Monday, October 29, 2007

Who is your market?

During the baseball game last night (or maybe it was shortly after) there was an all Spanish recruitement commercial for the National Guard. This was the only commercial during this time period that was in Spanish.

People in marketing don't just make random choices like that. The folks who made that commercial had a target market in mind.

The market wasn't me because I couldn't understand the commercial. It couldn't be illegal aliens because they can't sign up for the military. It couldn't be the young children of illegal aliens who speak Spanish because they live in a Spanish speaking household because those children aren't 18.

If you are over the age of 18 and here legally you will speak English. (Maybe I'm putting too much faith in the government schools here) You were either born here and got an education in English (unless you have brown skin in which case the government school will throw you in an ESL class regarless of what language you speak) or you are a naturalized citizen and it is required that you learn English.

My point is that this commercial, to reach ELIGIBLE people for the guard, could have been done in English. They did it in Spanish anyways. I believe that this targets the market of American citizens who will still tell you that they are "Mexican." Loyalty to another country is not a quality that the US Armed forces should be looking for in their recruites.


Anonymous said...

pretty soon we all will have to speak spanish.If only our drugs were as cheap as they are in mexico,damn those american pigs!!

Allen said...

These are calculated acts and not products of an accident or individuals serving their own wants.

We are systematically being sold out by everyone from your local government leaders to the President and being replaced by the scourge of Mexico.

But we will have our ornamental shrubbery and cheap wine.

The North American Union moves steadily ahead.

Anonymous said...

In Miglavia, any Latino who is heard to be speaking, writing or reading Spanish is immediately presumed guilty of being an "illegal alien," and the burden of proving themselves innocent is theirs.

This is life in Miglavia.

Kristopher said...

Anon 8:46:

Sounds like a good idea.

Draft the illegals!

If they flee and go AWOL, good riddance. If they serve honorably, they will, by the time they get out, speak good english, and deserve citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny though how the arrival of millions of illegals into the US also coincides with the arrival of bilingual advertising, numerous spanish TV/radio stations, Spanish language government forms, etc.

And they are introducing us to Spanish incrementally like in the new Verizon spot I think it is, where the actors are saying hello and the last woman exclaims happily "Hola". I hate this kind of crap, especially when it is forced upon us by corporations with no allegiance to anything but the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

Parents, kids learn Spanish together

Another course opens in January at Forest Ridge

Chocolate serves as an incentive.
Parents and children learn together.
And games act as teaching techniques in Sandra Montoya's Spanish class.

Montoya's desire to teach her two children the language she spoke with her family at home inspired her to kick-start a course for parents and children in fall 2006.

She restarted the course this year on Oct. 4 and plans to continue it every Thursday through November. A new course opens in January and lasts until baseball season.

Montoya knew families would be more apt to practice Spanish at home if they had each other to talk to. Although not a teacher, Montoya's experience as a mom taught her that children focus well on games, and chocolate is one way to the hearts and minds of most youngsters.

Montoya tosses out Hershey's Kisses for right answers during class.

"It's a great motivator," she said.

Every child is rewarded with a giant candy bar after memorizing Spanish numbers or the alphabet, which is similar to the one in English but has three more letters.

Montoya's 9-year-old daughter, Morgan, said her favorite part is choosing what candy bar she gets to gobble up.

"Sometimes, it's dark chocolate, sometimes it's milk chocolate, and sometimes it's chocolate with peanut butter or peanuts in it," said Morgan, a Forest Ridge fourth-grader.

Montoya also knows children don't like to sit still.

"They have a very short attention span, so we try to keep it fun, keep it flowing," she said.

So, her child students play games similar to bingo and Simon Says to soak in new words.

Becky Russell and her three children take the course together, practicing the language at home and employing Spanish as their somewhat-secret language when outside of home.

"I like learning a different language that I can something do that other people can't, and I want to tell them how to" learn it, too," said Elizabeth Russell, a Forest Ridge third-grader.

"Me too," piped up her little sister, Nicole Russell, 4.

