Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy: another reason for term limits

To every slobbering reporter and politician who praised Kennedy today I have one question to ask: would you let him drive your wife home?

Note: I thought that I was going to have to wait until next week's Ann Coulter column to get some coverage that didn't treat Kennedy like threat to freedom that he was but thank you Lars for having her on first thing and not pulling punches.


Kaelri said...


Anonymous said...

I'm no reporter or politician, but I would no more let Kennedy drive my wife home than I'd let you or anyone you associate with drive my wife home, you sniveling little fascist shit. I was no political supporter of Kennedy by any stretch, but on his worst day he had a thousand times more class (and brains) than you'll ever have.

Observer said...

I would say that the mobilization of the American media to engage in a mass exercise of unwarranted adoration and historical falsification about Kennedy is nearly as great as the saccharine bullshit we had to endure 24/7 from the so-called "liberal" media when Reagan kicked the bucket in '04.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 3:05, what would you call Kennedy's worst day. Is that the day he cooperated with the Soviet Union to undermine President Reagen? I believe that would be called treason. Was his worst day the day he abandoned Mary Jo in a lake? Was his worst day when he went over to Syria and Pakistan before we attacked Iraq? I'm sure he wasn't discussing global warming or health care with them. That again would be called treason for anyone else.

Maybe it's the day in 1986 when he wanted amnesty for the criminal aliens in that year. Is it the worst day when he said there would be no more amnesties and the borders would be protected. He is nothing but scum in my opinion. Unfortunately that scum was foisted upon good decent Americans by the voters in his state. Ted did a lot of damaged to this great country. Obama on the other hand, will make Kennedy look like a school boy when he is done with the presidency. The damaged Obama is doing may never be repaired.

Please let me know what would be considered his worst day.

I think there is hope. Finally Americans are speaking out. They are finally realizing that the messiah is not all he seems to be.
God bless America!

Nelson Lee Walker of said...

The only infallible, unstoppable, guaranteed way to get a truly new Congress is : NEVER REELECT ANY INCUMBENT! AND DO IT EVERY ELECTION!

Most folks think I am too unreasonable in asking everyone to NEVER REELECT ANYONE IN CONGRESS. They think it’s an ‘extremist’ position. But that’s the whole point! Congress will never listen to us UNLESS we scare the bejesus out of them! To drive the point home, NEVER REELECT ANYONE IN CONGRESS, AND DO IT EVERY ELECTION!

The closer we get to a “Voter’s One-Term Congress”, the closer we’ll get to a “Citizen’s Congress”.

There is only one way to make this happen : The American voter must IMPOSE term limits on Congress by NEVER REELECTING ANYONE IN CONGRESS, AND DO IT EVERY ELECTION! In other words, don't let anyone serve more than one term. That's the only way to teach them that the voter is the boss! The “one term limit” can be eased AFTER citizens get control of Congress.

Congress will never allow us to constitutionally term limit them by an amendment. Our only choice is to NEVER REELECT them. All of them!

Remember too, it makes no difference who you vote for, as long as it is NEVER any incumbent.

I believe that even a little success in a campaign to NEVER REELECT ANYONE IN CONGRESS would move us a long way toward a revolutionary change in American politics, much like 1776. Some of the reasons in favor of this approach:

• It gives us a one-term, term limited Congress without using amendments
• It would be supported by 70% of the country who want term limits for Congress
• It is completely non-partisan
• If repeated, it ends career politicians dominating Congress
• It opens the way to a “citizen Congress”
• It ends the seniority system that keeps freshmen powerless
• It doesn’t cost you any money. But you MUST vote! Just don’t vote for an incumbent
• It is the only guaranteed, infallible, unstoppable way to “Throw ALL the Bums Out”
• It takes effect immediately the day after Election Day
• If it doesn’t work, do it again and again! It will work eventually, I promise.


Nelson Lee Walker of

Anonymous said...

Yes, people who injure or kill someone, and then conveniently disappear for hours (presumably to sober up) before talking to the police, deserve our contempt for that act.

Which is why I've always wondered why those who like to bring up Ted Kennedy's incident years ago, never seem to want to discuss VP Dick Cheney shooting a man in the face, and then refusing to meet with the police for something like 12 hours after the incident (presumably to sober up).

"But Cheney didn't kill anyone!", you say? Well, you're that regard, Cheney was - by the grace of God - certainly more lucky than Kennedy. Cheney's victim had the good manners to not die. But the principle is exactly the same.

And since right-wingers don't ever seem to want to talk about that, it's a little hard to sincerely believe they really give a shit about Kennedy's victim.

So, in addition to demonstrating that they have no class, these right-wing jackasses are also showing us they have no penchant for consistency either.

What's new?

Observer said...

To add to the inconsistencies and hypocrisies of the Miglavians, one might also point out this: The driving perspective that has governed every presidential administration since World War II, Republican and Democrat alike, is that the United States has an absolute, undisputed right to do anything it wants abroad, international law and basic decency be damned, for the sake of advancing U.S. economic interests, and in so doing we've basically climbed into bed with some of the most reprehensible regimes and dictators that have ever graced the history books -- John F. Kennedy certainly did it, and you'd better believe Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush did it (and Clinton, and Carter, etc.) but you never hear anything from the Miglavians about that. So spare us, Dave, your faux outrage that Teddy Kennedy flew to Syria and Pakistan before George W. Bush decided to preside over one of the bloodiest, most outrageous war crimes committed by any American president in the last 50 years by bombing Iraq into oblivion and ordering an illegal and insanely expensive occupation that has cost the lives of thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives. SPARE ME. I don't believe you. You don't deserve to be believed. You don't deserve to be taken seriously. You deserve to be LAUGHED at. You deserve to be embarrassed, because your indignation is pure, transparent 100 percent bullshit that stinks to high heaven of hypocrisy and a total void of political principle. Good point, Anon 4:12. Nothing new here. Welcome to fucking Miglavia.