Wednesday, September 10, 2008

He should camp at Smith's warehouse

Self-described liberal continues protest against day labor center
Tom Wenning calls himself a liberal and says he disagrees with conservative commentator Lars Larson on just about every issue.

Except one.

Several times a week, Wenning stages a one-man protest outside Portland's taxpayer-sponsored day laborer hiring center. He opposes illegal immigration, and thinks the city is promoting it by giving day laborers, many of them undocumented workers, a place to seek work.

Good for you Tom. I sure wish this story had a quote from some city leaders. Imagine "citizens should back off while we allow criminals to break more laws..."


Anonymous said...

Memo to Miglavs: He also probably disagrees with you on every other issue, too.

Bobkatt said...

That's encouraging, of the 33 comments I read to this article, 27 were against the labor site and only 6 were for it. Of that 6, 5 were by the same author.

Gumby said...

I heard Sen. Gordon Smith on Lars' Show today and he reminded me of this great video clip of Charles Durning in the classic movie "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas".

He just won't admit his company hires and utilizes illegal alien labor. He'll do only what the law makes him do and nothing more. It's all about corporate profits with no concern about our immigration laws.

Slippery politician he is, but he's still ten times better than the Dem alternative, that arrogant S.O.B. who doesn't keep up with current events.

And, that guy who protests at the Day Labor Site in Portland deserves a Gold Medal for his efforts!

Gumby said...

You know, I think next week I'll decided to ignore the laws against robbing banks and go hold up one of the local ones. Heck, if our high ranking politicians, federal state and local can ignore our immitgration laws, why can't I choose which laws I want to ignore?

Christmas will be here before we know it and I'd love to impress my wife with a new car, a diamond ring and a trip to Hawaii. Now, I just have to decide which bank I want to rob.

J/K, of course, but you get my point.

Anonymous said...

How dumby, how the fuck do you know what is or is not going on at Smith's plant? Were you fucking there? Or do you just swallow the kool-aid from some white-bred bitch who claims to speak Spanish? I don't really like Smith, so I am not defending the guy. Just pointing out the fact that you are talking out of your ass once again.

I hope that white-bred bitch named names in her report, but something tells me she didn't. Probably just posted a smear piece without one fucking shred of proof. Fuck her and fuck any of you who believe that shit without evidence.

Calhoun said...

anon 11:33 mentioned a "white-bred" bitch serving up kool-aid. I think he's talking about Beth Slovic over at Willamette Week. Their cover story this week is all about Sen. Smith hiring Illegal aliens. Check it out : SeƱor Smith : Low-wage Latino workers keep Sen. Gordon Smith’s family business humming. Not all of them are legal.

stupid is as stupid does said...

anon 11:33
you need to wake up !!! and I call myself stupid !

Anonymous said...

Who is the stupid mother fucker when you don't have the facts, asshole? Show me the proof and I'll hang that dude by his nuts as well. I don't even like the mother fucker, but what I like less are stupid ass-brains who can't think for themselves. Challenge that bitch to provide facts and evidence. Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

What's the status on the Respect for Law act? Will I be able to vote for/against it in November?

Gumby said...

Psst, Daniel...

Your personal stalker is at it again.

Gumby said...

Anon 11:33 and 8:28, assuming you are the same poster, which is hard to tell when you lazoids use the "anon" tag, get a life.

WWeek did an expose' on Sen. Smith's business and it's now up to Smith to prove he has no illegal alien cockroaches on his payroll.

Why won't he register for the E-Verify system? He knows it would uncover some of his "hard working" employees and they'd have to pay more to get citizen labor, that's why.

For a Republican senator, he sure is setting a poor example by sidestepping the issue.

Now, crawl back into your little spider hole, Anon. Today is 9/11 and the Feds are looking for scuzballs like you.

Scottiebill said...

To Anon 1133 and 828: By your posts here, I can tell that you're not ignorant. Because ignorance can be cured through education. You're just plain stupid (no offense to "stupid is as stupid does")and stupid goes on forever as you are very adequately and convincingly proving in your posts.

