Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Free money: turns out it's popular

State tax breaks for alternative energy will cost more than expected
So many businesses are getting tax subsidies under Oregon's effort to promote alternative energy that the state now estimates it will spend $167 million on them in 2009-11, up from $68 million it gave out in similar tax breaks in 2007-09.

The higher spending demonstrates the increasing popularity of Oregon's Business Energy Tax Credit. But it comes at time when other state programs face cutbacks, and that's giving some lawmakers heartburn.

"What this does is create a real dilemma," said Sen. Ginny Burdick, D-Portland. The state's two-year budget, approved last June, will now come up short by as much as $50 million.

I love how people describe with absolute incredulity the "success" of government programs that give tax dollars for goods/services in excess of what they are worth.

Whether it's giving someone $4,500 for a car that is worth $2,000 or paying someone to be "green" and save on their energy bill, government's success is always a loss for the taxpayers.

Work hard today, government needs to buy someone a new refrigerator.

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