted for him as a candidate and funding him as a candidate.

Ric said...

I still like Rudy. He is a proven leader of a large government which made great progress on things like law & order while he was in charge. Look at how NYC has slipped under Bloomberg.

What has Tancredo headed up? Which business has he run? When has he served as a leader in the executive branch?

The number one criteria I am looking for is past experience (proven) as a chief executive (leader). That could be a simple as having run their own business. Being a governor would be nice.

No, I don't have a front runner.

Anonymous said...

Tancredo is good, but does he have the speaking ability and breadth on other issues besides illegal immigration?

Duncan Hunter(Rep.CA)is as strong on illegal immigration. He called the U.S. Senate bill amnesty. And is strong on terrorism.

Ducan Hunter is a tough warrior, who can think on his feet.

Duncan Hunter for President '08.
Leadership on Enforcement.

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for either Tancredo or Hunter, but not Rudy. The man has a mistress... so much for moral character. His anti-gun stance is well known and documented. Also, when he was Mayor he turned NY City into a sanctuary city for illegal aliens... so much for the Law and Order candidate. Neither McCain nor Rudy has a chance. Beside I can't vote for someone who's last name I can't spell ;-)

gullyborg said...

I'll happily vote for either McCain or Giuliani if nominated, because I know that, despite all their flaws (and they have many), they are stalwart supporters of the War on Terror.

That's the single issue for me.

That said, I'd like to see someone more conservative win the nomination. I'm just not sure who that would be at this time.

Gingrich? Maybe the only guy who would lose to Hillary in the general.

Tancredo or Hunter? ZERO chance of winning the nomination, and if there is a real race between other candidates, I'm not throwing away my vote in the primary.

Romney? I like the guy, but I worry about how certain factions within the GOP will treat him (so far, I have no complaints about personally).

Sam Brownback? I think he could be the only person in the GOP who would come in behind Alan Keyes

There are some people I'd like to see, but no one is talking about them. What about Fred Thompson? That dude has some serious gravitas. Plus, he played the awesome carrier commander in "The Hunt for Red October" (What's his plan? A Russkie don't take a dump without a plan!). Any others?