The course is a window to a culture and makes her children feel more a part of their own community, Becky Russell said.

"They hear people speaking Spanish all the time in the community," Russell said.

Anonymous said...

So? There are "American" citizens that have loyalty to Israel over the United States. Why just the other day I turned on Channel 20 KMNT-Portland and there was Pastor Hagee speaking to American citizens waving the Israeli flag, not the U.S. flag mind you--THE ISRAELI FLAG!!! Did I hear any right-wing anti-immigrant pricks speak out about that? No, not a single one.

Anthony "not Tony DeLucca said...

Anon 1:04

Was the discussion you saw on television regarding the Illegal Immigration of 20 Million Irealis who are coming to the U.S. demanding that Gov't information be printed in hebrew, and that our schools teach in Hebrew rather than the illegals having to learn english?

No? That's because illegal immigrants from Isreal is not a problem. You don't see anyone getting all vocal about waving the Italian Flag on Italian-American day, or the Irish Flag on St. Patty's Day either.

This is a blog regarding ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. And unless you live under a fucking rock, you can honestly say that an overwhelming majority of the illegal immigration into the Unites States comes from countries south of the border that primarily speak Spanish.

Rational thought wins the argument every time. Think before you speak is an ancient axiom that still rings true today.

Anthony "pulling no punches" Delucca said...

Anon 8:42
Oh, and by the way dumbass. Don't confuse "Anti Immigrant" with "Anti ILLEGAL immigrant".

None of us here (as far as I can tell) oppose immigration. It is the un-controlled illegal immigration that's being forced upon us that we so adamantly oppose.

Get it right, or shut up.

R Huse said...

I think what it comes do to is that those who support a welfare state get so used to lying about what they are trying to do, that rational argument is beyond them.

This is a case and point. It is real hard to make a convincing argument that Americans should bend over backwards to support people who are here illegally. So, they have to lie, and impute that if you are against their plans, you are against immigrants and thus a racist.

Its sort of like with everything else, if you are against people stealing the fruits of your labour, to support those who would rather not put out the effort then you are against health care for kids or whatever the cause of the day is.

Ever notice how these people go nuts if the same thing is done in reverse? If you question Harry Reid saying "The War is Lost" they are indignant. "How dare you question our patriotism". If you say Nancy Pelosi bringing up the Armenia resolution sure seemed like a back door way to offend Turkey and thus cut off our supply rout in Iraq they will go ballistic.

Its all total nonsense of course, but it is funny to watch the would be tyrants who want to establish this sort of welfare state writhe about.

"B..B..b.b.b but're a racist cause I said so and your a meany." - Get a life.

Anonymous said...

Good point. When it come to non-US Citizen Israelis influencing our government, that is OK, but people who actually work to build this country, they aren't allowed. The fact that Isaelis come to this country illegally is no problem for superstitious cons, because Isaelis are caucasian. Those of dark skin, they are not allowed. Just chock that up to racism that is not "really racism". Understand and agree with that and you are now ready to run with the AlleyPAC PanzerSquad.

Anonymous said...

Not to forget the Iraq war is over Israeoil.

As I sees it said...

Palestine which is now called Israel is the product of one big illegal alien invasion termed Aliyah Bet. If it is OK by the righties like Tony De Luggi, Daniel Miglavs and Alien of Salem that the Jews return to their ancestoral homeland, why shouldn't Hispanics return to their ancestoral homeland in the Southwest U.S.?

R Huse said...

I am sooooo waiting to see how some of our more high and mighty commentators jump on the anti semitism in these past few posts.

Anthony "feel the love" DeLucca said...

OK..How many illegal immigrants are in the US from Isreal???


I don't know either, but ten buck and my left nut says that it doesn't even appraoch two grand.

There are an estimated 10 MILLION from Mexico alone. And an estimated 7-8 MILLION others from a variety of Central and South American countries.

Isreal has absolutely nothing to do with the illegal immigration debate. Nothing. Zip. Nada.

