Monday, September 08, 2008

A novel idea

Oregon should help employers follow the law
Brad Avakian, the new commissioner of Oregon's Bureau of Labor and Industries, has a sensible idea: Help employers follow the law before they run afoul of it.

After all, state and federal labor laws cover myriad details, such as what questions prospective employers can ask, how workers must be paid and when it's legal to fire them.

Employers who break the law risk fines of $1,000 or more. If workers go to court and win, the cost of misunderstanding labor law can be heavy indeed.

Noticeabley lacking: how to avoid hiring illegal aliens who are not eligible to work. I sure would like to see more workplace whistleblowers with regards to illegal labor practices that hurt American workers.


Anonymous said...

Miglavs, you should start by blowing the whistle on your own employer.

Anonymous said...

Not eligible to work? They work just fine. I see them everywhere and they do alot better job than fat lazy white citizens that complain that it is too hot. Better watch out Miglavs, the illegal aliens are taking over.

Gumby said...

Yeah, the illegal aliens are taking over, allright. Oregon is a sanctuary state and Portland is a sanctuary city. That really sucks, but the communists/socialists in power want it that way. They don't mind all the violent crimes that come with these illiterate peasants, but we do.

We need to just start shooting 'em at the border as they try to sneak in.

Daniel said...

I think that anon needs to look up the definition of "eligible."

Anonymous said...

FACT: Our Sanctaury law ors 181.850 EXCLUDES BOLI in subsection 4.

Lawmakers wanted BOLI to enforce the Law and Democrats in control should tell him to do it as we approach a Record high Unemployment rate while states that DO check status for Workers-AZ & OK have lowered thier unemployment rate and Gov't costs of course.

Moonbats, We are becoming the Turd World broke mess that these people Fled from, YOU are not the solution, American wages & Benefits for Americans are the solution dummy.

600,000 + Unemployed this year alone and Nancy Pelosi & Democrats do what with the S.A.V.E. Act? Nothing!

Anonymous said...

keep oregon green "pick up a illegal alien"

Scottiebill said...

TAhe powers-that-be in Oregon are not going to follow the law as regards the illegals. Oregon is "governed" by people like Teddy the Useless, Guillermo Bradbury, and Hardy Har Har Myers. These guys, especially Teddy and Guillermo should have been arrested long ago and charged with aiding and abetting the illegal aliens. And Tommy and the Toadies arguably should have been arrested too.

Go to The Silverbacks website to see what the illegals are costing the citizens of the U.S. You might be enlightened.

Or, in the cases of some of the anonymouses posting here, will not.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:51 , that is funny. Have you seen how they litter our southwest? The people coming over should just be picked up. You have it right. Maybe we could offer a small reward, say $1000.00 per illegal picked up. They would scatter to our three borders. Send them to california, they want them. We could have round up an illegal day too.