Sunday, August 16, 2009

Me, Michael Vick and Irene

So notorious dogfighter Michael Vick has been picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles after serving almost two years in prison. The fans and various groups are fit to be tied.

We are talking about a game. You can watch or not watch, buy tickets or not buy tickets. But the grandstanding by groups who think this is armageddon is just too much.

I beg any reporter to ask the next PETA member they find whether or not they support minimum sentencing or the death penatly. Any local Vick haters vote yes on Measure 11? Or is it just dogfighting that bothers you?

Obviously I'm speaking as someone who made horrible choices in my past. My "second chance" is given by some and not by others and that's fine. At some point most people see me for who I am today and if you don't that's just fine.

With Michael Vick there is another thing that bothers me, is there more or less outrage over Dante Stallworth KILLING A HUMAN BEING and doing 30 days in jail? Are people going to cancel their season tickets when he plays again?

It seems to me that some people have their priorities very mixed up and put animals ahead of humans.

I support maximum punishment for people who do wrong. Giving a "second chance" without an initial consequence sends the wrong message. But once someone is ready to change it's trust but verify. I have no problem with someone having another chance to fly right if they are serious about it.

If Tony Dungy says that Vick is good enough then that's good enough for me and I'm willing to enjoy watching football without the circus. Go Colts. (even without Dungy)


Anonymous said...

At some point most people see me for who I am today ...

Oh yes, indeed, Daniel. Trust me, most people do. We do. We really do.

Dallas Cowboys Picks said...

I can understand the uproar involved in this. But I also fele that people deserve second chances, he paid his time, and I think he will be able to be a positive influence to children in the community and help raise awareness about this. He seemed sincere on 60 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I like the t-shirts they're selling in Philly:

"Vick's an Eagle...hide your beagle!"

Anonymous said...

For those who want to better understand the "who I am" part, see photo at upper right of bald man shooting a rifle in a rock pit. Pretty much says it all.

Anonymous said...

LMAO anon 12:38

I have a pug...she is in hiding as we type.

I wonder what would happen if he went to work for the Huskies?

Pinkie French