Any moron who brings Isreal into a debate regarding illegal immigration in the United States is either poorly informed, intentionaly mis-directing the argument away from an un-winnable topic, or just plain stupid.

I'll opt for the later.

Anonymous said...

Illegal Immigrants in Israel has everything to do the United States, as the United States funds almost their entire existence, you bozo.

Anonymous said...

I love it, anytime a person questions Israel, they are anti-semites. I guess that proves the point, everyone questioning immigrant status in the U.S. is Anti-Immigrant. Thanks for proving my point Refuse

eddie said...

Check your facts sometime. Israel has one of the top 40 GNPs in the world, bringing in more than 100 billion dollars a year. US AID to Israel this year consists of a $360 million dollar cash transfer for the purpose of reducing payment pressures on past debt. Period.

Now...for comparison... let's pick an innocuous neighbor. Jordan is ranked in the mid-90s in terms of GNP at around 13-14 billion dollars a year. Aid from the United States this year will be $1.17 billion, most of which is outright grants, while a small percentage is loans.

Why don't people complain that Jordan is our puppet? Our proxy? Or as some brain-dead rhetoric parrot said here: "Illegal Immigrants in [Jordan] has everything to do the United States, as the United States funds almost their entire existence, you bozo."

Although that statement isn't true, it's closer to the truth than Israel.

Do a little research before opening mouth and exhaling stupidity. As a hint, our government publishes all foreign aid numbers yearly.

Ronald said...

Actually Eddie your figures are a little off, it is more like 3-4 Billion a year which it has been for decades. this figure actually exceeds a third of our total foreign aid. Shocking huh?

What gets me is the anti-immigrant activists yell and scream about Mexicans sending money back to Mexico, but they say nothing about right-wingers sending money to Israel. Not to mention all those U.S. Citizens sending money that pledge allegiance to Israel over the United States.

Now, if Eddie is correct and Israel is among the top 40 GNP, why is the little man begging on the TV almost nightly for people to mail money to "Save Israel"? I guess the more "illegal immigrant occupiers" they pack into the lands they continue to occupy and take over, the more money we need to send.

I wonder if we took half of that 3-4 Billion and invested it in our own citizens, could we have a little healthcare or something--just a thought. I know wanting to take care of your own citizens is being anti-semetic, so bring it on "Refuse"


Anonymous said...

Rational thought wins the argument every time ...

While I try to decide whether that comment coming from Anthony DeLucca is more deserving of explosive laughter or merely a sad shake of the head, let me throw this one out for the "Miglavians" to chew over: Please, anyone from the right wing of the cheering gallery: Explain to me the "rationality" of what the president YOU voted for is doing in Iraq. Entertain me with your theory of how a goddamned fence along the U.S.-Mexican border is "rational." Maybe RHuse could chime in and tell us whether someone who thinks fascism is a "leftist thing" is rational, or simply a fucking idiot. And then I'd like to hear from Daniel, who could expound on the "rationality" of his religion (start from the beginning please, with the part about the apple and the serpent, etc.) I'm also curious to know where, on the scale of rationality, the story about God creating the earth in six days falls in relation to the fairy tales about the same subject one finds in ancient Greek mythology. Finally, I'd like someone to persuade me that his previously posted suggestion -- having the U.S. taxpayer-funded government facilitate the conversion of convicted criminals to religion (make that his religion) while incarcerated is a "rational" idea.

I look forward to an enlightening and (you guessed it) "rational" discussion.

Anthony "rational Thinker" DeLucca said...

You Said:
Please, anyone from the right wing of the cheering gallery: Explain to me the "rationality" of what the president YOU voted for is doing in Iraq.

My answer: You don't know who I voted for. You're jumping to conclusions.

You Said:
Entertain me with your theory of how a goddamned fence along the U.S.-Mexican border is "rational".

My Answer: The same reason a fence around your yard is rational. (You'd think that someone as "rational" as you would figure this out on your own.)

You Said:
having the U.S. taxpayer-funded government facilitate the conversion of convicted criminals to religion (make that his religion) while incarcerated is a "rational" idea.

