Monday, August 17, 2009

Derelict in their duty

Family of murdered teen sues county
The family of 15-year-old murder victim Dani Countryman is suing Clackamas County.

According to public records, the suit alleges authorities knew Countryman's killer was in the country illegally but failed to report him. Indeed, in November 2006 the person who plead guilty to Countryman's murder was convicted in Clackamas County of driving drunk.

This case reportedly prompted Clackamas County to define its policy on the handling of immigrant criminal cases. Two months after Countryman's death, Clackamas County authorities clarified county law giving police and prosecutors the ability to report non-documented individuals to immigration officials after they have been arrested on other charges.

When you have a culture of tolerance for criminal aliens you are going to end up with blood on your hands. If we can stop the tolerance for these lawbreakers we can save future lives.

Clackamas County didn't need a new law they just needed "clarification" meaning "let officers know that they can actually do their jobs" rather than try to "reach out to immigrant communities."

Let's make sure that all levels of government have this same clarification.


Anonymous said...

perhaps the chickens have come home to roost in old Clack Co.

This is a very sad story, and if the county 'bigs' had done their job this girl would still be alive.

Next election 2010. Speak up or this will happen again.

Pinkie French

DAVE01 said...

I am so glad they are going to make the people pay who are responsible for allowing those scum to remain in our country and rape and murder that young girl. I hope they sue that county into bankruptcy.

A young girl was raped and murdered because they needed clarification. What a bunch of bullshit.

If this county is sued into bankruptcy, other politicians might start doing their job. I hope they hold the individuals responsible too. Find the actual individuals who let the trash loose. Sue them into bankruptcy too.

Anonymous said...

I wonder when you are going to call out these people?

DAVE01 said...

When are you going to call out Neil Goldschmidt, former governor of Oregon for raping his babysitter?

I want them all out. That is the difference between you and me. You bring up republicans who have done criminal actions. It is like you are defending the rapers and murderers by bringing up what republicans have done. Have you looked into the crimes committed by democrats? How come you did not provide a link to a site that lists the crimes of democrats? Your bigotry is showing.

You can only see the crimes committed by one side. Open your eyes. Throw all the trash out.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:05

So based on your link, you support illegals murdering young women in this country simply because you dont like republicans?

Or perhaps it is that illegals have the right in your eyes to do as they damn well please makes YOU feel good?

Frankly, what in the hell does you link have to do with this murder case? Are you truly mentally ill trying to justify in your own sick mind what happend?

Do YOU relize this could have been prevented? YES PREVENTED!

Had the bigs in Clack Co done their jobs this man would have been deported as he should have been. However...THEY, the county bigs DID NOTHING!!!




...perhaps because a few good people just did nothing, hoping the "problem" would just go away.

Pinkie French

as a note, you anon do not always have to come down on the side that seems to be "against" Daniel. You just make yourself look ignorant, petty and very lame. Grow up!

Anonymous said...

More goofball racists wearing the dead corpse of Dani Countryman around their necks. It is amazing when American citizens are raping, killing and maming ten to one compared to foreigners and you folks remain silent. That is racism for you.

Anonymous said...

anon10:50, your link is staggering. Looks like a severe problem for the party. No wonder most Americans won't identify with them.

Anonymous said...

Per Pew Hispanic Research, Illegal aliens are 5% of Oregons population.

Yet over 21% of Washington county's inmates are illegals. Simlar % are in Marion co. jails also. And now over 1,200 in our State Prisons.

Arizona has about 9% population of illegals per Pew. Yet over 22% of persons in their largest County jail are Illegals! (maricopa co.)

Who's the Idiot that said Illegals are not Killing/Raping etc. more often than Americans?!

You can have your narrow minded feeble hippie opinion all you want but you do NOT have/know the facts.

People (including Marion Co. Deputy Freidenburg) are being KILLED/RAPED/TORTURED that should/would NOT be IF we enforced immigration laws.

And that would require our Politicians to support the Americans that hire them and pay them, for once.

Anonymous said...

I guess the idiots supporting Illegal alien Killers didn't read the Front Page story with Senator RON WYDEN in the Statesman-Journal last week.

Sen. Wyden wants the U.S. government to help pay for enforcement of Article 4 - Mexican law, as he is tired of Mexicans KILLING Americans and going back to Mexico thumbing their noses at law enforcement.

The little Town of Independence paid out over $10,000 for "Official Mexican Translators" to prosecute a Mexican that KILLED his American girlfriend as well as KILLING her 4yr. old Daughter by SHOOTING her in the head. He fled back to Mexico, local Cops caught him (over a decade later)and he is being punished in Mexico.

Even former Marion Co. Sherrif Ramirez said you do NOT want to be in a Mexican prison.

The story listed several disgusting MURDER cases just in Marion co. where the KILLER fled back to Mexico and is free to KILL again, including the fucker that killed our Deputy here.

ILLEGAL ALIEN APOLOGISTS - FUCK OFF! and move to your favorite country, Mexico.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:15

I really do not care what nationality someone is when they commit a crime.

THE POINT HERE IS: Had the “bigs” in Clack Co. done then damn jobs and deported this guy when they had the chance DANI COUNTRYMAN WOULD BE ALIVE.

This could have been prevented.

However, this is what happens when good people choose to do nothing.

Pinkie French

MAX Redline said...

More goofball racists wearing the dead corpse of Dani Countryman around their necks. It is amazing when American citizens are raping, killing and maming ten to one compared to foreigners and you folks remain silent. That is racism for you.

Got any statistics to back up your claim, O wise anonymouse?

Thus far, while the blog owner provides stats, all I see from you are wild claims. Back it up.