Monday, September 21, 2009

Help the poor VS hire minorities: we know which one DHS is good at

DHS director's message
To: All DHS employees
From: Bruce Goldberg, M.D., director

Diversity is key to our success

I was honored this week to be a part of the state's Diversity Conference, which brought together seven state agencies in a day-long session dedicated to increasing our ability to understand and respect cultures that differ from our own.

I was not honored to pay for that.

I am proud that, at DHS, we are a leader in hiring people who reflect the cultural richness in our state. In a state where 90 percent of the population is white, more than 18 percent of our workforce is made up of people of color.

And all the whites are gay, women or Muslim!

Meanwhile, the newly expanded DHS Office of Multicultural Health and Services has begun the work of tackling disparities in Oregon that mean people of color are more likely to have avoidable serious health problems.

We know some of the causes. Lack of access to health care, lack of educational opportunities and the marginalization of communities of color, immigrants and refugees is a huge problem. For example, Asian Pacific Islanders and Caucasians are getting college and graduate degrees in far greater numbers than African Americans, American Indians and Hispanics. That leaves those communities with fewer opportunities for family-wage jobs that have health insurance. Parents who have to take a second job to pay the rent don't have the luxury of time to shop for healthy foods, get enough exercise, or enroll in a smoking cessation program.

I fail to understand why if Asians and Caucasians can get college degrees, why can't black and Hispanic people? The answer is: they can and do. There is nothing to stop anyone from succeeding who is willing to work hard for it.

I can't get a job because I don't have any skills and I don't have any skills because I can't get a job is an excuse to do nothing. Bruce Goldberg thinks it's a valid reason to invite the state into your life.

How many of us started out rich when we turned 18? Are you born with a house and two cars? These are things that you have to work for.

If you want to get excercise, quit smoking or eat healthy and these things won't happen without the help of government then you are destined to fail regardless. You don't have the drive to succeed.

DHS is not helping the poor, they are enabling people to feel like victims and keeping them in a form of indentured servitude to the state.

If you are someone who is poor just realize that things won't change overnight. Look at the habits of successful people (115,000,000 google results) and find what works for you. If you are walking to work in 2009 you can afford to bike to work in 2010 and then ride the bus in 2011. In 2012 you will have saved up for your car.


The Sons of White America said...

This is rather last minute but Wednesday night 09/23/2009 The Wallace Medical Concern is holding a fund raiser for their free clinics. No they do not ask for verification of citizenship. Boycott this event, protest this event. Its being held at Mississippi Studios 8pm-12am. 3939 N Mississippi Portland,OR 97227. Call them at 503-288-3895 or email at Let them know that hosting this event is not in their best interest.

Anonymous said...

When you draw the "Sons of White America" to your blog Miglavs, you know your doing something "right" wing.

On a side note, if it wasn't for all the bigotry and hate around here, there wouldn't be a need for diversity training, would there now?

The Sons of White America said...

Do not let the name draw your attention to race. If you do your as foolish as the next liberal asshat. We don't see race. We don't need it. There are people of all races active in our group. It was a name voted on by the members. It was a common concern that while the world embraces "special interest groups" and "minorities" the rights of white citizens are forgotten. Read into it as you want. If you really do believe we are about race your are blinded by your stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Diversity training is so you become trained to be ok with an illegal raping your kids.

Anonymous said...


Your gov't again finding every excuse invented to waste every fucking dollar you are forced to hand over to them.

Anonymous said...

From DHS website link..."African American, Latino and American Indian Oregonians are about twice as likely to have diabetes as white Oregonians. Heart disease and high blood pressure are also at shockingly high numbers among these communities."

They forgot AND - highest rates of Drug & Alcohol addiction and Divorce and Kids born without a Daddy and and - it's all the White Mans fault, blame it all on Whitey!

OregonGuy said...


Sock puppet?

Heh. Seems so.

Anonymous said...

For all you anons, why can't white people have a group of their own? For all of you folks who have attended college, they have all sorts of different races and ethnic groups who have their own groups or rooms. Is it racist not to allow a group to organize and call it a white group. Hell, they have Black Entertainment Channel. I will not watch that channel because it is racist. All other races and ethnic groups should be entitled to have their own channel if one does. I don't think one should be focusing on race, I believe Americans should be focusing on being an American. We should see red, white and blue, not black, asian, hispanic or whatever. Any race can be racist. I, a white male experienced racism by a black squad leader and a black platoon sergeant in the US army. Of course they were leftovers from the wonderful Jimmy Carter days.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:52 -

"For all you anons, why can't white people have a group of their own?"

They can. Why don't you shut the fuck up, quit your whining, and go start your white group? No one is preventing you from doing so.

Anonymous said...

Here's my theory.

Miglavs hates his job. But, with a criminal record and no education beyond high school, he has a hard time finding a better one. Perusing want ads and job websites, he is irked to find that employers are actively seeking non-whites and women to fill vacancies. Daniel is neither, so his feeling of being the victim of reverse-discrimination is understandable.

But, Miglavs should take his own advice. If he were to spend more time upgrading his skills and less time with the typically white-male victimization story on his blog, he might just get a leg up.