My Answer: Tell me how is would be a bad idea. Furthermore, what makes you think the attempt at puting Bibles is for the purpose of "Converting" anyone? You're assuming (again) that the criminal is not a Christian / Catholic / etc..

Time and Time again your "superior" attitude is trumped by your sheer idiocy. You certainly do assume a lot for someone who thinks so highly of themself. Again, not thinking rationally. rational thinking doesn't involve conjecture, assumptions or presumptions.


Anonymous said...

Tony, Tony, Tony. Tony. Tony.

Slight problem with the whole convert-criminals-to-Christianity strategy. It's called "separation of Church and state." Look it up.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what part of town DeLucca lives in, but the perimeter of MY yard is not 1,400 miles long.

DeLucca, question for you. Did you vote for George W. Bush in 2000 and/or 2004? Yes, or no? Put up or shut up. Tell us if the Anon's assumption is correct or false.

eddie said...

You're right... in that I was in error. Unfortunately, I was looking at the US foreign aid package to Israel for 2005. In 2007 the aid package was only 120 million dollars.

In fact, since 1999, when it was determined that Israel's economy had expanded to the point of sustainability, the amount of aid has been systematically reduced, year by year.

USAid Site

That whole 3 or 4 billion sounds really impressive. Of course, it also seems to come out of thin air. Oh... and as for that whole money flowing to Israel thing, how many billions are being wired to Mexico each year? I mean, if it were coming from US citizens, fine. It's a free country. However, if it's coming from people who aren't allowed to be here and know it (what? they accidentally paid a guy to smuggle them across a border?), who are competing with citizens who must play by labor rules like... oh... minimum wage and income taxes (maxxing out deductions on your falsified I9 works wonders), then maybe... just maybe... it should be stopped.

Bobkatt said...

anon 1:04 pm- you obviously don't listen to the right media. In order to get the truth you have to get away from the MSM. Various radio persons have continuously condemned Pastor Hagee for his pro Israel stance and also the fact that Chertoff and others in the government have dual citizenship with Israel (which I believe should be illegal). These radio people are also very anti-illegal immigrant and anti-North American Union. Most of the popular right wing media won't even admit that there is any truth to the NAU or the NAFTA Superhighway project. If you still believe it is a left or right kind of struggle, you will never understand that George Bush and George Soros are on the same globalist team.

Anthony "none of your beeswax" delucca said...

Anon 9:39

How a person votes is really nobody else's business. That's why voting booths have a privacy screen around them.

And what does the length of a fence have to do with why it's used?

Are you really as stupid as you appear to be??

randy said...

To suggest that a person is “stupid” for merely questioning whether the construction of a 1,400-mile fence is the most rational or practical solution to a public policy problem points to level of maturity more suited to a child – and not a particularly bright child, at that. Grow up, Mr. DeLucca.

R Huse said...

Well anonymous 8.52, I will try one last time. "A socialist" cant comprehend a one sentence argument, maybe you can.

"Fascism, being between lassaiz faire capitalism and communism is therefore to the left of capitalism."

Now just so its real crystal clear: that sentence means what it says. Some of us out there with a 300 on the SAT verbal seem to think "between" is synonymous with "the same as".

If you want to argue this point with me fine, however I will not debate it unless you know the difference between the two terms above.

Fascism - Most of the collectivism of communism, Now with far less death camps!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here legally does not necessarily mean you're speaking English fluently yet. Learning English takes time. It is one of the most difficult languages to learn. You are assuming that if you can't speak English you MUST be illegal. That is simply NOT the case.

Anonymous said...

Anthony - I'm curious to know where you get your illegal immigration estimates.

(By the way, you can keep your left nut (and the right one too) by all means).

Daniel - you need to travel a little. Have you ever been outside of the country? I've traveled the world and have had little trouble finding English-language media or information. It's called globalization.

