Friday, October 05, 2007

God bless this man


Anonymous said...

Looks like someone got their AlleyPAC talking points in their email today. The guy in the video looks alot like the typical unwashed unshaven scum bucket phoney soldier that Rush Limbaugh refers to.

Fundy said...

As Rush stated, "Say that to his face!" That Veteran expressed the same outrage I had once I saw the flag not flying according to federal law.

Oh and what is Alleypac? It appears to be a premier sheep and alpaca shearing service.

Bobkatt said...

WATERLOO, Iowa - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says he no longer wears an American flag lapel pin because it has become a substitute for "true patriotism" since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

I would gladly stand behind the "typical unwashed unshaven scum bucket phoney soldier in the video than the well scrubbed, clean shaven, fancy suited sell out piece of crap that is Obama.
AlleyPAC must be a new euphemism for male gay sex.

Anonymous said...

That was fucking great. Fuck those fucking blank stare wetback mother fuckers! :)

Kaelri said...

All lawbreakers must be punished, eh? I'm pretty sure that stealing an American flag is a crime. Does this man not deserve the same merciless justice that you advocate for illegal immigrants? Or do two wrongs make a right?

Anonymous said...

Hey, bra, it is what it is, but if you charge the dude with taking down the flag, then charge the wetbacks with displaying it in an illegal manner. What do you think of that, mother fucker?

Bobkatt said...

Kaelri-It's petty drivel-devil's advocate-arguments like that that make me not miss your input to this forum.

Kaelri said...

"It's petty drivel-devil's advocate-arguments like that that make me not miss your input to this forum."

You don't get to call it petty drivel unless you've got an answer to it. Innocent, in other words, until proven drivelous. So what's the difference between the two? Assuming all crimes are deserving of proportional consequences, why are illegal immigrants condemned, and this man, whose actions were equally criminal, blessed?

"Hey, bra, it is what it is, but if you charge the dude with taking down the flag, then charge the wetbacks with displaying it in an illegal manner. What do you think of that, mother fucker [sic]?"

I think the manner in which the flags were displayed is not illegal at all. Or if it is, then the law in question is unconstitutional. Freedom of expression is an easy one.

ANTI-KLAN said...

"wetback mother fuckers",says anon10:20pm

Sounds like someone just returned all angry from the Hammerskin Event happening in PDX. I am sure alot of OFIR/Oregon MinuteKlan members were there to share your anger at the "brown people".

Bobkatt said...

From the United States Code Chapter 4 section 7:
"No person shall display the flag of the United Nations or any other national or international flag equal, above, or in a position of superior
prominence or honor to, or in place of, the flag of the United States at any place within the United States or any Territory or possession thereof."
Kaelri-I don't need your permission to call your petty drivel anything I want. But, by all means drivel on.

ANTI-KLAN said...

I am pretty sure that kook throwback from the Confederacy in the video has a criminal record a mile long, what's a theft charge to add to his roster.

One more thing, why is it that old racist clowns always cop the Gen. Robert E. Lee look, as opposed to the skinhead look which Mr. Daniel sports? Is it just me or has the Uncle Jessie Confederate Flag waving inbred fad made a comeback?

Anonymous said...

No fear my little cry babies, your General Lee might be headed for trouble. It is NOT illegal to fly another country's flag above the U.S. Flag. The code that Bobkittykat posted is just a suggested protacol and not a law. However, impersonating a "throwback from the Confederacy" should be. I hope they stick it to this hot headed knife wielding creep. He needs to serve some time in the slammer.

Reno police, ACLU join flap over Mexican flag

RENO, Nev. – Responding to a controversy over a Mexican flag flying at a local bar, Reno police and the American Civil Liberties Union issued statements Wednesday emphasizing it is not illegal to fly another flag above the American flag.
A Reno television station broadcast a story on Monday of a U.S. veteran, Jim Broussard, cutting down the U.S. flag flying above the bar and taking it away in protest of what the station reported was an illegal display of the flag.
“I took this flag down in honor of my country with a knife from the U.S. Army,” Broussard told KRNV-TV.
“I'm not going to see this happen to my country,” he said. “I want to see someone fight me for this flag.”

The Reno Police Department said in a statement Wednesday that while the U.S. Code establishes protocol for the display of the American flag in relation to other flags, the protocol “is advisory and is not a criminal statute.

