Thursday, August 20, 2009

School: it's not for learning anymore

Free summer meals in Oregon
However, no application or proof of income is needed to participate, and all children are welcome!

Fairview Oaks Apts
Site sponsor: Gresham-Barlow SD 10J

Aloha Park Apts.
Site sponsor: Beaverton SD 48J

Fairview Arms Apts.
Site sponsor: Centennial SD 28J

Learning Tree Daycare
Site sponsor: North Santiam SD 29
A for profit day care gets government funded "free" lunches?

The Terrace at Mt. Scott
Site sponsor: North Clackamas SD 12

If you are amazed at the "statistics" this program can boast about keep in mind that they will actually go to an apartment complex and advertise FREE FOOD FOR EVERYONE. How many "hungry" children are going to turn that down?

When governmet defines a "hungry child" as:

Anyone under the age of 18 who is willing to walk three steps out of his/her front door to accept free food we will have numbers that seem to show mass starvation in this country.

Please remember that the school districts that cry poor when it's time to vote down the tax increases are the same schools that think their role is no longer education but the free feeding of entire neighborhoods during summertime.


Anonymous said...

For those children living in poverty for whom a public program like this may very well be the ONLY meal they get all day long, a translation of Miglavian for you, in case the language is new to you:

Go home. Fuck you. You're not hungry. Not really. You're just "hungry." Hands off my tax dollars you fucking maggots.

MAX Redline said...

Got any stats to back up your allegation, there, anonymouse?

For those children living in poverty for whom a public program like this may very well be the ONLY meal they get all day long

Anonymous said...

I said "for those" who are, moron. Do you actually dispute that there are children for whom these sorts of programs are their only meal? Are you paying ANY attention to what's going on in the United States? What country do you live in? What planet do you live on? Do you have kids? Are you even remotely connected with what's going on in your own school district, unless you happen to live in a $3 million home in Portland's West Hills? Pull your head out of your ass for Chrissakes and look at the world. You know, the one we actually live in, outsize of the Bizarroland of Miglavia.

OregonGuy said...

Brick. Pure brick.

Interesting talking point. But totally untrue.

Back in '78 I was working for a Republican candidate for the Oregon House. Got a constituent call. Woman in distress. Homeless. Kids. What to do?

Within 15 minutes I had shelter, compensation and a possible job lined up for her.

Compassion isn't about waiting for the government. Compassion is knowing how to help others.


Anonymous said...

Always some scumbag right-wing racist turd to bash on children and the poor. I am just loving the fact that Prez Obama is bringing forth a more caring Social Democracy in place of the Selfish Capitalist Cesspool. There will be plenty more programs for those less fortunate by the time he is done.

Anonymous said...

OregonGuy: If you actually think the fact that you helped a homeless person and her kids in the 1970s makes it "totally untrue" that these programs fill a need today that isn't filled by ANYONE else, then you, like MAX Redline, are also a moron. No wonder you're a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so much vitriol today.

Frankly, if this is the only meal or in most cases 2 meals (breakfast and lunch) a day they get WHAT ARE THEIR PARENTS SPENDING THE OREGON TRAIL ON???

I know..I know cooking can be hard. poptart anyone?


Bobkatt said...

Contrary to anons constant assertion that liberals alone possess moral values, no one wants to see one child starve. The concern is that we are moving more and more toward relying on the government for the most basic of care. Dependency is the opposite of freedom and the enemy of innovation, creativity and self-esteem. Does anyone else see the connection between depending on the government for survival and sitting on top of the roof of your house in New Orleans with out even a small amount of food or water.
Some of us are old enough to remember that at one time Americans believed that we could do anything. Now we are being told by our own government that there are jobs we won't do and challenges we can't overcome without the help of "Big Brother". This attitude has allowed the most successful industries in the world (auto manufactures, air lines, etc.) to settle for the government cheese rather than stepping up to the challenge and doing the necessary things to innovate and create to stay on top. We have rewarded those that gain wealth for themselves through trickery and deceit rather than actually creating wealth that is shared by everyone.
There are many countries that already have a system of cradle to grave government support and CONTROL. While these countries boast of their ability to care for their citizens basic needs, they seldom lead the world with any new innovations that help the world condition. America stands alone as a system where anyone can rise above their disadvantages to achieve unlimited success if they have the will and drive to do so. Dependency on the government is much like an anesthetic. It can be a good thing in moderation to control the pain but if used too much often allows the user to overlook the initial problem and becomes addictive.

Anonymous said...

With the Government Nanny state there is NO Teach them how to Fish, it's We'll do the fishing for you, send the kids out, just stay on the couch and enjoy that Beer and Bong.

