Thursday, September 10, 2009

He lies... outright and by omission

"Under the reforms I'm proposing..."

Civics 101: Obama is part of the Executive branch. He does not introduce legislation. That is left up to... the legislative branch. He can "propose" anything he wants but it's not up to him. He gets to sign the final bill, that's it.

It's lying by omission to suggest that "his" proposal (which carries all the legal weight of my proposal) doesn't cover illegal aliens when an actual amendment was voted down in the House that would have allowed for usage of the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements for eligibility.


Mike said...

He's just following tradition set by both Bushes, Clinton, et al. Lying is what politicians are best at. It's the only bipartisan effort they make.

Anonymous said...

After 8 years of Bush/Cheney, Miglavs now has concerns about presidents who lie. Interesting.

DAVE01 said...

The senate closed the allegedly non existent loop hole.

DAVE01 said...

That is the truth Mike. That is what they are best at. That is why I will no longer vote for any incumbents. That will include republicans.

Anonymous said...

White House has just issued a statement saying they want s.a.v.e required in the health care bill.

This IS admitting the Pres. DID lie!

Otherwise they would have stuck with the line of BS they peddled all summer -"Illegals won't be covered" or why say now, gee we do need verification after all.
It's linked at Drudge.

Thank YOU Fox News! Because you exposed the truth we get...

Commie "Green Jobs" Czar Van - Gone

ACORN and the Census for Illegals - not anymore

S.A.V.E. in the pinko health care bill or it won't be signed by foreign citizen B. Hussein Obama

More and more Americans are finally waking up to the Destruction of the American way via our own Government(s) and demanding and getting good things accomplished, finally.

Amnesty at any level ain't happenig this year or next (election) year as even the NY Times just reported there is a ratio of 6 to 1 of people looking for work vs available jobs. 7 Million jobs gone in less than 2 years folks.
We never did and surely do not now "Need these workers" from foriegn countries.

Anonymous said...

Course someone could just link the purposed bill with the language in it that clearly states that the criminal invaders will be covered. I will agree the outburst was not ok but either way he was right. Mr Wilson should be awarded instead of all this left wing bashing. Mr. Wilson spoke out while the lefties sat and stroked the special interest groups cocks. Obama stood in front of the nation and got a nice reach around.