Thursday, September 03, 2009

Take away the incentive

County gets tough on illegal workers
Clark County's government is getting strict: hand over real IDs, workers, or your bosses won't get our cash.

The county's biggest contractors will soon be required to verify online that all their employees are legal U.S. workers, under a rule passed by county commissioners Tuesday.

Hundreds of Washington companies have already signed up to use the E-Verify Web site.The publicly funded service allows employers to enter the name and number of any would-be employee, then see whether the two match. The site also displays a photo of the worker.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office says 97 percent of E-Verify tests so far have turned up valid. The other 3 percent of workers get an automatic appeal period to prove their status.

We don't need "immigration reform." Once we take the simple step of removing the incentives to come here illegaly like available work and taxpayer funded services the criminals will stop coming.

When a convenience store says "there is only $20 in the safe" the instance of robberies go down. E-Verify is an unobtrusive way to make sure we have a legal workforce in this country.

Our rallying cry should be JUST E-VERIFY!


dchamil said...

If America is a melting pot, we need to turn up the heat!

Anonymous said...

Once we take the simple step of removing the incentives to come here illegaly like available work ...

Miglavs, maybe this isn't being reported on the Lars Larson show or in Ann Coulter's columns, but "available work" in this country has been vanishing for months. You don't get out much, do you? And you really don't think before you "muse," do you?

DAVE01 said...

Anon 9:52 am, there are still jobs available. You need to get out more often. Let's look at some facts here. I will put it in fifth grade math so you can understand.
Our current population is a little over 300 million people. The criminal alien population is about 40 million. 13% of our population are criminal aliens. If we forced the criminal aliens to go home, there would be an abundance of jobs. In fact, the average wage and benefits would increase because.

This is called supply and demand. That is above fifth grade math and you will not have to worry about it today.

There are other benefits that will result by the booting of the criminal aliens. I will list a few.
The health care problem will mostly disappear. We won't have to provide free education to millions of criminal alien children. The schools will not be dumbed down for our children. Hospitals won't be going bankrupt under the criminal alien. The mexican flu will kill less American children. Crime will decrease by at least 20%. The list goes on and on, but I wanted to keep it simple for you.

Since mexico has between the 10th and 12th largest in the world. Mexico will be forced to take care of her citizens instead of sending them to the US. This will also stop destroying mexican families.

All of these positive benefits from booting the criminal aliens would be very beneficial to America.

You probably want the US turned into a third world hell hole. Can you name one bad thing that would happen to the US by booting the criminal aliens?

Anonymous said...

You'd have to pick your own damned strawberries. Care to block out a couple days every summer to help with that?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:23, There are Tens of Thousands of College and H.S. kids that would love to pick strawberries and make their own money.

This is what was done before the Illegal invasion and why Schools are closed in the summer dumbass.

Anonymous said...


September 4, 2009, 9:21 am

Oh What a Time to Be Young!
By Catherine Rampell

Pity the unemployed, but especially pity the teenage unemployed.

According to today’s job report, the overall unemployment rate (the percentage of people in the labor force not working but looking for work) in August rose to 9.7 percent, its highest level in 26 years. The teenage unemployment rate, however, is at 25.5 percent, its highest level since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began keeping track of such data in 1948.

Take a look at the chart below, which shows seasonally adjusted unemployment rates for teenagers (workers 16 to 19), nonteenagers (20 or older) and older workers (55 or older). You’ll see that teenage unemployment has always topped the other two, but it has been especially bad in this recession:

DAVE01 said...

ANON 3:23 PM
Hell yes. I would block out a couple of days to pick my own vegetables. I would know that they have a less chance of having some disease on them.

By the way, I picked berries when I was a kid. Like everything else, the criminal aliens have stolen the jobs from our kids.

Of course you don't care how many women and children get raped and murdered as long as you get cheap vegetables because you are too lazy to pick them yourself.

Stevie said...

Daniel, you wrote, "We don't need 'immigration reform'. Once we take the simple step of removing the incentives to come here illegaly like available work and taxpayer funded services the criminals will stop coming."

And once again, you have put forth a brazen display of ignorance; this time with regard to economics.