Funny how that "Free" food program in Salem is ONLY in the areas where their are Illegal aliens mostly, hmmmm. (and some unemployed Americans that lost their job to a cheaper illegal worker).

ps, Because the Schools are soooo broke our High School is hiring an "Emotional Growth Center" Staff.
Why the hell are we paying for this also now?

Why do you "Progressives" keep whing about Capitolism when you could just move to a Socialist nation and be happy with Big Brother taking care of all your needs. And since many of those people are leaving and want to live here, there is plenty of room for you to go there, please.

DAVE01 said...

Well said bobkatt. This used to be the country of "can do", now it's the country of, "where are my freebies". We have gotten soft and lazy. Maybe people will toughen up a bit when the country is bankrupt (under the repubs and the dems) and there is no food on the shelves.

By the way, there are too many social services to let children go hungry. I want to see a starving child whose parents are actually trying to get some help. Fucking illegals get all the help, I'm sure Americans are getting it too. Americans might be in the back of the line, but they are getting help.

Anonymous said...

The last 60 years has seen capitalism wreak a havoc on the social and economic life in the United States far beyond the level of damage our worst enememies could have presided over if given free reign to devise our current system on purpose, and because of it, we have children who don't have enough to eat. And then we have Miglavians, who bitch and moan about "values" and "responsibility" when the government steps in to provide ONE meal a day to a few kids during the summer. Very classy, guys.

MAX Redline said...

Always some scumbag right-wing racist turd to bash on children and the poor. I am just loving the fact that Prez Obama is bringing forth a more caring Social Democracy in place of the Selfish Capitalist Cesspool. There will be plenty more programs for those less fortunate by the time he is done.

Actually, there's always some illiterate, uninformed Leftist who can't put together a coherent train of thought. You know who you are - you have to resort to name-calling and expletives because you really have nothing to say.

Asked for backup, the Leftist simply calls you more names, and implies that you don't know what's going on in the country - when actually, it is evident that the opposite is true.

Do I have kids? Why, yes, I do. Are you even remotely connected with what's going on in your own school district? Why, yes, I am. As a matter of fact, my Bride also is. She serves as a governor's appointee to the SRC. She is not only very familiar with PPS, which we frequently discuss, but regularly travels around the state to meet with other district representatives. I have good reason to suspect that I'm likely more well-versed in the situations of all school districts in Oregon than you are in your local district.

Are you even remotely involved? I doubt it.

You tell me to pull your head out of your ass (very eruditely put, by the way), when it is clear that you need to follow your own advice.

As for your dependence upon BO to set things right, I again suggest that you say "pop!" and follow your own admonition. BO's numbers are cratering as people begin to see that he's ineffectual.

His major success so far lies in the fact that he lived up to his campaign promise to take MO out on a date. It cost U.S. taxpayers several hundred thousand dollars, but by golly, he kept that promise.

He's a Democrat, with both Houses controlled by Democrats - and he still can't accomplish anything. I hope that when your birthday rolled around, you did a great job at playing "pin the tail on the donkey".

DAVE01 said...

ANON 4:07 PM
In the last 60 years, capitalism has built the greatest, most powerful and the richest country on the earth. It has provided the incentive for people to create. We produced the largest number of inventions last century. If our system is so bad, how come we have millions a year come here legally and illegally. Your logic does not compute. Tell me what the commies or socialists have done? I bet you would like to live in N Korea or Cuba. N Korea that does not even have power to light their lights at night. What a joke for a country. Sure, they are a wonderful country devoid of capitalism. You are an idiot. Open your eyes and look at the crap in your house. Thank God you are an American and not something else. What system would you like to copy?

Can you tell me in the US "children don't have enough to eat". I'm sure there are homes where the parents are not doing their job. There are enough social safety nets in this country to feed our children and the children of the criminal aliens. The only reason why I think that might be happening is because the children of the criminal aliens are bankrupting the system. I recommend you look south a few hundred miles to CA. The criminal aliens are stealing everything down there. Jobs, social services, medical services, burning up our forests so they can grow dope and everything that is not nailed down. Don't forget raping and murdering our women and children. We have enough of our own dirtbags, we don't need to import more. It is liberalism that has created this situation.

After America goes down the tube, who will be the leader of freedom? Mexico, France, England. If you hate this country so much, we have four doors you can exit. North, south, east or west.

You must be a very bitter person and hate life.

MAX Redline said...
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Bobkatt said...

Dave-I share a lot of your frustrations and one of the most concerning is that "Progressives" seem to want to push America toward the collectivist model of government when there are already plenty of other countries that they could go to that already seem to have that system. When America is just like Canada or Europe, where will those of us that believe in limited government and individual responsibility go. Where is there a country similar to America? If you believe in diversity then why does the U.S. have to be like all the other countries?