Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A case study in insanity

Why doesn't CAUSA allow comments on their blog? How come BlueOregon has banned me (and several others) from commenting on their site? Isn't it funny how Indymedia will delete any comment that doesn't fit their mold?

I must say that I'm having more and more fun reading the "anons" who post here. Needless to say, I can't reason with the unreasonable.

Random photo (taken by me) from my "blog pics" folder:


LibLibrarian said...

Indy-media? What happened to the so-called Liberal media? "Indy-media" doesn't have a monopoly on banning comments and commentors they don't like and/or agree with. I have personally been banned from commenting on Ann Coulter's blog, Michelle Malkin's blog, and Victoria Taft's blog. In addition, I have had my comments removed from several other conservative blog.

I've been leaving comments on here long enough for all to know that although I have strong opinions, I am not rude, vulgar, or psycho.

This type of selective respect for freedom of speech goes both ways Daniel.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading the direct questions that are posed to Daniel Miglavs, questions that, if answered honestly, would highlight his idiocy even more so than his initial posts. But even more, I enjoy watching Miglavs remain stone silent in the face of such questions. Oh well ... at least he had the courage earlier this year to basically confess that having people pissed off at him makes his nipples as hard as pea gravel. To each his own, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Only mammals have nipples. Miglavians are hatched. Therefore, no nipples.

Scottiebill said...

Lib and the two anonymice - obvious shills, perhaps unwitting, for Indymedia, Media Matters, Daily Kos, etc., apparently have nothing better to do than to attack Daniel for everything he posts here. It wouldn't surprise me to hear about them and their cohorts marching up and down in front of Daniel's house protesting over some imagined indignity or some other slight conjured up in their little minds, since some "anonymous" idiot posted his address here.

I know I am leaving myself open for their vitriolic garbage, but I don't really give one damn about what they think of me. By jumping on anyone and everyone who disagrees with them just shows everyone who looks in on Daniel's blogspot how petty and insignificant they really are.

Lib and I do have one thing in common, however. We are not afraid to post our identifiers here, unlike the people who hide behind the "anonymous" label.

Scottiebill said...

And, Daniel, I really wish you would do as Victoria does on her blogspot. That is, to not allow anonymous postings. That way we will be able to distinguish each poster from the others, at least by their pseudonyms. There is but one "anonymous" that posts here that separates himself from the others. That is his continuous use of the F-bomb as every third word in his postings.

Anonymous said...

I post here occasionally as one of the evil Anons, and the thing that amuses me consistently is that virtually everyone who is critical of Daniel's views is automatically assumed by his supporters to be: 1) A Democrat, 2) Who religiously reads the Daily Kos and Portland IndyMedia, 3) and voted for Obama.

For the record, this Anon is not a Democrat, hasn't been one for years, never reads the Daily Kos and peeks at IndyMedia maybe a half dozen times a year, and did not vote for Obama. I am also a manly type who smokes cigars, enjoys a nice Scotch Whiskey from time to time, and fully supports the Second Amendment.

And in spite of all that, I still think that Miglavs is an idiot and a bigot. Go figure.

LibLibrarian said...


All this blathering about "Indymedia," as if there isn't an equally huge and equally accessible counter to it courtesy of the Internet, FOX News, and conservative talk radio.

I disagree fundamentally with the person who runs Daily Kos. I've never visited the site, although I have heard and read plenty about it. Daily Kos no more represents the average liberal than StopTheInvasionOfOregon represents the average Oregonian concerned about illegal immigration. To suggest that it does is simply WRONG.

You use a rather broad brush and consistently site only the most extreme examples to flesh out your narrow view of who a typical liberal is, Scottiebill. You complain to high heavens if anyone "liberal" engages in name calling of any sort, yet delight in and encourage name calling from your camp. I think you had high praises recently for Taft and her creative name calling. Of course, your buddies rationalized the name calling as justified because when your camp does it, it's only (Not!!!) directed at public figures who have put themselves out there (apparently they aren't human and therefore do not qualify).

In addition, I strongly protested the very first time someone posted not only Miglav's
address, but a picture of his house. The man has kids for God's sake...

Miglavs surely can't expect (nor should you) to be immune from criticism or a good poke in the ribs. It's a pretty basic concept, Scottie -- what goes around comes around. Miglavs is no "nice guy" when it comes to dishing it out. He should therefore expect a regular serving dished out for him.
Admittedly, he's cut down on the overt bigotry and insults lately, which is encouraging.

All it takes is a brief stroll through the archives to get a good whiff of the kind of "vitriolic garbage" Daniel has served up, Scottie. He's hurled some downright mean and uncalled for insults at an entire ethnic people and their culture (immigration status be damned).

As for your assertion that we all "jump on" anyone who disagrees with us....well, isn't that the pot calling the kettle black. It's pretty much what you do here -- jump on anyone and everyone who disagrees with Miglavs! And then go on to encourage Daniel to censor them! Funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:18 here ... I totally agree with the LibLibrarian. Portland IndyMedia is a sewer. Which is why I rarely go there. And even though I never, EVER read DailyKos, I am forever accused on this blog, after I post a comment, of being a rabid DailyKos fan, spokesman, whatever. Which is bizarre. Not only does it completely avoid the substance of whatever remark I've made, it goes so far as to introduce an issue that is COMPLETELY irrelevant. Hell, it would be irrelevant even if it was true! The presumption of "guilt" that is made by many "Miglavians" on this blog is astounding. And of course, now we have this trend that started this year of basically threatening physical violence, or at least a desire to ... allusions to "when the shooting starts," etc. And you wonder why people choose to post as Anons! Figure it out, pal! LOL!

LibLibrarian said...

Okay...this goes to prove how NOT tethered to Scottiebills go-to liberal touchstones I am and how WRONG he is about so many of us "shills." Excuse me whilst I ROTFLMAO. Until just a moment ago I thought "IndyMedia" was a new term for "liberal media." I did not realize it is actually a website. Thanks Anon 918. I'll check it out. Sounds like I'll need a shower afterward.

Again, Scottie, using the most extreme examples you can find to inform your narrow view of the "typical liberal" and then putting it out there as if it's the gospel fact is actually YOU shilling for the so-called "right."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Librarian ... it's a pretty demoralizing and useless stream-of-consciousness style mix of blather about issues that small numbers of people take extremely seriously -- 911 conspiracy, biking, animal fur protests, the Tre Arrow choir section, etc. Of course, since I'm a "lib" Anon, I have, of course, made this my home page, look at it 40 times a day, and post constantly. When I'm not parked at the DailyKos, of course. We're all the same, we nasty Anons. Welcome to Miglavia.

Anonymous said...

Causa allows you to post comments. Maybe you should actually visit the site before you speak falsely. They even wished you a Happy New Year. Even you didn't do that.

"All comments are moderated. Comments meant to simply offend others – or that are personal attacks – will either be deleted or the commenter banned from the site. We can disagree with each other and still be respectful. We reserve the right not to post comments from people using fake names and / or e-mail addresses. Be willing to take responsibility for comments you make here.

Comments submitted must include first and last name, and city of residency."

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should actually visit the site before you speak falsely.

Once again, Miglavs steps in a big, soft, squishy one. He won't admit it, won't acknowledge it, won't make a "note to self" to check shit out before he posts his idiotic comments. He will simply move on to the next idiotic post, not caring that he just got caught in another lie. Again.

This concludes Miglavian displays of stupidity for 2008. On to 2009!

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