Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Big Bad 2009 post

I look forward to your witty one-line new years resolutions in the comments section. (for a couple of you it may be "I will stop talking about Daniel's nipples...")

Some things to think about for next year:

Minimum wage earners just received an undeserved raise. If your skills or labor were more valuable you wouldn't need the government to force your employer to pay you more.

The book "Mama voted for Obama" has been released and will probably be coming to Kindergarten class 6th grade reading class at a public school near you.

In the "our homeless are better than your homeless" category; Dignity Village has release a Tent Cities Toolkit which is an "organizing tool focused on issues of homelessness and the role of grassroots, democratic tent cities as a necessary step to resolving homelessness."

This involves "connecting housed and unhoused activists worldwide into a cohesive political force for effective social change."

Anyone who read that without laughing out loud has no sense of humor.

In the "I just can't belive it category" we feature... Dignity Village again!

"Everyone has felt the high gas prices , the high cost of food, and the many job lay off's in the community. Our efforts for being self efficient to pay our bills over the past 9 months have fallen short ."

So wait, a bunch of bums who are mooching off the Portland taxpayers have fallen short at being self sufficient? I think I need to lay down.

But most important, remember that if you have something that you neighbor (possibly your homeless neighbor) doesn't have, it's time to "spread it around."


M. watt said...

Given Daniel's well-known aversion to either clarifying his "musings" or actually engaging others in a discussion of his positions, one is left to assume (and it is a reasonable assumption, because Miglavian unreasonableness knows no limits) that had the federal government listened to Miglavians over the decades, then a person working in McDonalds today would earn a whopping 25 cents an hour. Congratulations, Miglavs ... you've kicked off 2009 with your usual brand of stupidity and contempt for your fellow workers. Here's to another great year!

anthony (I get paid well) DeLucca said...

If you do not like working for minimum wage (and those jobs are primarily meant for workers who are at the beginning of their working careers, such as teenagers and college students) well then the remedy is a simple one. A remedy that MILLIONS have used so that they do not have to earn minimum wage at a job that sucks:

Get an education, learn a skill/ trade that has VALUE above minimum wage, and enter the workforce plying said trade / skill. And before you jack-asses start screaming about the "College is too expensive" bullshit, I put myself through College working several jobs that paid (you guessed it) minimum wage. I worked hard, made sacrifices, and it has paid off greatly.

There is no reason (let me repeat that) NO REASON that anyone should complain about minimum wage not being enough to earn a "living wage". Either get off your ass and educate yourself, or get a second job. I'm tired of hearing people bitch and complain that minimum wage is too low. Get a degree, learn a trade, and shut up.

Keep in mind now, that Joe the deli owner who had seven employees at the old minimum wage, can no longer afford to pay seven employees the NEW wage, and will be forced to let someone go. Now there are six employees doing the same amount of work that seven were needed to do.

I hope that the ones that are let go were the ones who voted for the increased minimum wage. Serves them right.

Bobkatt said...

Time is running out for Bush to pardon the two border guards. Please go to WND website to add your name to the petition for their pardon.

Scottiebill said...

Anthjony is right about the deli owner. He will either have to let one or two of his employees go or raise his prices in order to meet the increased minimum wage and, as a result, probably lose business. And having to listen to the customers bitch about the higher prices will be just another unintended consequence.

We can assume from M.watt's writing that he favors those business hurting and people getting laid off.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that the concluding comments in the thread before this one suggest that Miglavians would do best to not assume anything.

Anonymous said...

Minimum wage is going up automatically, right? There was a ballot measure. Too bad the raise couldn't be postponed when the nation is in a recession.

Anonymous said...

I know two H.S. dropouts that got into the Insurance biz and make over $200,000.00/yr. each

Min. wage IS only for H.S./College kids OR drug/alcohol addicts period.

And H.S. kids should not be paid almost $9.00/hr. to flip burgers or stock shelves.

AND a high min. wage draws Illegal Alien Leaches to come here and make much more than in say Texas and still not enough income after multi-kids deduction (real or false) to pay any Taxes to help our state.

Scottiebill said...

Anon 413: All you have to do is read M.watt's posting, think about it for a bit, and you would probably draw the same conclusion that I did.

Or not.

Maliengus said...

Whether you like it or not, for a couple of decades now, more and more people are actually living on minimum wage (or near) jobs. It's all well and good for deluded pontificators such as Delucca to proclaim that those who live on minimum wage jobs are losers who were/are unwilling to make sacrifices to secure an education. What Delucca fails to take into account (probably willfully) is the fact that while he was struggling and sacrificing to put himself through college, he also probably paid 20% what people now face when looking at attending college or trade school. When I was in college my entire semester tuition at my state university was $620 and Pell Grants were not only easy to come by, but generous enough to cover a significant portion of tuition and living expenses. That hasn't been the case since the early 90s. Something tells me Delucca doesn't have a clue what it costs to go to college in the last 20 years.

In addition, he seems to completely overlook the plight of the poor losers who have lost their jobs to outsourcing and downsizing, and in the meantime, have acquired a family. Until they find another job, or can afford to go thru some sort of retraining program, they are often relegated to a minimum wage job as well. Of course, in Miglavian LaLa Land, this NEVER happens.

Needless to say, we pay either way. Keep the minimum wage too low and we pick up the tab in increased social services like health care, welfare/food stamps and incarceration. Raise it and we pay the tab in the form of a more expensive Happy Meal. From which end do you prefer to get the shaft?

Now, what I really want to know is who made Delucca "the decider" about who gets to complain about what? If Delucca doesn't approve of what a particular person is complaining about he issues an order to "shut up?" Who died and left him Emperor?

Anthony DeLucca said...

Sure, college may have cost twenty percent less when I went, but the minimum wage was also twenty percent (or even higher) than it is now.

Not once did I call people earning minimumwage losers, I said that those who bitch about it should stop complaining and do something positive to help themselves rather than to expect a higher wage for doing a job that requires little to no marketable skill set.

anfd as for "ordering" people to shut up....well...let me just say this.......shut up.

Anonymous said...

Maliengus didn't mean "20% less" Delucca, she meant that you payed (more than likely) 20% of what current college students are paying, meaning they are paying 80%MORE than what you probably did.

I say she's off. I am pretty sure college students today are paying 200% more than our generation did, assuming you went to college in the 70s or 80s.