Saturday, September 06, 2008

Where's my chain saw...

Hippies Wail for Dead Trees
This is just plain funny.


moderate said...

Dude, that was hilarious.

Miglavs -- I'm a moderate liberal, and I think that these people are mentally unstable freaks.

If you think that these cooks are representative of liberal thought, I would respond by pointing out that they are about as representative of liberal thought as you are of conservative thought...not very much. Extremists always react to the most extreme faction of the opposing side.

You, my friend, are as much of an extremist as these wackos. For them, like you, everything in life is interpreted through an extremist prism that is ultimately all about you. They, like you, are not concerned with carrying on a productive dialogue with people of diverse political viewpoints. They, like you, are only concerned with winning some sort of a ficticious "debate" about how things really ought to be, and put little energy into actually changing things, on the ground, for the better.

This reminds me of Sarah Palin's condescension of Obama's community organizing. I don't understand what's wrong with community organizing. Maybe someone can englighten me. Isn't volunteering your time and energy to the improvement of people's lives admirable service?

It would seem to me that community organizing - volunteerism of private citizens acting outside of the purview of government - should be valorized by "small government" conservatives. Yet Palin belittles it? According to her, the only valuable public service is that performed by government officials. This seems very un-Republican to me. I thought goverment was the problem.

The irony of Miglavian extremism, is that it differs from Islamic extremism only in content, but not form. "We are are Christian nation, and should pray to a Christian god in our public schools" (despite a clear constitutional mandate that religion and the state should be separate entities); "A woman's place is in the home"; "Modern science is elitist snobbery, and ethically suspect"; "Guns are good".

In form, can these sentiments be distinguished from those of Islamic extremists? I don't think so.

So, I guess that makes Miglavs an extremist. His way of thinking is as big a threat to our national unity as any form of radical islamicism or any ism.

Moderation please.

Anonymous said...

OFIR is "community organizing."

In a brilliant move by McCain's propogandists, they effectively turned away the votes of community organizers across the country by insulting them as if their work and dedication was nothing but a joke. Elitism at its most idiotic.

Smooth move, geniuses. Way to lose a hundred thousand votes or two.

Anonymous said...

Remember all those kids in school that just didn't fit in. Well, they found a home.

Its the Odd Man Out syndrome that drives most of the Liberal radicals and their anger runs deep.

anthony delucca said...

These are the same people who will most likely not have any problem what-so-ever with abortion.

They are truly screwed up mentally.

DAVE01 said...

moderate said: I don't understand what's wrong with community organizing

I would answer you nothing! However, it does not qualify you to be the president of the US much less the scout master of a Boy Scout Troop. This is about leadership. Since I'm a veteran, I understand a little about leadership. In the military, if you are not doing your job you are training. Part of that training is leadership. You may spend a month or two (I was in 1985-1989) every few years in a leadership school. Often, if you rank over several others, you will be given a group of several other soldiers to do some mission or task. There is a definite structure for the chain of command. Rarely if ever, do you sit around and raise hands (as in a democracy) to do anything. Your bosses give you orders and you give your subordinates orders.

I would not follow Obama across the road. There are people who I have served with I would probably follow to hell. They don't talk the talk, they walk the walk. Palin has actually to make decisions. If you look at Obama's record as a legialator (lawmaker) versus Palin's record (governor), you will see that a governor actually governs. A lawmaker makes laws. A lawmaker is not a leadership position. Obama usually votes present. That is a cowards position. I want to hear yes or no. A person may be wrong, but at least they are making a decision.

Anonymous said...

Dave01 - Newsflash. The United States is not a totalitarian state. If you prefer a military-style leadership in your government, then I suggest you move to North Korea.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave01 (or any of the conservatives here) -

Could you explain to me how a McCain/Palin ticket is going to erase our $476 billion defecit? Their only plan seems to be by cutting pork. Are they really going to cut $476 billion in pork out of the budget? I'd love to see that! In fact, part of me hopes they get elected just to hear all the righties complain when McCain/Palin are forced to raise taxes.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 12:07 PM
I would bet that you were one of the Democrat supporters who have been whining about Palin being a heartbeat from the presidency and having to take the 3 am wake up call. I would rather have Palin in the presidency seat over the messiah. I agree the US is not a totalitarian state; however, we need a leader that can make a decision. If you look at the messiah's record, he usually votes present. He cannot or will not make a decision. How can you tell what change he will make if he cannot make a decision?

Anon 12:13 PM
I remember McCain (who I was not going to vote for until Palin was the VP choice) said he was going to stop and look at all programs except the military. Obama wants to stop our RnD for weapon systems. He wants to feed, clothe and educate the world (look up the Global Poverty Act) on our money. Obama will spend our money for the next hundred years. He also wants to stop our missile defense system. Obanma wants a civilian force as powerful as the military. Can you say Nazi brown shirts with the SS logo? He is nuts or power crazy.

I would pimp for McCain if he would stop his comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty) crap. Obama wants to take the guns away. Our 2nd Amendment is our government reset button. If we don't have the guns and government wants to go crazy on us, how can we stop them?

Obama is a socialist in the worst way. His words and actions prove it.

Anonymous said...

Over 1,000,000 children are aborted every year. And nobody cries...