I'm white and I've lost out to minorities and women in looking for a job. But I still found a job relatively easily. Some employers preferred to hire women and minorities as opposed to add to their ranks yet another white man. I can understand that. I'm certainly not going to spend a whole lot of time moaning about it.

Besides, last time I checked, positions of power in this country - ranging from high-ranking political offices, the courts, lobbying firms, corporate boards and executives - were disproportionately populated by white men. I'm not too worried about the well-being of whitey. He seems to have done pretty well for himself.

Bobkatt said...

Here's my theory-

"Keep that in mind: When you insult him, criticize him, call him names, etc. you're bringing "a big smile" to his face. So stop posting here. Wipe the smile off his face.

This is my last post, as an Anon, as anything. I'm outta here. Have fun, Miglavians."

You claim you're not going to post anymore yet you can only wait 4 days. You and Daniel need to get a room.

Anonymous said...


I don't see where anyone said that.

Anonymous said...

Sons of White America said, "If you really do believe we are about race your are [sic] blinded by your stupidity."

Yeah, I mean, how could any reasonable person EVER think that a group named "Sons of White America", might be about race? Sheesh!

And as if the name wasn't pathetic enough, you're actually encouraging people to show up and protest...a free medical clinic for poor people! Wow. Just wow.

I mean, how depraved, juvenille and completely lacking in class and character does a person have to be to protest a free medical clinic for poor people?

What do you do for fun? Shoot dogs with BB guns? Pull the legs off of spiders? Show up at nursing homes so that you can tease old people?

And let me guess. I'd bet money that most of the members of your group would call themselves "good Christians." I'm right about that, aren't I? Because we all know that if Jesus was around today, he would most certainly be protesting medical clinics for the poor. Right?

And some of you guys wonder how come the right-wing is viewed like a bunch of stark-raving mad lunatics these days???

Jim in KFalls said...

Funny how the comment thread immediately turns into a Black/Hispanic vs. White/Daniel race war.

Nowhere in this comment thread was there discussion regarding the appropriateness of the state spending a full day trying to understand and respect Black and Hispanic cultures. How does it make government better to attend this type of event? How frequently do government agencies attend these types of events and are there measureable metrics that can be used to link attending this event to solving the problem outlined in the original e-mail? Why are the events targeted to "Black and Hispanic" cultures only and not Native American, Asian, Eastern European, Middle Eastern cultures? How does one go from "Asians and Caucasians" getting more collegiate degrees to needing to further understand the cultures of Blacks and Hispanics?

Instead of discussing things that would be constructive and help correct the "Racism" problem, the commentary degrades to name calling and race bashing.

It doesn't happen just once - it happens ALL THE TIME on this blog.

Try making an articulate argument on the e-mail or subject matter that supports your opinion on what Daniel is complaining about. Otherwise you're comment is no better than the one you're complaining about - and no one will take you seriously.

The Sons of White America said...

In TSOWA we don't ask about a members choice of religion. It's none of our business. We are only a group who share the same political ideals, and the same shared concern of of the well being of the USA.

Bobkatt said...

TSOWA- are you the lame rock band or the Hacking Tool website?
anon 8:52-welcome back Dave01.

DAVE01 said...

Why is Dr. Goldberg not stepping down so a minority can fill his position? I thought he was promoting diversity.

Anonymous said...

Jim in KFalls, you make the mistake of assuming that the purpose of this blog is serious discussion.

But I got news for you: It's not. It can't be.

Because you see, "discussion" involves the back and forth exchange of ideas. But Daniel has largely chosen to be a "hit and run" blogger. Almost 100% of the time when Daniel's comments ARE seriously challenged, he refuses to step-up to the plate and defend his often ill-thought-out ideas. He is most often a "no show" at his own party.

In other words, Daniel's blog is the Internet equivalent of throwing a rotten egg at a house, and then running away in the opposite direction as fast as possible. He doesn't stick around to see what damage is wrought, or to take any semblence of responsiblity or accountability for what he posts. Because, you see, that would be "work", and it would require "critical thinking". And unfortunately, the high-school educated Daniel is clearly not willing to do that work or thinking. Not when it's far easier to just come back another day to throw another rotten egg, turn tail, and run.

And aside from all this, when you get groups like the "Sons of White America" responding to your blog, to advertise the ultra-classy move of boycotting free medical clinics for the poor, you just MIGHT run the risk of not being taken seriously. You know, something about being known by the company you keep...

So in conclusion, I'm sorry to disappoint you Jim in KFalls. But you seem to be a little behind the eight ball in realizing why Daniel is sometimes not taken seriously. I would love it if Daniel WOULD actually become more involved in the dialogues that he personally starts. But that would require a level of courage Daniel has yet to demonstrate.

Anonymous said...

Anon7:31, If that is what Diversity training is for. Then certainly the Christian Bible is so you can be ok with killing civilians, pilaging other cultures and countries and raping your own children. Right?

Anonymous said...

Sons of WHITE America: If you really do believe we are about race your are blinded by your stupidity.

Oh. My. God. Now I've heard it all.