Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Stop spending money

If you haven't had a chance to sign the petition to refer the legislatures tax increases to the ballot you can print a copy for yourself HERE.

Please note that there are two petitions, one regarding the income tax increase and the second one is the corporate tax increase. Both need to be printed and signed.

Q: But don't we need these taxes for the children?

A: No, we need them for public art. It's vital.

Current Public Art Opportunities
Artists and artist teams who live, work or exhibit their artwork within Portland’s Central Eastside Urban Renewal Area (map attached) are invited to submit qualifications for a two phase temporary public art fence project at the corner of NE Burnside and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. The total project budget is $30,000. The goal of this fence project is to reflect and highlight the creativity and industry of the Central Eastside Urban Renewal Area by making this a dynamic corner.

Q: But what will happen to Marita Baragli, Diversity Manager for DHS if the taxes don't pass?

A: Hopefully she gets fired and has to find a real job. She'll probably end up being an "artist."


Anonymous said...

How many times from the start of the invasion of Iraq did you call on Bush to "stop spending money"? Do you know much much in taxpayer dollars was spent on that? Do you care? Or are you just unnaturally obsessed with nickel and dime art projects? I mean, if you're pissed about public art, can't you even go after the big guns? We could start with Mount Rushmore ... I mean, who needs the faces of a bunch of dead guys carved in a rock?

Anonymous said...

YEAH Liberal Socialist wanna-be's, we should accept being punished for getting ahead in America right?

Democrats will make you give over ONE HALF of YOUR income to pay for the Deadbeats, Illegal aliens and Drug addicts and Drunks?! (1/2? State= 11%, Feds= 36% S.S.= 6.75%, total= 53.75% NOT including property, capitol gains, gas, utilities, phone, etc, etc. taxes/fees)

Hmmmmm our money used to Stop Terrorism from Killing the innocent or... our money abused to support Deadbeats?

Anyone with a Brain would choose to stop Murder and not to enable the lazy or the pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Taxes to fund Art?

Good ART is bought by Americans who have enough money left after paying too much in taxes/fees.

Bad "ART" is supported against our will with our dollars.

Do you Liberals bow at the altar of George Orwell?

Anonymous said...

typically wars are profitable. that is just a fact of war. GDP grows.

libs get a grip. we are in a recession. STOP SPENDING. NOW!!!

not everyone can be in the 'bucket' or pretty soon no one is there to lift the bucket.

Anonymous said...

Nobody here can assume that anyone who raises criticisms/insults directed at Miglavs or anything he says is a "liberal" or a Democrat; you knuckleheads occupy a position on the EXTREME far right wing of the Republican Party, so the person taking you to task here for whatever reason might as well be another Republican (one with a brain, and those who frequent this board know that's happened on more than one occasion), a Libertarian, or any number of other political types. It isn't just the "libs" who are at odds with you morons, so stop bullshitting yourselves and each other with the lazy "lib" crap.

Anonymous said...

Libertarians generally do not personally attack people. Frankly, they generally financially conservative and socially liberal. Frankly, in my opinion, they are fence sitters waiting on the wind to blow them the direction they feel the majority is leaning.

On the other hand LIBERALS do use personal attacks when they have no argument, or are lossing the argument.

As far as Daniels stalker goes, the idiot needs a xanax, a hot bath, and a rubber room.


Anonymous said...

Hey Obama-haters,

The unemployment rate went down for the first time in more than a year. Cash-for-clunkers is wildly popular among the masses (yes, I even know right-wingers who hate our "socialist" president, but who had no mis-givings about using the program to upgrade their wheels). And the economy is showing sings of turning around.

I'm sure Obama and his economic team and the Democratically controlled congress have nothing to do with this good news, right? I'm sure that somehow, the Republicans, who have been dragged kicking and screaming into going along with the stimulus program, deserve all the credit, right?

Eight years from now, when the economy is going gangbusters and the books are balanced again, I highly doubt that Obama is going to take up with a young intern. Whatever are the Republicans going to do to fabricate a reason for impeachment?

Scottiebill said...

Anon 11:09: Would you care to explain how the economy is going to be going "gangbusters" in eight yeras when your hero, The Komrade Emperor, has increased the deficit by almost four times what it was when he took over the White House? Our future generations will be paying off this abomination for the next century. No one will see the books balanced again. At least not in the next few lifetimes.

It looks to me taht you have been listening to the Obama-Pelosi-Reid cabal of anarchists for way too long.

Anonymous said...

Scottie -

With all due respect, I tend not to trust any information provided via this blog that is not supported by credible sources. Thus, I find it hard to believe that Obama has quadrupled the deficit in his first 7 months in office. Bush signed the stimulus bill, did he not?

Yes, our children will inherit debt, and that's not good. But (a) it's not Obama's fault; the economy went to shit under W and (b) the best way to ensure their burden is lightened is by giving them a healthy economy with long-term growth potential.

And, all of your clever communist-related labels for Obama do nothing to diminish the fact that he appears to be turning the free-falling economy he inherited around. He's whip-smart, politically savvy, and knows how to acutally get things done. And you know it.

All you can do is engage in lame personal attacks, entirely devoid of substance. Sad.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 12:54 PM
I'll be honest, I;m not sure how much the deficit has increased. It is a lot. You people keep blaming bush. Don't forget the dems controlled congress. How come you people keep forgetting that. I as a conservative am pissed at bush and congress for running the debt out of sight.

As for Obama saving the economy. We were told that we would be out of the recession by the end of the year. You need to listen to economists, not politicians.

You statement: He's whip-smart, politically savvy, and knows how to acutally get things done. And you know it. is fucking hilarious!

He's a thug from Chicago. The only way he gets things done is chicago style. Open your eyes.

Scottiebill said...

Well said Dave. You answered 1254 much better than I could have, or would have. These anonymous shills for the libs and the Komrade Emperor listen to politicians for all information, but heaven forbid that they listen to someone who actually knows what he is talking about. The ONLY thing politicians have as a top priority is reelection. Nothing else. Including their constituents, the people who put them into their offices. What most politicians do not realize that we, the voters, put them there and we can take them out of there.

DAVE01 said...

I like to see your optimism. However, Americans have a six month attention span. That means the politicians will be reelected. Remember that democrat crook cold cash Jefferson from New Orleans area? That piece of garbage was reelected. I think he finally got his day in court.

I have seen signs in the recent weeks that gives me hope with these town hall events. When the democrats are hiding out, it means they are in disarray and hopefully are worried about their jobs. It also means Americans have put down the tv remote and started paying attention to real stuff instead of Paris Hilton.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:09: Would you care to explain how the economy is going to be going "gangbusters" in eight yeras when your hero, The Komrade Emperor, has increased the deficit by almost four times what it was when he took over the White House?

It remains to be seen how much the federal debt will increase under Obama. We know that it tripled under Reagan. I have yet to hear a "conservative" denounce Reagan as irresponsible for creating a huge deficit.