Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Racism by any other name would stink as much

Minority program under investigation
A minority hiring program that was criticized last year for providing special treatment to racially diverse faculty is now under federal investigation.

Since August, the United States Department of Justice has been investigating whether the Underrepresented Minority Recruitment Program is in violation of Title Seven of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which prohibits employers from discriminating against an individual on the basis of race.

The University of Oregon is using your tax dollars to violate the civil rights act. The openly discriminate on the basis of race. They pay employees different salaries based on race. And when they get called on it the whining about diversity starts.


Anonymous said...

Today's message was brought to you by Daniel Paul Miglavs, Racism Expert Extraordinaire.

dchamil said...

Universities and businesses may find themselves paying more to blacks in an effort to meet informal quotas for them. The limited numbers of highly-qualified black lawyers, for instance, means increased competition for their services.

DAVE01 said...

dchamil, there is a problem with paying more for a person of color. If they need to do that to meet quotas, the quotas need to be dropped. That is racism. Americans should not stand for racism. All races need to have the same consideration. Some white person needs to sue the hell out of them so they will stop this racist policy. Hopefully, someone can be sent to jail.

Anonymous said...

Great News! I do not like any discrimnation.

Remember only White people are Racist. Hispanics are not.
Pres. of Mexico-Vincente Fox said "Doing jobs even Black people won't do", that can't be Racist.
Mexico's new postal Stamp featuring Memin Penguin, a popular Cartoon in Mexico which is a Gross characterization of Black people with big lips and nose and an Idiot, that can't be Racist (Comic for sale in Wal-Marts in TX.).
Rallies for Illegals with Hispanics with signs saying "White people go back to Europe", that can't be Racist.
Shootings in LA via Hispanics killing Blacks, can't be Racist.
Huge Fights at High Schools in several states via Hispanics beating on Blacks & Whites, can't be Racist.
Prison Riots via Hispanics against Blacks & Whites, can't be Racist.
National Council of the Brown Race (La Raza), can't be Racist.
Latino only Job Fairs in Portland, can't be Racist.
Hispanic Politicians who are members of the Reconquista group MEChA (Aztlan or SW U.S.) such as Mayor of LA-Antonio Villagrossa, can't be Racist.
Illegal alien support Rallies calling opposition Hispanics that want an end to Illegal immigration
"Coconuts" brown on the outdies, white inside, can't be Racist.
Schools Teaching Kids that we stole the SW from Mexico and not that Mexico started the War and we paid for that land, can't be Racist.
Legal immigrants from Africa, their Kids forced to only learn Spanish not English (USA Today report), can't be Racist.
Refusal of Millions of Hispanics to learn English and expect everything to be in Spanish, unlike other immigrants for hundreds of years here, can't be Racist.
Oregon Superintendent of Schools, Susan Castillo-"1st Hispanic head of state Dept.", says No on Immersion M-58 and prefers failed Bilingual/Monolingual in Spanish only, can't be Racist.

Yes only White people are Racist, there are no Racist Hispanics, because the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives/Socialists/Anarchists/Media/MALEDF/LULAC, say so.

Anonymous said...

Yes only White people are Racist, there are no Racist Hispanics, because the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives/Socialists/Anarchists/Media/MALEDF/LULAC, say so.

Yes and Hussein Obama's Preacher for 20 + years & Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson are not Black Racist's.

US Census says Whites will be monority here in only 30 years, oh boy the true Racists will get their revenge then.

Scottiebill said...

And don't forget that Teddy the Useless wants to give minority-owned companies special advantages when bidding for Oregon State government projects. That is illegal,too, under the law Daniel cited.

But, then, it is just another of the many laws that Teddy and his co-conspirator, Guillermo Bradbury, are guilty of and will likely never be prosecuted for.

Gumby said...

If you think racism against white people is bad nwo, just wait until Barack Obama and his wife Angela Davis get elected to the White House. We'll see many black criminals released from prison and given welfare so they can go out and prey on more innocent victims.

Anonymous said...

I think the words above ought to blown up to enormous size and plastered on giant billboards across America, with the following caption printed below: "This is your brain. This is your brain on conservatism. Any questions?"

Anonymous said...

Not surprised. I work with various Oregon-based governments and I have heard people say in meetings that "we need to hire a black person for this, a gay person for that, and an Hispanic person for this other thing."

I was the only one who challenged it and said that they need to hire based on merit and who could get the job done, not skin color or ethnicity.

Fucking morons.

Anonymous said...

Good thing you weren't around when the State of Oregon hired Miglavs servant/wife. She may not have been hired and the Miglavs family would have lost their opportunity to suckle on the Oregon State teat while mewling about their taxes going to pay the salaries of other state workers.