“There is no sanction for violation of the protocol and is not enforceable by local law enforcement,” the statement said.

Likewise, Nevada law contains provisions related to display of flags but “none of those provisions make it unlawful to violate the protocol established in the U.S. Code,” the department said.

Gary Peck, director of the ACLU of Nevada in Las Vegas, said several federal courts have held that the flag rules are not mandatory and cannot be enforced.

“Indeed, if the federal flag rules were mandatory, they would clearly violate the First Amendment, which protects every American's right to speak and express themselves, including their choice of flag to display,” the ACLU said in a statement.

“In 1989, the Supreme Court held that we even have the right to burn our own flag, which had been outlawed by 48 states. Our robust and meaningful democracy is built upon our First Amendment, which protects our right to express ourselves even when – indeed, particularly when – that expression is distasteful or unpopular.”

Kaelri said...

"Kaelri-I don't need your permission to call your petty drivel anything I want. But, by all means drivel on."

It's unlike you to be so evasive. I almost wonder if I've touched a nerve. It's a very simple question: what's the difference between two criminals in the eyes of the law? Should this man not be arrested? Aren't those the consequences that he accepted as the personal cost of this demonstration?

I ask because Daniel, for months, has countered claims of racism, xenophobia and epistemic paranoia by telling people that this whole thing is all about "enforcing the damn law." Nothing more. As if his writing doesn't consistently imply that Mexican culture is lazy, ignorant and apathetic. But now, we have another American, equally disrespectful of the rule of U.S. law, whom Daniel believes should not be arrested, ridiculed and convicted, but "blessed." So I want him, or someone else who thinks the same, to explain to me what the difference is in the eyes of the law.

Lastly: I never said you needed my "permission." That's a five-year-old's retort. Put some effort into this.

Anthony DeLucca said...

While the man in the video could be charged with theft of property, I seriously doubt that he will. I can tell you that the Bar Owner has been charged as of yesterday with failure to properly display the American flag. this will most likely only lead to a fine of some sort.

The guy who took down the flag, was certainly angry, and for good reason.

I certainly applaud the man for the actions that he took. That bar owner ought to become the target of State and Federal tax audits, Liquor Control Audits, Business license audits, State Gambling Commission Audits, and the like. The State of Nevada should target this prick with every agency possible to make his life as miserable as possible.

If he has such low regard for the United States, we should make his life a living hell and earn that dis-respect.

Anonymous said...


Better read up on your flag statutes. Before you make a bigger ass of yourself than you already have.

Specifically check the part that indicates that a flag may be removed by any person, from public or private property, accept a dwelling, if said flag is not being flown according to the Federal Flag Statutes and / or Provisions.

I bothered to look it up. You can too.

Anonymous said...


The bar owner has not been charged with anything as no laws were broken. Where are you hearing that from? As a ConLaw Student, I have been following this case pretty closely. Please tell what publication you read that in.

As for "law", there is no such "law" regulating the display of the U.S. Flag. There is a code suggesting what is considered proper display, but that isn't a law and certainly doesn't have to be followed.

A person can really do anything they please with the U.S. Flag. They can hang it high on a flag pole, use it as a door mat, a urinal, tablecloth or anything they choose. They can burn it, hang other flags high above it, or roll it up and smoke it.

If the bar owner was charged as you have indicated, it will be fun for the ACLU and other civil liberties groups to sue the a$$ off any police agency that charged the guy with breaking a law that doesn't exist.

On the other hand, the guy that trespassed and stole the flag from the bar owner could face a couple different charges. He can disagree verbally all he wants with the Bar Owner, who by the way is a U.S. Citizen, but theft and distruction of property is quite another thing.

Anonymous said...

On a side bar, we did call the Reno police to inquire about Broussards brandishing of a knife. The authorities are in possession of the video and there probably will be some word on prosecution due to the theft and brandishing of a weapon. Holding the large knife while making declarative statements that may have been intended to instill fear may also put Mr. Boussard in hot water.

Anonymous said...

I just love these pansies sticking up for the bar owner and looking for any excuse for his flying the Mexican flag above the US flag. It was people like the veteran who took down the flag that made the US the free nation that it is. He has balls.......something that is lacking from the crybabies on the left.