And you should work on cleaning up your language. The use of such profanity demonstrates a very small vocabulary, a total lack of concern for the sensibilities of the others on this blogspot, and an ongoing lack of respect for yourself and others.

stupid is as stupid does said...

anon 8:28 and 11:33
What would happen if you took the letter F off of your keyboars? You probably would not be able to get anything accross to people , with as muc as you use that one letter!!!!

Rick Hickey said...

Gordon Smith?

As I said last night as a guest on the New Political live talk show on KGW CH 8...

There are Possibilites and Realities, Possibility is that those Immigrants at Smiths co. are amongst the 2 Million + Legal immigrants that come every year, the Reality is that his opponent-Jeff Merkley, as Leader Stopped 3 Bills to make E-Verify the Law in Oregon.

And Smith did vote No on Amnesty in '07, Merkley as most D's did, may have followed his Party agenda and Now we would have tens of Millions of illegals and their Families at home legalised pouring in here.

Hmmmm, I told Beth @ WW last week during interview and Mapes @ Oregonian about Merkley, WW didn't report that, hmmmm.

And "D" leader-Nancy Pelosi, won't allow a Vote on S.A.V.E. Act to make E-Verify mandatory nationwide, even with hundreds of co-sponsors.

Gumby said...

Rick Hickey,

Beth, on Lars Larson's Show, claimed she "didn't know" what Merkley's positions on illegal aliens were (she was obviously lying), then she skillfully dodged the issue by saying Merkley didn't own a multi-million dollar fruit packing business.

You know WW came out with this hit job just prior to the November Elections for political gain. She tries to come off as a non-partisan reporter, but we know better.

Of course, it would sure look better for Gordon Smith if his company would sign up for and utilize the E-Verify system.

Also, several of his employees, according to his tax accountant, use I-10 numbers instead of SSN"s. That's a sign they are probably illegal aliens.

It's a problem for Sen. Smith, but I'm still going to vote for him. Merkley is Berzerkley so far as I'm concerned.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anon 11:33

You used the term "White Bred Bitch" at least twice.

Why can't she just be a "bitch"? You have to inject race into it?

Of course you do...because you're a racist. Plain and simple. Otherwise, you would not have used the woman's race in a derogetory way.

Certainly, we all come in different colors, but once you use someone's color as a "slur" then you prove to the world that you are a racist.

On top of that, after having read your post, I can see that you aren't real smart either.

Stupid and racist. Nice combo.....your mother would be proud.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 11:33
How can you say this stuff didn't happen. Were you there when the so called "white bred bitch" gathered her information. I am speaking as one who goes in these plants a lot in Oregon. There are fucking illegals there. You have to have an IQ of 40 not to realize the truth. I was in the Del Monte plant months before they got busted. Kudos to ICE on that one. Nobody spoke English in the Del Monte plant except the supervisors and office people. I have been in other plants and they are all hispanic. Food processors, mills and other manufactureres. They can't all be legal immigrants. Why do you want to let foreign nationals who have snuck into our country like thieves in the night to take our jobs? Why do you want them to rape children? Why do you want them to murder children? Why do you want them to steal our services and resources from our elderly?

Smith needs to invite ICE into his plant. If he comes up clean, I will vote for him. I hate to say it, either we get a RINO, or we get Bezerkely.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me? Can ANYONE? ANYONE? Anyone at all? Tell me what is the status of the Respect for Law Act? Will I be able to vote/not vote for it in November? Why isn't ANYONE answering? I'm beginning to wonder. Anyone? Hello? Daniel? Hickey? Bobkatt? Max? Delucca? Anyone?

Tasha said...

the state knew about the illegals and helped them file a lawsuit. the Oregon law center that is , a group that are supposed to help Americans not illegal aliens.
I am talking about the Del monte raid. ICE needs to do a raid on Smith and a thousand other businesses. They need to make an appearance now. the Willamette week is pro-illegal and pro having mexicans work as hookers and strippers. It's a sleazy rag and I doubt anyone reads it anymore now that there is craigslist.

Bobkatt said...

apparently the initiative did not get enough signatures to put it on the ballot in November.

Tasha said...

no one answers because you are a stupid troll

Anonymous said...

Trasha McGasha:

And no one comments on your disgusting blog of hate, racism, fear and lies because ???????