You also act as if legal immigrants can speak English, by definition. Typically, the first generation, legal or illegal, does not. This is true for most immigrant groups, not just Mexicans, and it was equally as true of the immigrants of yore, such as the Italians, Poles and Germans, despite the myths that the my-great-great-grandparents-came-here-from-italy-and-learned-English-in-three-months people spew.

Anonymous said...

"I believe that this targets the market of American citizens who will still tell you that they are "Mexican." Loyalty to another country is not a quality that the US Armed forces should be looking for in their recruites."

Dude! Why would anyone loyal to another country sign up for the US armed forces???!!?

You would benefit greatly from a college-level course in formal logic (not to mention a middle-school course in spelling, grammar and punctuation).

Anonymous said...

"Fascism, being between lassaiz faire capitalism and communism is therefore to the left of capitalism."

That's what Mussolini said, isn't it? That doesn't necessarily mean it's accurate and/or representative of any kind of genuine political wisdom. The man was, if memory serves, a maniac.

Yeah, but... said...

Deluggi Says: How a person votes is really nobody else's business. That's why voting booths have a privacy screen around them.

True, but we can look at voter Registration and signatures on initiative petitions which gives us a great idea on how a person rolls. I am looking at Both Anti-Civil Rights Referendum sheets and voter reg to see where Mr. Anthony Delucca is. I will report those findings soon. ;)

Anonymous said...

Anthony - Any word yet on your source for the illegal immigration estimates?

Anonymous said...

As someone who believes that Anthony DeLucca is a pompous, reactionary asshole with occasional bouts of pure childishness and is consistenly incapable of mounting an intelligent argument about virtually anything, and has said so many times, I must ask the 11:48 Anon:

Who gives a shit where he is? Or what he does? I don't. This business of trying to "out" people is as close as you get to genuine bullying on the Internet. Fuck off already. If you don't have anything to say, don't say anything.

Anthony "The Reactionary A-Hole" Delucca said...

Anon 11:48

Better make sure that you get the correct "Anthony DeLucca"

Anon 1:58
Nobody has aket me to cite my source yet, you are the first.

R Huse said...

Anon 11.48

Ok - I made a mistake. At least I admit it, whereas most of my detractors never will

I should have said to argue my point you need to also know who the founder of Fascism was, Benito Mussolini, a former hard-line communist.

"Benito Mussolini (1883-1945), founder of Fascism and prime minister and dictator of Italy (1922-1943)." - Microsoft Encarta

"Mussolini was the founder of Fascism and leader of Italy from 1922 to 1943." - BBC Website

"Mussolini, the founder of Fascism, proved in his own life the spiritual twinship of Fascism and Stalin's Bolshevism. - Time Magazine "Tragicomic Revolutionary" book review.

Look, Im really not going to get any further into this argument with people who can not argue the basic point, which I will state again:

"Fascism, being between lassaiz faire capitalism and communism is therefore to the left of capitalism."

If you are going to argue that, you have to do so within some sort of logical construct. Fascism had a collectivist and command driven economic and political structure that while not as encompassing as a communist one, was certainly more so than a capitalist one. Likewise, while fascism was quite noted for its horrendous brutality, that too was to a much lesser extent than the brutality established under the more notable communist regimes. I cannot believe anyone would try and argue against that point, its really a little silly.

Fascism - Kinda like "communism lite", but with a much better wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Thanks for letting me know that. Nonetheless, where do you get your figures from?

Anon 1:58

Anthony DeLucca said...

I don't answer to you.

Anonymous said...

Deluggi has no sources because he makes them up. Like a scum bag right-winger with no intelligence, the best he can say "I don't answer to you". What a puke.

Anonymous said...

Anthony -

Great response.

No, you don't answer to me, but, referring to illegal immigrants, you have stated such things as "There are an estimated 10 MILLION from Mexico alone. And an estimated 7-8 MILLION others from a variety of Central and South American countries."

So, a reasonable question is: Estimated by whom?