At the same time that the "progressives" try and use the troops to justify pulling out of Iraq (not that I am in favor of the war), they vilify a veteran for doing something that in my eyes is patriotic and something that ANY american should have done in the same circumstances.

Observer said...

How dare this out of control jerk speak on behalf of the U.S. military. Most vets I know would have voiced their concern but would have never stole a flag or tramped violently on another US citizen's right to free speech. Says alot about the constitution loving flag waving losers to support the theft of someone elses property.

Anonymous said...

What is it with you people defending illegal aliens? I realize the Mexicans in question who raised the flag may not have been illegal, but you sick fucks are always out there taking their side over our side. What the fuck is wrong with you people? I really want to know. Why do you hate your country so much.

And no, I am not with the skins. In fact, I hate Michael Savage, he is a fucking raving right-wing loon. But I reserve the right to my opinion.

I am not from this miserable fucking state, but what I have noticed is this. There are a fair amount of people in this state who are cool and more traditional, and then there is the rest of you miserable fucks. I don't know what rock you fuckers came out from, but I wish someone would take that rock and bash your fucking heads in. I am literally sick of you fucking people. Thankfully, most of the country is NOTHING like oregon. Fuck you.

Kaelri said...

8:35 - I read the Flag Code this morning. (USC Title 4, Chapter 1) Aside from the fact that the code is not a binding law, as 9:29 mentioned, there is no language defending individuals taking it upon themselves to remove a desecrated flag.

Indeed, what does exist in the state statutes of Nevada is a section on flag desecration that specifically makes this man's action a misdemeanor.

"I certainly applaud the man for the actions that he took."

Again, I want to point out that you are applauding a crime. I realize that in your mind, its value in symbolic patriotism outweighs its criminal nature. I just wish you would explicate it. That's the only point I've been trying to make here: anyone who condemns illegal immigrants while applauding this stunt must be doing both for reasons beyond a mere interest in legal justice. After this post, it would be disingenuous to carry on pretending that a more subjective judgment isn't involved.

Daniel said...

there is no language defending individuals taking it upon themselves to remove a desecrated flag.

You are incorrect.

"The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning."

And who amongst you libs are outraged that the symbol of our country was treated in such a disrespectful manner?

WBMF said...

Me again. I have no problem going after the gringo if that is what you liberal phaegs want to do, but answer my fucking question. Why do you people hate your country? Why is it important to you that these Mexicans fly the flag above ours in our own country? Why do you defend that? In the name of Free Speech? Bullshit. You mother fuckers always side with illegals and the open borders crowd. Why? I want to know.

Kaelri said...

Daniel: that passage does not give one leave to dispose of a flag if it's someone else's property. The Flag Code is an appeal to a citizen's honor; the owner of a flag is encouraged to take its guidelines to heart voluntarily.

"And who amongst you libs are outraged that the symbol of our country was treated in such a disrespectful manner?"

I have better ways to spend my outrage. A flagpole in Reno can take a number.

"Why do you people hate your country? Why is it important to you that these Mexicans fly the flag above ours in our own country? Why do you defend that?"

23 comments on this page, and I couldn't find a single one that said any of those things. The common points are that 1) the guys who raised the flag didn't commit a crime, and 2) the guy who cut the flag down did commit a crime. Both of those are true. And together, they shed light on a gaping paradox in Daniel's anti-alien rationale. Pointing that out doesn't require us to hate America, nor to support what the store owners did. As soon as you accept that, you'll have your answer.

beakeer said...

i sent that video too danny....because i know him personally.....but he still needs a hobby..........

Anonymous said...

What gives, the flag waving nitwits on this blog defend the theft of an American Citizen's property when the property isn't being used properly, but when it comes to Measure 49 you all have your panties in a bunch.

The Reno PD need to put Uncle Jessie in jail for 30 Days to teach him what happens when you steal another man's property.

Anonymous said...

Still, leftwingers defending the Mexicans and their right to offend and insult us. The enemy within. Fuck you and die.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the liberals are all worked up about this but you never hear them critize any of the illegal aliens who commit crime in this country on a massive scale. Always making excuses for the lawbreakers.

Well you know what you liberal freaks......this guy had obviously had enough and made a stand. Something that you only do against your own country and fellow citizens and usually when it is not even warranted. Small pathetic people you are.

Kaelri said...

