Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's up to the legislature

Actually, since we have a democrat controlled legislature I probably should have titled this post "It's up to the union." But Teddy K can come out for "illegal ID" if he wants:

Kulongoski described a permit the state could issue, allowing people to drive to and from work, but that would not serve as official identification as would a driver's license.

But Kulongoski will just be the one to sign the bill that the legislature sends him:

Will a customer be able to drive without proof of citizenship or legal immigration status?
The act gives the states the option to issue a “driving privilege only” card, which would be valid as a driver’s license only, and not recognized as an identification card for official federal purposes. The Oregon Legislature must decide whether Oregon will offer such an option.

So let's make sure that in the "special" session we have in February that our "representatives" send our illegal loving governor a bill with no illegal ID provision.


Anonymous said...

No human being is illegal. VIVA AZTLAN!

beakeer said...

you still need a hobby..........

Anonymous said...

it is the proof of insurance that is the most important thing. every lisence plate should be matched with insurance period.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anon 12:42

Humans aren't illegal.....but the things that they do are.

Being a Drug Dealer is illegal, Being a Prostitute is Illegal, Being a Child Abuser is Illegal, Being a Drunk Driver is comes the good part.......being in the country illegally is (you guessed it) illegal.

Good thing for you that being a dumbass is still legal.

Anonymous said...

If this ever happens, I'm going to DMV and demanding a "driving privilege only" card of my own, using a fake name. If I'm not given one, I'll be finding a like minded lawyer to help me with some form of lawsuit. If enough people do the same thing, maybe a class action lawsuit would be appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel, what's a worse crime, being a gang member or being a "illegal immigrant?"

Scottiebill said...

In my home state of Montana you will show proof of up-to-date insurance when you renew the license for your vehicle. No proof - no renewed license. That should be the norm for every state, it seems to me. But out here, the state powers that be don't seem to care one way or the other, as long as they get the money.

The Norm said...

Governor’s New Plan Out of Touch with Oregonians

SALEM—House Republicans today said they’ll oppose the Governor’s plan giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens. They’ll continue to support implementation of measures to secure drivers licenses and identification documents for citizens and legal residents.

“It’s wrong to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens,” said House Republican Leader Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg). “The Governor’s plan establishes a double-standard, where it’ll actually be easier to obtain a drivers license or ID if you’re here illegally. It sends the message that driving is a privilege for Oregonians, but a right for illegal aliens.”

During the 2007 session, Rep. Linda Flores (R-Clackamas) and Rep. Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) led efforts to pass sensible immigration reforms. Among the reforms, House Republicans sought to require proof of legal presence for state benefits and require ODOT to report those who attempt to obtain these documents through fraudulent means.

"Oregon voters tell us they want drivers' licenses limited to people who are here legally," said Rep. Flores, the Deputy Republican Whip. Flores added, "I find it interesting that the Governor campaigned on how advanced Oregon was in securing our drivers' license system. However, this new plan will only push us farther behind other states and moves us in the wrong direction."

Rep. Thatcher questioned the Governor’s priorities. She asked, “Why do we want to continue making Oregon a magnet for illegal aliens? I thought the Governor is supposed to uphold the state’s laws.”
credit The Oregon Catalyst

Anonymous said...

Here's a question, would such a driving "permit" be legal in other states? That's an important question. My first guess is that it would only be legal in states that have a similar program. In states that don't, they might not recognize the card as a legal instrument. If that happens, more of these wetback mother fuckers will gravitate to states like Oregon that offer this card. Dumbfuck Oregon lefties. They suck!

And in case anyone hasn't noticed, Oregon is in the process of being overrun by Mexicans, most of which are illegal aliens. I have seen the change in the 10 years I have been here. Things have really gotten bad in about the last 5 years. What do people here want, a Mestizo state? A polarized state based on race, culture, and language? I mean, what the fuck do you dumb fucking lefties want? Fucking idiots.

Anonymous said...

So if I want to drive a big rig, guess I do not need a CDL, I can just get an illegal drivers licence, after all, it is used just for work right?