Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Health care for anchor babies

Governor signs state law extending medical care coverage
“We will, at long last, bring health care to every Oregon child,” Kulongoski said at a gathering of lobbyists, health care bureaucrats, politicians and even a young patient at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital on the campus of Oregon Health & Science University in Portland.

Through a combination of increased “provider taxes” on most Oregon hospitals and a new 1 percent tax on health insurance premiums, Oregon is adding 200,000 uninsured children and poor adults to the ranks of the insured.

So who can apply? Here is the application.

Social Security numbers (SSNs) – If you don’t have a SSN, write in “none.” Required only if you are applying for benefits for this member of your household.

This is another instance of anchor babies getting welfare while the rest of us pick up the tab. Let's see if I can do the math: an illegal aliens can't legally have an income. With no income their dependents can qualify for welfare.

It's like asking a drug dealer to report his earnings, it just won't happen.

So our politicians say they will make health care "more affordable" by taxing health care providers and health insurance premiums. For those of you who went to one of the 71 Oregon public schools rated as inadequate this makes health care more expensive for those of us who pay for it.

But the anchor babies and their criminal alien parents have one more reason to come to Oregon.


Anonymous said...

I've lived all around the country...Northeast, up and down the west coast, gulf coast, and a few places in between.

Oregon is the least free state of them all. This tax and socialist hell is the cause of it. This state is on a fast march towards socialism, potentially even communism.

I am not from here, and there is no way I can settle here permanently. To be sure, other states are trying to follow your lead. Washington and California come to mind, as well as your east coast competitors in Mass., Vermont, NY, etc. But you guys take the cake.

After all the time I have been here, I still can't completely figure out why Oregon is as fucked up as it is. Some of you blame it on Californians, but I think it is much more than that. I think Oregon has a reputation of being a socialist-haven that it attracts a lot of socialists and communists from around the country.

Congratulate yourselves. The seeds of the next revolution, national partition, or civil war are being planted, and Oregon will help lead the charge for the new Socialist States of Amerika. At that point, we'll be heading back to the free states of America, if not sooner.

Anonymous said...

This is what bugs me the most about illegal immigration. Not to mention the gangs, drugs, violence, etc.

I have paid into the system for years, am single, and have never, ever, used any state social services or welfare except for UI.

Then you have these people and families that just waltz across the border, pop out a ton of kids, and then expect me to pay for everything. And people say that these are good people?

I'm sorry......anybody that illegally enters our country and forces themselves and their offspring on the US taxpayers by availing themselves to any and all government handouts is a thief in my book.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:46, do you drive? On roads? Then you are using a "social" service. The stoplights, stop signs and green signs that tell you how many miles the next city and rest stop were also brought to you by the allegedly Communist Monolith Provider of 'Social Services.' Ever been to a state park, city park? Surprise! "Social services" Ever had to call the police or fire department? I have, and I have to tell you, it's nice knowing that those "social services" are available by dialing 9-1-1, no "pressing '1' for English" involved. Did you go to a public school? Did your teachers? Where did they become teachers? (And where did those cops become cops?) Have you ever used a library? Have you ever been to the Oregon coast, walked on the beach? Two of those nasty "social services" once again. Do you use money? Who prints it?

The idea that "illegal aliens" are swarming here to partake of the social services, the ones that are regularly bitched about here in Miglavia is largely bullshit.

And the idea that you are somehow immune from getting through life without using those nasty "social services" is also bullshit.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Curious that you did your bragging about remaining clear and free of "social services" on the Internet. Al Gore obviously had nothing to do with it, and jokes at his expense are well deserved, but that does not change the fact that the Internet was developed and largely built as a public research project. Sounds to me like another one of those awful social services. Maybe next time you should use smoke signals.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:46. Yes I use the roads, and I occasionally will use a state park, etc., but most of that is paid through GAS taxes and other taxes such as vehicle regs. etc. Are you stupid or do you just hate your fellow citizen?

Why should I slave all day to hand over 9% of my wages so the state can give it away to people who do not belong here? Should it not be there for me if I ever do need it, not being consumed by a bunch of leeches from South of the border?

And yes I have had to call 911. Once. It ended up saving my life and I ended up paying $600 OUT OF POCKET to use the ambulance. Do you think your friends from South of the border would pay in such a circumstance. A fake SS# and "gracias" does not pay the bill.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, why don't you just come out and say it? If a sick "anchor" baby or other "illegal" baby in need of medical attention was turned away by a doctor or at the emergency room and died as a result, you'd laugh, wouldn't you? You'd like that, would you? Maybe just a little? ;-)

Anonymous said...

NO ONE would laugh if an Illegal alien Baby died for lack of medical attention.

There is NO valid reason not to treat such person and then have them, after being medically stablized, DEPORTED, to lessen the financial burden on all of us.

Some Hospitals are doing this as the one in Florida recently did after racking up over $1 Million in Bills for ONE Illegal. Course the ethno-centric lobby challenged that but a Judge/Jury said it was OK for the Hospital to do that.

Hopefully this will encourage ALL to do the same soon!

DAVE01 said...

ANON 10:35 AM
Children die every day on this planet. Why don't we pay for all the babies on this planet.

We can't pay for everyone's baby. We can't pay for everyone's health care. We are broke. Our grand children will be paying of this debt (if they ever do). Why are my grand children not given any consideration when they are being obligated to pay for this health care. The fucking politicians have spent us into the ground. We have to take care of our own. If I had to decide between my family and some criminal who snuck into this country with their children, I choose my family. They have broken our laws and are being rewarded for it because we are the most generous country on the planet. The amnesty in 1986 was supposed to be the last one. Well, now we are getting another one. There will be more amnesties if this one passes. How large of a population should we have? 500 million, one billion. When is enough enough? If you think this is good for our country, look south to California. They are almost bankrupt because they give out so many freebies. The number of the takers down there outnumber the number of the givers.

Don't forget that the new citizens will get to the front of the line. They will start to bring in the rest of their families. There will be chain migration to this country. Our natural resources will be used up at a much faster rate. Our quality of life will go down the shitter. Just look at California. Do you want that for the rest of our country? If so, you must hate this country.

Anonymous said...

Health care for illegals? Ha! How about rejecting every criminal alien at the hospital door that is wanting medical care for child labor, gunshots, stabbings, and drunk driving injuries? Sounds like a plan to me, and I'm sure a quite effective strategy for coming to our country in the first place.