"Still, leftwingers defending the Mexicans and their right to offend and insult us."

Alright. Fist, the storeowners who put the flags up are Americans. Legally. I defend every person's right to offend and insult us - it's called free speech - but in this case, I would expect you to have a bit more sympathy, seeing as I'm defending the rights of your fellow citizens.

Second, to paraphrase Voltaire, I do not agree with what they say, but I will defend to the death their right to say it. (I know I'm hardly the first person to use that quote, but I've noticed that conservatives in particular often have a lot of trouble wrapping their heads around it.)

Third... it's a flag. On a pole. It wasn't going to hurt anybody. It was going to hang there. And wave. I'm all for poetic metaphors - I even liked "tear down this wall" - but this has absolutey no substance behind it. I don't mind someone taking a stand, either, and in any of a hundred other situations, I might've supported this guy. A little rebellion can be a healthy thing. But in this case, it's just overkill. I can't support him because stealing the flag did more harm than the flags would have done if he'd left them alone. It raised them to a level of significance that they simply didn't deserve.

Anonymous said...

Good point about property anon. The right will defend property when it is a white citizen, but a brown, black or yellow one no way. This goes the same when it comes to equal rights, the racist bigots that belong to OFIR, Oregonminuteklan, Defense of Marriage, etc. These people will go to any and all extent to protect the "right" of the straight white folks, but when it comes to people of color or gays, they spit on them. That is the American Way for conservatives.

Anonymous said...

More Republican Values:

Joey DiFatta resigns in another Republican toilet episode

October 6, 2007

Louisiana - Republican Councilman Joey DiFatta, who on Thursday withdrew from his Senate campaign, has been stopped twice since 1996 for suspicion of engaging in lewd behavior in public restrooms in Jefferson Parish, reports The Times-Picayune.

In one police report it shows that DiFatta was watching "a man use the bathroom while peering through a hole in a bathroom stall." Another says "DiFatta slid his foot into the deputy's stall and tapped the deputy's foot" >>continue

George O'Connor said...

Another Republican in the news for sex scandal. What is with these people?

To the issue at hand, the bar owner is a citizen of the United States and has a right to express himself, weather or not he meant to offend any one. Mr. Broussard has a right to express himself as well, however destruction and theft of property is not an expression, it is a crime. The bar owner and/or Reno authorities can and should bring charges against Broussard. This type of violent lawlessness should be dealt with in the strictest manner.

Anonymous said...

George O'connor, I would guess that you are as outspoken about the "violent lawlesness" that is heaped upon the american people daily by the hordes of illegal aliens? Or is it that you hate your fellow americans with a passion and only side with real crimminals and the like?

You know I don't know whether to laugh or to cry when I read some of the comments of the people who take the side of the illegals. It is like you hate George Bush and people that you consider to be to the right of your point of view so much, that you will side with people who not only have no right to be in the country, but break numerous laws while here.

If the tables were turned and Mexico had the illegal immigration problem that we have, I doubt you would see it's citizenry stick up for lawlesness. But sick and twisted liberals always find a way to be on the wrong side of an issue.

Kaelri said...

What comment have you read on this page that you think is "taking the side of the illegals?" I still don't see it.

R Huse said...

Talk about an inane juxtaposition.

Sorry, the asking for a rational explanation of this minor inconsistency regarding flag theft, by those who have had no rational argument for their defense of illegals other than "you're racist" is just a little much.

To those who have stood fast with the illegals, and the disgustingly racist groups who support them no explanation is due. Your expectation of rationalism from others while excusing yourself from such constraints is simply absurd.

No KKK USA said...

The bar owner is an Amerikkkan Citizen, so what 'illegal alien" are you all referring to? Or, is he an "illegal alien" because he is latino?

Anonymous said...

I guess some of you left wing nut jobs are deaf or can't read. Go after the old man if you want. Good luck finding a jury that will convict him, but go after him.

You guys keep spinning and spinning to the point of defending Mexicans and illegal aliens, even citing to bullshit political philosophy to further yoursevles. You guys are so full of shit. You are no one. You aren't a philosopher and you aren't important in the larger scheme of things. You aren't anyone. You haven't done a damned thing in your lives to esteem yourselves for, other than hopefully being good fathers or mothers and showing respect for your fellow CITIZEN.

