Sunday, August 09, 2009

And here I thought the homeless were lazy

I check on the Dignity Village website from time to time (America: the only country were the homeless have their own website) and am excited to report that we have a current August update:

"We have added 20 new raised garden beds, full of all kind of plants . We have had over 600, Students come out to the village since Jan.2009 from all over the Northwest.They helped build planter boxes, and painted a few buildings."

"We are also going to build new Bathrooms some time in Aug. 2009. They will be a combo of shower and toilets, plus a meeting room for guess that come out to visit and want talk, for a bit on bad weather days."

"We are also having a 2010 Dignity Village calender printed which many of you folks may have heard about in the last few months. They will be for sale Next month if all goes on track. Ask Joe ( the tour guide person ) for more info on getting one for your self."

I don't know about you but when bad weather comes about my first thought is: "I think I'll go sit and hang out with the taxpayer subsidized homeless." I mean, if they have a tour guide and a meeting room then I might as well avail myself of the service.

I can't wait for the calendar either, I'm assuming that it will include such wonderful dates like when the needle exchange wagon rolls around and the free lunch* programs offered through the public schools.

*There is no such thing as a free lunch. You paid for it. They eat it.


innominatus said...

I call dibs on the half-full room temperature 40 of St. Ides!

Anonymous said...

Miglavs obviously would prefer the homeless to hang out on his own street and ask him for a quarter every time he walks out the front door.

Anonymous said...

Just become a productive membed of sociaty . and pay his own way , instead of me paying his way!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What happened to personal responsibility?

The PVS (permanent vicim syndrome)mentality is killing this country.

I often wonder how many of the residents of "the village" are able bodied young men and women in their 20's that just dont want to grow up?

Well, now is the time to grow up and get a job...
really...what is wrong with that?


OregonGuy said...

Anon would prefer them in state sponsored camps.

A much more sensitive view.

Anonymous said...

Only the most idiotic and uncompassionate person would indignantly demand of the homeless to "Get a job!" (Presto, just like that!) at a time when hundreds of thousands of Americans are losing their jobs every MONTH. Let me tell you something asshole, I've got a college degree, years of excellent experience in my profession, and I've got a more than 150 resumes out and I've been unemployed FOR A YEAR. Pull your head out of your ass and look at reality, for once. There's gonna be a hell of a lot more homeless people before this is all over, and you'd better pray your right-wing ass off that you're not one of them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, unemployment is high in a state run by democrates for how many years???? really???? wow!

frankly, the "village" is their home.

Again, the question was, how many are able bodied 20 somethings that just dont want to grow up, but rather hang out and smoke the weed.