I ask because this number implies that there are 18 million illegal immigrants in the country just from the western hemisphere alone. This is six million more than the TOTAL of 12 million estimated by Jeff Passel at the Pew Center, which is the figure most often used by journalists, politicians, policy makers, and researchers.

So, I'm interested to know where YOUR estimate came from.

Certainly, you don't answer to me. But given that you can't or won't do something as simple as provide the source of your estimate leads me to believe that you're full of shit and that you made the numbers up to support your argument.

the socialist said...

RHuse said: If you are going to argue that, you have to do so within some sort of logical construct.

Tried that a few days ago. Didn't work.

Anthony DeLucca said...

The PEW center isn't the only body that has done this type of research.

I found the numbers, you can too.

R Huse said...

Aww socialist guy, are you still on about that?

You insisted on debating something I hadn't said.

Why would I engage in that past a certain point?

I see little purpose in debating someone once it is clear they cannot address a simple one sentence point.

In the end I suppose I will never understand the far lefts embrace of various forms of Marxism, while eschewing Fascism, given the formers far higher death toll. Its a crazy zany world though, so who knows?

Anonymous said...

To Anon 11:27 --
Yes, indeed, they're loyal enough to put their lives on the line for this country...what more could you ask? Of course, something this OBVIOUS escapes Miglavs. Maybe it has to do with anger, it often gets in the way of rational thought. Maybe Miglavs should volunteer to put his life on the line for this country, after all, I hear they're accepting ex-cons now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anthony "Sewer Mouth" DeLucca:

So far, in your "debate" on this particular blog entry, you've run thru practically all of the liberal "debate tactics" you posted the other day. ROTFLMAO.

Anonymous said...

On 10/22/07 Anthony "Sewer Mouth" DeLucca said (plagarized)...

O.K. In support of the Fairness Doctrine Proposal...I'm gonna be a sport and let you whiney little pansy assed liberals in on a few of your own secret debating tactics. Just to help out a few of the anon posters who are making complete dingle-berries of themselves.

Now mind you, these are in no particular order, but they will serve you well when attempting to "debate" one of us horrible "Neo-Con Fascist Assholes" as one poster so gracefully put it. So here goes:

1. Avoid factual arguments, they're usually against you anyway.

2. If for some obscure reason the facts actually fall your way (an extremely rare occurrence) then repeat them endlessly regardless of the reply of your conservative opponent. Remember time is limited, use this against him.

3. Get as personal and vicious as you can, maybe it will distract your opponent from his train of thought.

4. If you are unable to insult him with the usual insults such as “racist,” “homophobe,” or “bigot,” then insult someone else on his side (someone related to the subject under discussion is preferable but not required).

5. When you’re losing, (and you usually will be), abruptly change the subject. Again the object of this is to distract and deflect attention from your opponent’s argument.

6. Talk loudly and rapidly, don’t allow your opponent to get a word in edgewise. Remember the more time you consume, the less time your opponent will have to actually throw facts into the fray.

7. Use hyperbole as an example of your opponent’s argument and suggest that that is what they are suggesting.

8. Purposely misunderstand what is being said by your opponent and distort it into something you can use.

9. Make up “facts” most people don’t check them and anyway, you’ll be long gone by the time the truth is known, and so will the audience.

10. Expect perfection. Focus on the slightest flaw in your opponent’s argument, any kind of mistake, grammatical, spelling, contextual, anything no matter how slight is sufficient to deflect attention away from how vacuous your arguments are.

11. Act insulted. Take umbrage at the slightest contradiction and act as if it is a personal insult. This will make your personal attack seem warranted and just.

12. Mug the camera or audience while your opponent is speaking, make faces, sneering is good, head-shaking better, and looking toward the ceiling is best [notice the avoidance of the word Heaven, Liberals avoid words of a religious nature]. Let the audience know you disagree with your opponent (even if you’ve no idea what he’s saying)

13. Use condescending laughter as much as you can. It serves two purposes, first, it dismisses your opponent as being unworthy of your respect and second, it shows your contempt for his arguments. This is a very powerful tool and can really annoy your opponent and disrupt his train of thought.

