Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Criminals... break laws?

Man’s 7th DUII conviction gets him 2 1/2 years
A 26-year-old man who has been imprisoned twice for drunken driving offenses in Deschutes County will serve the next 2 1/2 years in prison for his seventh DUII conviction.

Tiktin said Diaz-Quintana has repeatedly been ordered into alcohol treatment but has continued to drive drunk. He added that Diaz-Quintana also has been subject to deportation in the past.

Diaz-Quintana has a criminal history in Oregon dating back eight years, according to court records. He has been convicted for offenses ranging from possession of marijuana to resisting arrest. He has repeatedly lied to police about his identity, most often using the alias Anatolio Hernandez, and feigned an inability to speak English.

On Monday, Tiktin said Diaz-Quintana is subject to a U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement hold and will likely be deported when he is released from prison.

Deschutes county should be thankful that this scumbag didn't kill anyone after the first conviction or they might be facing a lawsuit like Clackamas county is over the death of Dani Countryman.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: people who are willing to break some laws are willing to break other laws. If we tolerate coming here illegaly, working illegaly and identifying yourself illegaly it makes no sense to act all suprised when these same people drive drunk and rape girls.


Anonymous said...

It is always interesting to see the racist slant on this site. Of course Oregonians for Immigration Reform was hosted by New Nation so I am not surprised that you follow in their footsteps. You really should name your site "Brown Crimes" to stay consistent.

Someone should design a website for all the "whities" comitting crimes. They could start with Oregonians for Immigration Reform's pedophile Bruce Benkle.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Daniel, for at last making a somewhat articulate effort at explaining your reason for hating all Latinos: People who are willing to break some laws are willing to break other laws.

It still doesn't wash, and only serves to illustrate what a flimsy fig leaf you're willing to settle for in justifying your own bigotry.

In one fell swoop, you are basically subjecting to armchair psychoanalysis tens of millions of people you have never met, will never meet, and, more importantly, never even hear about, because they will never commit the very crimes you are so terrified they will commit -- rape, murder, drunk driving, etc.

Hundreds of millions of Americans break the law every day: They jaywalk. They photocopy material that is subject to copywright without requesting permission from the publisher. Do I even need to mention downloading video and music without paying for it? They drive too fast, which I'm sure you never, ever do. I'm sure a diligent researcher could identify many more. One poll done in Britain last year found that on average, every citizen breaks at least one law a day, and I suspect that a similar poll done here would reveal similar results.

Yet, amazingly, those hundreds of millions of people are not driving drunk, raping women and killing people.

I don't understand that, Daniel. You say people who are willing to break some laws are willing to break other laws, the obvious implication being that they will break other laws ... that they are inclined, in fact, to break those laws that will bring untold levels of violence, misery and death to their victims.

So please tell us: Why don't they?

And why do you settle for a fig leaf when it is obvious what you are?

DAVE01 said...

Anon 12:02 am, can you point out the racist slant? You are now a racist if you point out criminal acts of people. Am I a racist because I hate pedophiles? I guess I'm just simple and cannot see what you are seeing in Daniel's statement. By the way, I don't want you to forget Neil the pedophile Goldschmidt (an Oregon DEMOCRAT governor) who raped his babysitter. The tired line of whining racism just doesn't work any more. You may start crying when somebody calls you a name. I don't think Daniel is such a crybaby.

I want all the criminal aliens rounded and shipped south of our border. We also need to build that fucking wall. Then mexico can have all the criminal aliens they can hold. I'm part Irish, I want the fifty thousand criminal alien Irish rounded up and sent to mexico too.

Show me the facts dumbass!

Anonymous said...

Soooo, some idiots are still supporting a Criminal who has been arrested SEVEN times?

And the fact that he is an illegal and should NOT be here is a Racist comment?!

That is the only reason to justify serious PREVENTABLE crimes here, because some are committed by Hispanics you are a Racist if you disagree? Who's buying that lame attempt by the open border lobbies? Not most of us thank God.

ps, Mexico is a Shithole! That's why at least 20 million have fled there legally and illegally in the last 2 decades dumb ass.

Over 1.5 Million LEGAL immigrants a year (US-DHS Immigration book of facts) while losing more Jobs than that and YOU LIberals make excuses for illegal immigration? That IS why Amnesty didn't fly twice in the Senate now and will not in the future, LIberals are sooo out of touch with reality obviously.

Scottiebill said...

