Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Back to school special

Dear Lars,

Please stop referring to The Oregonian as a "Fishwrapper" as it is also very useful to stuff hunting waders with.

Duck Hunters

Anyways, so after seeing that we "only" spend $9,746 per student according to the wader stuffer and how what a travesty that is I had to go find me a school cut.

Director of Hispanic Outreach
The Hispanic Outreach (TOSA) will assist in planning and implementing activities designed to include the Hispanic parent community in school and District governance, increase involvement, reduce isolation, and develop trust...

And what is a director without people to direct...

Demonstrate successful experience in working successfully with students of diverse cultural groups, especially Hispanic.

Create and administer needs assessment for parents/staff/students to determine specific Hispanic community needs.

Needless to say that no one has ever "reached out" to my Hispanic kids unless you count the one time that Sherwood had "Hispanic Parents night" (which Superintendent Jameson said was an error in word choice and I choose to believe him). I guess this is because my children don't need any special racial recognition but this could be because they speak English and mom and I are here legally...


Anonymous said...

Obviously it IS now the #1 job of our government to waste as much of our money as possible, as often as possible, and for any excuse they can invent.

This IS why most Politicians continue to ignore the needs of Americans who have been traditionally self sufficient and so politicians bend over backwards to help immigrants-legal and not, as they want every penny our government will hand over to them. Justifying the "need" for more tax payer funded programs/employees.


A massive chunk of those 70,000 plus ESL Students in Oregon would be GONE if we enforced immigration laws.

School overcrowding and the related huge costs would vanish.

That alone would save us over $700 Million/yr. PLUS "Free" b-fasts and lunches, tutoring, "Free" Baby delivery, Medicaid, Food Stamps, WIC, TANF, OHP, depressed wages and at least 70,000 Oregonians would be working today instead of taking unemployment monies.

Progressives - How can even TEN Immigrants earning min. wage(as most do) pay enough in taxes for just ONE ESL kid? They don't, ask California economists.

Obviously the number of government employees would drop a bunch if we the Americans got our way for once.

And ALL economists agree that rampant gov't spending is why we are in this mess.


ps, I really miss those European immigrants that were too proud to accept any help as they are truly the ones that built this nation, not these new age Leaches who TAKE and TAKE and never give.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the King of Liberals - Pres. John F Kennedy, say something about ask what you can do for your country?

Somebody needs to tell these immigrants and thier Union supported gov't workers.

The 21st century Revolution IS coming and as usual the Americans will win again.

Anonymous said...

A true study conducted in 1994 by then Gov. Pete Wilson of California: 15 years ago...

over 1.7 million illegal aliens and thier Children got

over $4.3 Billion in state services

paid $733 million in taxes

got about $3.6 Billion more than they paid into

Now with twice as many illegals and with inflation the costs are more than twice that today.

OR approx. 42% of the state deficit.

Anonymous said...

The fact that hispanics and latinos are the fastestr growing population in many places in America makes it all the more important that their is outreach. You do want them to "culturate" and "assimilate" don't you?

As for your Hispanic children, they have already been "outreached" to. Get over it.

OregonGuy said...

My lil sister has an hispanic surname. 'Course her husband's family has live on the West Coast for about 300 years.

I'm pretty sure they're legal. But that hispanic surname has college recruiters excited!

Anonymous said...

I have my son in a private Catholic High School here in Portland. The school has demonstrated year after year that students recieve one of the finest academic educations in the State based on standardized testing scores, college admission percentages, SAT scores, GPA's, etc.. The dropout rate is practically zero, and the failure rate is practically zero as well. Bottom line, the schools' reputation in the academic community is without peer.

If that weren't enough, the school consistantly ranks among the finest in the State in Football, Soccer (boys and girls), Vollyball, and a myriad of other extra-curricular activities.

The crime rate at the school is zero, and there is no need to have a Police Officer permantly assigned to the school. There are no metal detectors needed at the doors. Class sizes are small enough for the teachers to take care of every student. Students are required to perform a certain number of hours annually performing a community service function. (Clean-up at local parks, flag decoration at local veterans cemetery, Blanchet House volunteers at thanksgiving, etc..)

Students who graduate overwhelmingly attent college, and all continue in life as productive, responsible adults.

I pay $9,800 per year to send my son to the finest high school in the State. $54 more than taxpayers fork out for a public school student. NO public school in the area can come anywhere close to the education recieved at this Catholic High School. None.

If it can be done privately, why is it so difficult for the public school districts to get it right?

See the original post, and there you'll find your answer.