14. You’re an arrogant Liberal; demonstrate your obvious intellectual superiority by acting in a condescending manner, and generally coming off as an asshole with an opinion.

15. Forget how many of the wealthiest in this nation are Liberals, (George Soros ring a bell?)always beat the drum of “Rich White Republicans” and “working class Democrats.”

16. Finally, always remember style trumps substance. Know it, Live it.

With these pearls of wisdom (yes, we're onto you) you can confidentally debate any conservative. Not effectively mind you, but you can debate them.

Dear Reader: So far, on this thread, Anthony "Sewer Mouth" DeLucca has used almost all of these "debating tactics!" Interesting, isn't it? Hilarious to say the least! Antuny, Antuny, Antuny!

- Eli Barnhardt

Anonymous said...

Well, it does kind of look like this one backfired on you Miglavs. The bottom line is, unlike you, these guys ARE willing to put their lives on the line for thier adopted country. That makes them MEN in my book. It's just never good enough for you is it? Did it ever occur to you that there are probably THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of LEGAL immigrants here who are actively LEARNING English, but who still understand Spanish a little better? Learning is a verb, it's also a PROCESS. You don't just wake up one day and viola! you're speaking English. So, in the meantime, is it that OUTRAGEOUS for agencies and companies to want to communicate with them in Spanish? Get real Daniel, be honest! How long do you think it would take you learn a new language, two weeks?

I'm an ESL instructor, have been for 20 years. I've visted here before and told you that. Maybe you remember, maybe you don't. But I'll tell you something, I've NEVER taught a class, either here in Oregon or in Idaho, that wasn't standing room only. So this crap about how "they" don't want to learn English, or "never" learn English is a pile of sh*t that you've bought hook, line & sinker from whoever gives you and your friends their "marching orders."

You got your break for your criminal behavior, Daniel. You got your "amnesty." I'd say crossing the border in an "alternative" fashion is probably not half as bad as some of the shit you pulled, and like I've said before, "God only KNOWS what kind of shit you pulled before you got arrested that you just plain "got away with." So don't you think guys who are willing to defend this country with thier blood, even though they stand to gain little, deserve the same kind of break you were given? Have some class, man.

I will close by saying it again: any man with the cojones to put his life on the line for this country and what it stands for, whether he was born here or not, whether he speaks Spanish, Swahili, or Klingon...doesn't make a difference to me...he has my respect and he deserves to be treated with dignity.

Anonymous said...

Nice post anon 3:18!

Anonymous said...


You must not know to much about the military or you would know this: an immigrant that is not a permanent resident (green card) is not allowed to enlist.

I'm beginning to think that you have this weird, borderline obsessive, hate for the Spanish language that eclipses even your hate for the illegal alien. It's like you break out in hives if you hear it being spoken. Has it not occurred to you that in America we have a constitutional right to speak whatever language we choose? It just so happens that Spanish is an enjoyable language to speak. Lots of people like speaking Spanish, even though they know English. Spanish has been taught as an elective in U.S. schools since I can remember, and that's way back. Way, way back. In your world, Spanish should be spoken... never. So, why even teach it to those that exercise their right to learn it, if, in Miglavia, at least, you aren't even allowed to speak it?

I was born here, my parents were born here. We speak English beautifully, in fact, one of us even teaches it. But you know what? We love to speak Spanish to each other, and we do, often, at home and in public. What are you going to do, arrest us? What harm, really, is caused when an organization or a business makes a marketing decision to communicate to a target audience in Spanish. What harm does it cause you, what harm does it cause this country whose consititution protects the very right to speak any language we desire?

You're all over the place, man. You say you love the Constitution, but it seems like you really only love PARTS of the Constitution. I'm trying to get you, I really am, but it's sh*t like this that just really present major obstacles.

- Moondoggie

Anonymous said...

We are a free market economy. If they want to broadcast in Spanish, they have the right. You have to right to watch or not watch. Hello. Are you starting to become a socialist now and want the government to regulate everything?