So you can stop with all the self-important bullshit. Just admit that these fucking Mexicans did something that they clearly should not have done and there should be no surprise that someone became angered by it. There was no violence and no one was hurt. If these Mexicans don't want this to happen to them again, maybe they should learn how to fly the flag or at least not insult it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the bar owner is a american citizen. I have heard that and will not dispute the fact. But obviously he was trying to "hispander" by flying the Mexican flag above the US flag.

That is where illegal immigration comes into play. There is a demand for this sort of nonsense and a lot of people could care less about the cultural division that they are creating as long as it increases their bottom line. What he did was wrong and he received a little "street justice" for flying the flag as he did. No one was hurt in the process and he likely learned a lesson.

anti-klan said...

"Street Justice"? What happened to rule of law? There were no laws broken, so this reject from the Confederacy took it upon himself to enforce his own law.

Keep talking anon, you are doing a great job at exposing the racism, bigotry and lawlessness of the anti-immigrant movement. What is it, black boot stomp them until they follow the whiteman's law? If I didn't know better you sure write alot like Rick Hickey.

Anonymous said...

The question I have for those who support the actions of Jim Broussard:

Would you also support someone taking the same actions against a business flying the Confederate Battle Flag? If anything, flying the CBF is a greater insult to those who have served in the military, as it's flying the flag of those who have actually attacked and waged war against the United States.

As for Mr. Broussard, I wonder why he didn't bother to talk to the store owner first. I realize that might have interfered with his moment of macho glory, but he may have found out that the store owner didn't realize he wasn't supposed to fly another flag above the U.S. flag. By the way, flying the U.S. flag above the Mexican flag would be a similar breach of protocol. Do you suppose he'd have done the same thing then? If so, I have some land to sell you.

R Huse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
R Huse said...

Well, there is a little thing we like to call the Mexican American war, so following this line of logic its about the same insult as the Confederate flag.

Look, at the end of the day what we have here is a case of two lame-O's who got some air time. I always think its a little silly to be making your home in one country, fly the flag of another and not expect people to think it offensive. Likewise, its really silly to take it upon yourself to rip down the flag in some sort of rage.

Anonymous said...

So, R Huse, do you think it's silly when people fly Iriah flags on St. Patrick's day? How about the businesses in Astoria that disply Swedish flags?

And isn't the battle flag, by definition, the flag of war making? Who but the United States did the Confederacy wage war against?

no KKK USA said...

I saw a Oregon Republican/Pro-Bush/NRA looser (said on his bumper stiker) with a "Don't Tread on Me" Flag on a his pick-um-up truck areole in downtown Vancouver, WA. It didn't last long. I went back by the rig an hour or so later and the areole was twisted up like a prezel with the "Don't tread on Me" Flag cut to ribbons in a little pile on the windshield. Now that was fu-knee, but highly cowardly.

I guess it goes to say that in this day and age, if someone gets offended by something, expect the worst from them. The Confederate piece of garbage that ripped down the flag of the bar owner is one of those sensitive beard types. According to reports, after the incident, he hot-footed it out of there probably for fear of getting his ass kicked. I suspect if he had waited around for "someone to fight him for it", he would have been using that American flag to be hold his teeth and someone would have had a new letter opener.

Calhoun said...

What's an "areole" doing on a pickup truck?

Dawey said...

I think the point of the matter is whether you think this guy was right or wrong he stood up for something he believed in by ripping that flag down.

I commend him for having the courage to state who he was and challenge anyone who saw the video as well as the tavern owners.

Something to consider is he very well may of had numerous discussions with the owner about the way he displayed our flag under the Mexican flag and the owner just ignored his concernes.

I think if people don't start opening thier eyes and seeing whats really going on in this country they will lose it to propagandists and usurpers.

Come on people get real and start thinking with your brains and not your emotions. This country is under siege and we don't appear to have the courage to save it.

Anonymous said...

The country is under seige by enablers who want to change the country. They seem to support everything that is counter to what this country was built on. These people hate the US. Fine, I hate them right back. They make me sick.

If the owner was in fact American, you really have to wonder why he flew the Mexican flag above the American flag. In fact, that is worse than the Mexican who does it because one might presume that the Mexican didn't know better. Not so with an American. I guess there are people out there who want anarchy and they hide behind the guise of Free Speech to get there.