Anonymice 12:02 and 8:57 are getting all over Daniel (again!) for being anti-illegal alien and wanting them out of the country. Their continuing rants praising the illegals being here makes me wonder about their legal status here. They are protesting too much.

If they are legally here or were actually born and raised here, then it logically follows that they are comfortable with all the crimes that the illegals are perpetrating. I have to wonder, too, if they are secretly wishing that they could be in on these crimes since they seem to have no problem defending the perpetrators of those crimes.

They seem to be too damn dumb to realize that being against criminal activities by illegals, regardless of their national origin, is NOT racist. It is nothing more than wanting the crimes to stop and the accused to pay for those crimes and then be deported back to where they came from, if indeed they are here illegally. But that concept is far beyond the Anonymice's comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Daniel has a policy of not responding to critics, which is his right. My policy is to no longer respond to anyone who needs Daniel's bigotry "pointed out," or "proved," as if some "facts" that may be enumerated in a list will somehow make the light bulb go off for even the dumbest human on the planet. My position is this: If you must ask, then the answer -- even if it were 10,000 words long and footnoted with detaild references to Daniel's posts and video going back literally years -- would be totally wasted on you. It would be a waste of my time to write it, and it would be a waste of your time to read it, so why play the game? Daniel is a bigot, and if you really have to ask "why" or "how" he is a bigot, then chances are pretty good that you're one too and as incapable of understanding "why" or "how" as he is.

Hal Lillywhite said...

I suspect that the "catch and release" policy of both criminals and illegal aliens is the result of those who believe that crime is the result of societal problems rather than individual choice. That viewpoint is well described in three of Thomas Sowell's books, "A conflict of Visions,"

"The Vision of the Anointed," and

"The Quest for Cosmic Justice."

You can see a two-part review of the first of these on my blog:


I'll have a review of the second book up there probably Friday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

common sense says.

if you support illegals drinking and driving, may one of them run you over one day.

now that is support...right?

Anonymous said...

If you think that anyone who is sane and sober "supports" anyone drinking and driving, then you are a fucking idiot, even if you are sane and sober.

Anonymous said...

If you think that anyone who is sane and sober "supports" anyone drinking and driving, then you are a fucking idiot, even if you are sane and sober.

yep..a crime is a crime. Breaking into the USA is a crime....get it. really it is very simple.

Like the asshole illegal that murdered that girl in Clack Co. he, just as this DUII illegal guy, should not have been given a chance to repeat the crimes. DEPORT THEM ALREADY. simple...very simple. Stop giving them the CHANCE to break the law again, after all BREAKING INTO THE USA IS A CRIME IN THE FIRST PLACE.


Anonymous said...


takes one to know one, right, Miglavs?


Anonymous said...

wow anon 4:34
I am surprised that you didn't copy an paste the whole thing !
isn't that your tactict!

Scottiebill said...

Anon 11:40: Anon 4:34 did that very thing a few months ago and kept it up on this blog spot for at least a week. This guy is so obsessed with Daniel and his past that he cannot let anything Daniel put up on his blog, even if it is about some innocuous thing, like the weather, that he denigrates Daniel and brings up his past. Because this Anonymouse is so over-the-top about Daniel, that I have wondered about Anonymouse 4:34's past. Maybe his past is a bit unsavory, too. Or maybe his past is worse than Daniel's. We'll probably never know, but we have the right to speculate about it and draw our own conclusions.

And because this particular Anonymouse is extraordinarily sympathetic to the criminal illegals our country is infested with, I am also wondering if he is illegally here. It would not surprise me if he were.

Anonymous said...

11:55 I always thought the anon stocker of Daniels was some chic he wronged in a past life. You know some bitter old bag of liberal trash Daniel took out, and then realized he needed to dump.. Now she just stocks him all over the internet. I think anon stocker could be dangerous and needs both therapy and xanax asap.

Pinkie French

Scottiebill said...

You know, Pinkie, you just might be right. I hadn't looked at the Anonymouse from that perspective. But she could still be illegal, and likely is.

Julie said...

Here we go again, the alien lovers have to pull out their worn out race card once again to remove the focus from the issue at hand and make people feel the need to stop and defend themselves of bigotry. This technique is really getting old dont you think? Then again, most of you seem to lack any real intelligence or logic when it comes to the bottom line, which is ILLEGAL MEANS ILLEGAL!!! Get it? Now, is that dumbed down enough for you criminal lovers?