Monday, December 08, 2008

Who said what now?

RE: comments on this blog

I leave them completely unregulated. I have deleted a total of three comments over the years and they were extreme examples that were threats to my family. Other than that I don't care too much what is said. (just don't make fun of my big ears)

I take ownership of my posts, that's it. I sure get tired of repeating this.

The Management

(At least it's funny when you guys make pictures like this of me, I award extra points for creativity in your hatred)


Anonymous said...

Well done. You don't owe anyone an explanation for anything. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Glad to see you don't let the turkeys get you down!

Anonymous said...

How easy it would have been for you to say that you wish people wouldn't use your blog threaten violence against others.

How interesting that you didn't say it.

Anonymous said...

No one used the blog to threaten violence against any specific person. Stop mis-characterizing the facts. Go play over at a left-wing forum where someone cares.

Bobkatt said...


Anonymous said...

Merry Christamas, everybody, everywhere.

How about that weather forecast? It may snow here in Portland next Sunday and Monday.