Capitalist economic theory tells us that as long as there are enterprises seeking to minimize their labor costs, these enterprises will utilize the cheapest labor that can produce whatever product or service they make/provide, that produces profit.

What this means is that, as long as Mexicans (or poor people in general) exist, who are willing to work for below-market wages, efficient market theory tells us that there WILL be a market for that labor. You can pass all the laws in the world,and it won't prevent this.

Also Daniel, when consumers walk into a store, they often buy goods based on price. Particularly with items like produce, price often determines what gets bought. And if American consumers are not willing to pay the higher prices associated with more expensive labor (and I'll tell you...they're not), that's a huge problem for farmers and others who depend on immigrant labor. There have been NUMEROUS studies indicating that without "illegal" labor, consumer prices in America would go up 8-10%. That's a huge, huge problem for your crusade.

Now, this all reveals some other insights. First, it reveals that you don't really believe in free markets, Daniel. Because if you did, you would understand that labor is itself a market, and that trying to regulate who may and may not work, is an exercise in futility. Within a capitalist society, you'll never be successful trying to do what you want to do with "illegal" labor.

Second, the underlying economics of all this suggest that we should accept that "illegal" labor exist, and attempt to regulate it better rather than try to get rid of it entirely. (You know...since you can no more get rid of it, than you can change the laws of economics.)

Daniel, America has tried to get rid of drugs by passing more and more laws, rather than accepting that drugs exist, that people use them, and that regulating them would control the problem better.

How is that working out? And why do you think that even though we can't control illegal drugs, we CAN control illegal immigrants? (The economics of each are quite similar)

Stevie said...

Dave01, you wrote, "Can you name one bad thing that would happen to the US by booting the criminal aliens?"

Yeah, I'll name one. The U.S. economy would take a severe blow.

You mention that wages and benefits would increase for remaining legal workers. That's actually true. But you conveniently neglect the other side of the equation: when wages and benefits increase, someone has to pay for that. Guess who? Consumers pay for it in the form of higher prices.

But that's ok with you, right? Because we all know that the one thing cash-strapped Americans absolutely NEED right now, is to pay higher prices for everything! THAT will stimulate the economy, right?!? Oh, you didn't consider that, did you?

Here is a study (one of many) which says that the loss of illegal workers would act as a net DRAIN on the U.S. economy:

The Economic Logic Of Illegal Immigration

For some reason Dave01, I suspect this guy probably has a better grasp of economics than you. You know...I'm just guessin'.

I won't even dignify the rest of your silly banter ("the health care problem will mostly disappear"...LOL!) by responding to it.

Anonymous said...


Do we trust the CFR and their New World Order economy in bed with the UN and a World tax (paid mostly by Americans) OR

Nobel winning economist Milton Friedman who said you cannot have a massive growth of 3rd world immigrants and a social safety net without the 1st exausting the latter.

That IS why we are suffering economically - Health care - Education - Crime - Housing - Food - etc. etc. Just as in California, we have way too many taking instead of giving, to our tax base.

This is NOT Cheap Labor and is destroying OUR nation and not helping Mexico either at all.

Capitalism has made us #1 in the World for over a century because we all played on a level and legal playing field but now we have cheaters who broke the system and some have had to also cheat to remain competitive.

An 8% increase in the price of food is a wash if many more are earning 8% more, isn't it?

And an 8% increase in wages would get many many people off of the the Government Teet also.

BUT the Dems want all of us on the Teet obviously.

Anonymous said...

I think it's high time that we hold school year-round, in both an acknowledgement that we no longer have an agrarian economy that is dependent upon strappin' young bucks to do the dirty work, and also an acknowledgment that we are turning out way, WAY too many stupid people ... like the idiot in Florida who thinks that a pep talk by Obama to school kids about doing their homework is going to amount to "indoctrinating" them to "socialism." LOL!!! Fucking dumb-ass Miglavian, Florida branch.

Stevie said...

Anon 5:35, those are some, uh..."interesting" comments. let me address them in order:

1. Yes, I trust the CFR, and the several other organizations that have done an economic analysis of illegal immigration, and come to the same conclusions. Your "New World Order" comment was a little kooky.

