Sunday, September 06, 2009

Good job Glenn

Obama 'green jobs' adviser quits amid controversy
President Barack Obama's adviser Van Jones has resigned amid controversy over past inflammatory statements, the White House said early Sunday.

Jones, an administration official specializing in environmentally friendly "green jobs" with the White House Council on Environmental Quality was linked to efforts suggesting a government role in the 2001 terror attacks and to derogatory comments about Republicans.

One less communist in the White House. Good riddance.


Mark S. said...

As an actual, living, breathing and thinking socialist, Mr. Miglavs, I can assure you: Neither Van Jones, nor President Obama himself, nor anyone who is working for or with him, to my knowledge, is in any sense of the word, not even in Glen Beck's most fevered, Scotch-fueled "Red Dawn" nightmares, a socialist. Rest assured, your cherished system of rampant, imperialistic capitalism, including our for-profit "health care" system that excels at leaving thousands dead every year and being of no use whatsoever to tens of millions more, is absolutely safe from the legacy of Karl Marx in the hands of this administration. The only thing more pathetic and ridiculous than the spectacle of Mr. Obama pretending that he's looking out for the interests of working people like yourself while bending over backwards for Wall Street, the bankers, and the insurance companies, is the spectacle of idiots like you and Beck, claiming that he is, somehow, a "communist" who is fighting for "socialism."

Anonymous said...

Mark S. damn, that's a long whine.
If you are an actual, living, breathing and thinking socialist, you know that socialism is crap. Tell me which socialist countries have built so much and contributed to the benefit of mankind like the US has? Can you tell me where the thousands of dead are? People die every day on this planet you fool. Did you know that hospitals CANNOT refuse care to people?

You are just jealous that the socialist and communist countries are dirt bag countries. Tens if not hundreds of millions died under communism. That must be a wonderful system.


MAX Redline said...

Darn, Mark. You had me when you described yourself as living and breathing. You lost me when you claimed to be thinking. When applied to a socialist, the term is an oxymoron.

DAVE01 said...

Well said max!

DAVE01 said...

Many more commies to sniff out in the messiah's administration. Glenn did a great job. I hope there is a lot more to come.

Anonymous said...

<<<<< what Max said.

Thank you


Mark S. said...

Socialism as envisioned by its founders has not come to fruition in any country, although a series of psychopathic, confused and dictatorial brutes have obviously been successful in convincing large numbers of people that they were the real deal … and, more importantly, to convince large numbers of people that they no longer need to think about what socialism was supposed to be, and what it could be.

One thing that philosophical and religious leaders have in common is this: They don’t get to choose their disciples. Christ and Marx would be horrified at what has been committed in their names, and repulsed by those who claim to speak for them … although Jesus, being Jesus, would love them, too.

Those looking for a successful model of what socialism might look like ought to examine the history of this country -- before the European settlers arrived. It‘s hardly a perfect analogy, but in a very broad sense, life amongst some Native American tribes was much closer to the spirit of socialist political economy than anything that even the most “radical” members of the Obama administration would dare dream of. Socialism is not, and was never supposed to be, about government imposing a “communist” agenda on the citizenry, either through the “back door,” as Beck claims, or through the front door, for that matter. We have in this country an increasingly right-wing government of the bourgeoisie, and the historical role of the bourgeoisie, both in this country and in all countries, by definition, is to fight for and defend capitalism.

Interesting … you have an avowed socialist before you who unequivocally condemns President Obama, with the same vociferousness as a braying fool like Beck who doesn‘t know his ass from a hole in the ground, terming him “ridiculous,“ and yet none of you is able to muster so much as the ounce of curiosity that might compel you to ask that I elaborate and explain why, instead assuming from the outset that you know everything and anything there is to know about socialism and socialists, and that I’m simply not thinking.

Who isn’t thinking?

And lest any of you come back with the response that I represent a tiny political fringe, then I'd invite you to go back and listen to what Beck said: That only one in a hundred Americans watch his show -- and given that many of those are probably frustrated liberals who are taking it upon themselves to keep an eye on the political right wing, he can hardly claim the support of even all of them.

One percent, gentlemen. Welcome to the fringe.

Anonymous said...

Mark you really like to hear yourself talk....

Pinkie French

Mark S. said...

Sorry Pinkie, I forgot I was talking to an audience that can handle only a few short words at a time.

Anonymous said...

Mark I must say you are correct about the native American thing. However, those Europeans ran right over them. I prefer to be on the winning side. I am very sorry and sad about what the early Europeans did to the Native Americans. I can only live in the present. Our current system has worked pretty well for the last two centuries and I only see the need to change some things, not the whole system. I want certain transparency in our government. I want term limits. I want foreign entanglements untangled. I want all lobbyists banned. I want the criminal aliens rounded up and deported like Ike did it.

I'm sure there are other things that can be changed.

Socialism or communism will never work with man. It might with small groups. Several years ago I talked with some chick that live in an anarchist group. Their group seemed to work. They had several hundred people.

Capitalism will always create the greatest amount of new innovations and advancements. It will also allow a person with humble beginnings to become great.

OregonGuy said...

Attempting to pass off the elocution of the elitist in an attempt to support an argument that is far from proven true, if not an outright falsehod, as an easy way to attempt to dominate a conversation.

What a commentor has posted here recently based upon his faith and belief really doesn't rise to the level of comment, so this comment is directed to those who have responded.

My advice is to simply ignore tripe when served. Those who choose to assert an allegiance to a dogma that has been so completely disproven speaks volumes that remain unexpressed.

The assertion that exists among the "elite" is that only they have the standing of "social justice", and that their adherence to an ideology that purports to incorporate this "social justice" into their words, thoughts and actions gives rise to a standing that is the product of education and science: more respectable and simply better than the standing you have as a mere citizen of the United States of America.

The proof to themselves is in the fact that they think these thoughts. That you and I do not is proof of their superiority. We falsify our claim to citizenship by decrying the beliefs of the Left.

The Left has no need to prove the substance of their claims. Their claim lies in being more aware of others. The needs of others. Working to take care of others.

Even if they have to expropriate the holders of property in order to achieve their goals.

A thief is a thief is a thief. Simply changing the outcome from redistribution to social justice doesn't remove the tarnish of the label.

Mark S. said...

Anon 3:11, thanks for your response. We disagree, obviously, but it's encouraging to hear from at least one person who is articulate and can state a coherent opinion without name-calling.

Daniel said...

Mark is a welcome change from my usual dectractors. That is all.