Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You made a bad CHOICE

I live in House District 26 and have gotten the Matt Winguard mailer regarding his 2001 Assualt 4 conviction for "thumping" his child on the head.

I took two things into consideration at the time: seven years had gone past and I believe that we are overzealous these days in what we consider "abuse" of our kids.

One of the abuses was something that I would consider normal for Cub Scouts:

Wingard took the 7 year old on a two-day, 18 mile hike, walking fast and at times leaving the child behind and not allowing for rest.

That being said, I am now having some serious reservations about the guy. This is an exchange from his interview with KATU (and yes, I'm borrowing from BlueOregon here)

Interviewer: Why did you hit him on the head?
Wingard: It was just a dumb mistake.
Int: What were you thinking at the time?
Wingard: I wasn't. I mean I think when you make a dumb mistake like that you aren't thinking.

What a childish answer. If you said "I made a horrible choice, I was wrong, I've done what I can to make amends and it's not who I am today" that would be different.

Take full responsibility for your actions, explain to us your position today and move forward. We'll decide if that is good enough.

Lars is waiting for your call and I'm wating to hear it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, because if anything is worth saying it all, it ought to be said on the Lars Larson show. Otherwise, it didn't really happen.


Gumby said...

I think it's much ado about nothing.

How many parents have "smacked" their unruly brat, especially on the bottom?

I don't think he should have been prosecuted for this incident. It sounds as though it was an isolated incident and not a pattern of bad behavior.

I wish the State would get out of the parenting business.

Scottiebill said...

Hey, gumby, Smacking a kid on the bottom is NOT the same as rapping him on the head with a screwdriver.

Anonymous said...

What a childish answer ...

What sweet irony. Admonitions of childishness coming from a right-wing blogger whose fan-boy choir section "responds" to posts they disagree with "Faggot!," "Go choke on a big dick!" and "Blow your faggot load!"

Thanks to Daniel for keeping a watchful eye out for childishness.

Anonymous said...

I still wouldn't vote for that idiot. You don't make mistakes like that with your kids, and if you do, you don't deserve to be entrusted with the public's best interests. The only option is for that guy to go suck a cock. Sorry to say, man, but it's true.

12:42, yeah, that was me, in response to you assholes. lol

Anonymous said...

One of the abuses was something that I would consider normal for Cub Scouts:

Oh, yeah, white trash back woods cub scouts. Are you a spokesperson for them now, or what? They do this kind of thing--hitting children over the head with screw drivers? I guess conservatives believe sex abuse of minors is mentoring, so this probably isn't that bad. Sheeesh

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, still no word from Miglavs on the $700 billion taxpayer bailout for the Wall Street billionaires.

Anonymous said...

The only option is for that guy to go suck a cock...

Why are Miglavians obssessed with homoerotic imagery? Interesting ... very interesting.

Bobkatt said...

If you want info on the proposed bailout please refer to Barney Frank. "Frank is leading House negotiations on the plan to let the Treasury buy as much as $700 billion in devalued assets to unfreeze markets." Or Chris Dodd. Or perhaps, Barack Obama.

Rooster said...

Barney Frank? Isn't he the one that was busted for having a male prostitution ring run out of his house?

Bobkatt said...

Yep, time to provide some government housing (prison) for Mr. Frank and the rest of the shills that covered up this mess until it threatened collapse of the economy.

Anonymous said...

I think it is safe to say that Barney Frank sucked a cock. Phaeg. lol

Anonymous said...

I can't speak to the "thump on the head," but considering the lot of fat, lazy kids out there might it not be a good idea if more parents took their kids on hikes?