2. People like you often like to quote Friedman out-of-context. But here is what he said about ILLEGAL immigration: "Now, that Mexican immigration, over the border, is a good thing. It’s a good thing for the illegal immigrants. It’s a good thing for the United States. It’s a good thing for the citizens of the country. But, it’s only good so long as its illegal."

Friedman, as a REAL free-marketer (instead of the phony free marketry of Daniel and others), championed the pre-1914 immigration model. You conveniently left out this detail or, as I suspect, had no clue about it.

3. To say we are suffering economically in this country primarily because of illegal immigration, is hogwash. It's an argument xenophobes make, that is not backed-up by the non-partisan economic studies done on the subject. Why not stick to facts?

4. To claim that capitalism has always been an equal and level playing field until only recently (ands presumably because of immigration), is to display a staggering unfamiliarity with capitalism in the U.S. In fact, the playing field is probably more equal and level today than it has ever been. With technology, the "little guy" can compete with the "big guy" in ways never before imagined. And as for cheaters, we actually have far LESS crony capitalism today than we had in 1900. I don't get the sense you're well-versed in the economic history of the U.S.

5. The benefit of increased wages is not a wash. As I wrote earlier, there would be a net loss to the U.S. economy without illegal immigrants. The reasons for this are obvious enough if you understand exactly how much economic output is created by them each year. This is precisely what these studies have concluded.

6. No, the Dems don't want us all on the teet. And I think the fact that the stock market has historically done better under Democrats than Republicans, is evidence of this.

Robin said...

i picked strawberry's when I was young and it was not illegal for me to do it as it is for kids today.
I even cut rhubarb with a very long and very sharp knife. gasp - imagine kids today with a sharp object that might slice off their fingers.

what has really been an eye opener for me lately is that I have had the opportunity lately to do a little traveling.

and in some areas if feels like I am in a foreign country.
in fact, someone got mad at me what works in one of the stores that we visited because I did not speak Spanish..

like sorry, I did not know that I had to.

as for the economy failing, I would gladly pay more vs relying on slave labor for our goods.

Bobkatt said...

Stevie, you wrote: "Capitalist economic theory tells us that as long as there are enterprises seeking to minimize their labor costs, these enterprises will utilize the cheapest labor that can produce whatever product or service they make/provide, that produces profit."

If you are saying that the country must accept the cheapest labor perhaps we should eliminate the minimum wage laws. We might as well allow companies to ignore those pesky OHSA rules also. Hell why don't we go back to slavery. I seem to remember that the South used to claim that they simply just couldn't afford to free the slaves because it would ruin their economy.

You are correct when you state that "as long as Mexicans (or poor people in general) exist, who are willing to work for below-market wages, efficient market theory tells us that there WILL be a market for that labor." That's true there will always be a market but that doesn't mean we have to give into it. There will probably always be a market for the under age sex trade also so maybe we should just throw up our hands and give up.

It has been my experience that the people who insist that we must allow unlimited immigration also are the most out spoken in support of unions, minimum wage laws, government regulations, government support for health care and housing, higher taxes, environmental laws etc. To offer lectures on free market economy seems rather hollow considering the state of our current economic system.

While I normally look at any article offered by the Council on Foreign Relations (suggested by Stevie) with suspicion, I did notice the following from the article: " In California, using data for 1994–95, immigrant households received an average net fiscal transfer of $3,500, or 9 percent of average immigrant household income, which resulted in an average fiscal burden on native households of $1,200, or 2 percent of average native household income.
The impact of immigration on California is more negative because immigrant households in the state (a) are more numerous relative to the native population, (b) have more children, causing them to make greater use of public education, and (c) earn lower incomes, leading them to have lower tax payments and greater use of public assistance." Now fast forward 15 years of uncontrolled illegal immigration and estimate the increased negative net fiscal transfer. I'm not an economist but I really can't believe that there is any way that low income people can possibly be a positive fiscal value when it costs between 8-10 thousand dollars per year to school their children, 5-8 thousand dollars to deliver one baby. This doesn't even include the cost of emergency hospital care, increased crowding of schools, highways, incarceration, environmental damage, emergency services or the myriad of other degradations caused by simple population expansion.
Unfortunately the negative effects of illegal workers mostly hurts the legal population that can least afford the hit. The hardest hit are the poor less educated workers by reducing their wages or eliminating their chances of being hired at all.