Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Healthy illegals

Vote NO on Measure 50

In case you needed a reason (besides patent stupidity) to vote against amending Oregon's constitution to include a tax on a specific product to give government money so our overseers can "provide" health care to children...

Keep in mind that (as I have previously reported) the "Healthy Kids Program" is really the "Healthy Illegals Program."

In the initial report to Governor Kulongoski the recommendation was: "“All is all” –all kids, with immigration status irrelevant" (search terms highlighted for your conveniance)

So pretend for a second that you believe government should (with all the efficiency and customer friendly attitude of the DMV) administer health care, please keep in mind that Measure 50 will serve as one more magnet for illegal aliens to come to our state.

It is not healthy for kids to be surrounded by criminals.



Anonymous said...

I thought I read somewhere that illegals would not be eligible. Are they or are they not eligible? If they are eligible, that could be a deal-killer for the Measure. If proponents wanted to pass this measure, they'd have a better chance if illegals were not eligible for the program. In fact, they'd have a much better chance in Socialist Oregon.

As long as any of these monies are going to the large and substantial illegal community in this piss-ant state, I can never vote for tax increases to support this bullshit.

Anonymous said...

They already receive benefits. There are subcontractors who go out and find OHP clients for the state. They get their funds based on the number of new clients and they don't much care who they sign up so long as the enrollment numbers keep increasing so they keep getting more and more funding. The state does not check the status of the new enrollee.

One way to help reduce the illegal population is to start asking businesses if they hire them. The more people who ask the question the stronger the message gets to the business owner. Hire yard work done, painting a new roof? Making a hotel reservation or a reservation for dinner? Ask if they employee illegal workers. You can choose to use the company or not based on their reply.

Vote no on Measure 50.

Anonymous said...

Someone referred a landscaper to me who could put in a walkway for me on the side of my house. Dude didn't speak English and didn't want to draw up a contract. I could have fucked that guy. I could have had that dude put in the walk and told him to fuck off. But I did the right thing, I didn't hire his ass and wouldn't return his phone calls. I can't believe anyone would contract with this guy. Message to illegal: if you are going to go out on your own, learn the language and learn how we do business here.

Anthony DeLucca said...

If you REALLY want gov't handling your health care, just take a look at how efficient and well run the V.A. is.

I had a VA doctor tell me that another knee surgery was needed......that was three years ago and I still haven't received the surgery. The VA has lost x-rays, canceled appointments without telling me, and has generally loused the whole thing up. Frustrating doesn't begin to describe how I feel. The VA has since "outsourced" their patient backlog to private hospitals (in my case Legacy Healthcare) and Legacy is Jhonny on the spot with appointments, and surgery was scheduled within a month of me being placed into their system.

On month versus three years. If the State of Oregon has your healthcare in their hands....you'd better have your will ready.

Anonymous said...

From the Governor's Medicaid Advisory Committee:
"Second, it is critical that Healthy Kids will mean all Oregon children are eligible
for comprehensive, affordable health insurance. The MAC fully supports your intention
to ensure that factors such as income, health status, and citizenship status will no longer
interfere with an Oregon child’s ability to access needed health care. Every child is owed
a healthy start in life regardless of decisions made by that child’s parents, and every child
living in our state is a member of the Oregon community. "

The governor also said that he will cover illegals on a local PBS interview a couple of months ago.
This idea is wrong in so many ways.
Since I make $25,000 a year, smoke and don't have kids, I get to subsidize someone that makes almost three times as much as I do. They can drop the coverage they may be purchasing already and have more of their income to spend. Can I help you buy a new car too? How about pay your mortgage? After all I do smoke so I must deserve to get shit on.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:17 AM,

Sure, rip off a Illegal Alien landscaper and he might leave an unattended candle at your house as well.

R Huse said...

When revenues from the cigarette tax fall short, and they will, the population will be saddled with yet another short funded program. More people will see less advantage to working, thus more and more burden will be heaped upon those who would rather accept life's responsibilities. That ugly segment of the population, those that demand others shoulder their burden so that they instead can be free to play will grow.

And the children that this program purports to help? They will be converted to those ugly little monsters as well. Expecting as entitlement that others work ever harder to pay for their need.

"Health care is a Right!" allows some, by that right, to lay claim to the labours of others. Slavery in its purest most distilled form.

Astonishing how regressive the progressive can be.

Scottiebill said...

Hey, Anthony, Cheer up. Things will get infinitely better when Hillary gets elected and forces her "health care plan" on the country. That will happen just after the second wave of pigs fly over Portland in search of a sty to land in.

Anonymous said...

Democrats want this program because it will decline in funding as more stop smoking or use web to avoid taxes.

Then Democrats can say "We don't enough money for this program, have to raise income taxes since less people smoke now"
Just like they try with OHP & every other Socialst "special" program.

WA. & IL. have reported that 1/2 to 3/4 of newly state insured are in fact Illegal aliens.

Anthony DeLucca said...

As a Police Officer, I remember encountering GENERATIONS of folks who relied on the Gov't (meaning yours and my tax dollars) to get them through life rather than actually going out and getting a job and earning their own living.

Fraud is rampant in any of these social programs, and that fraud costs BILLIONS annually. Those billions are in turn, passed on as additional tax increases to fund those same programs.

It's a nasty cycle that needs to end. I'm all for helping my fellow man who actually needs a hand up, but I'm really getting tired of hearing that "More Taxes are needed to fund social programs".

Spend what you get responsibly, and you won't need tax increases or additional new taxes.

Economics 101, but I guess the Gov't (State and Federal) must have been busy when that class was taught.

Anthony DeLucca said...

By the way, I miss getting ripped on by you lefties that troll this site. What's the matter? Did you run out of vowels or something? Did you "Word Of The Day Calendar" get lost?

I KNOW that you not too busy at "work" to visit more often.

I miss the abuse.

Anonymous said...

NO ON 50!!!!

Tax hikes as part of the Oregon Constitution??? Do the Dems really think we are all that stupid?

Calhoun said...

anon 9:47 PM said : "There are subcontractors who go out and find OHP clients for the state. They get their funds based on the number of new clients and they don't much care who they sign up ..."

Where did you hear of this? Who are these subcontractors? I'd like to know more.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who worked for one of these subcontractors. They look at Americans as a liability because they use the services of the doctors & clinics and it cost them money. Non-English speakers use the ER, because they are told to go there for health care and the sub-contractors do not pay the hospitals, we the taxpayers do.
Our health care system is hard enough to English speakers/readers to understand, imagine being unable to read your OHP service contractors policy of who you can and cannot see for health care.

My friend because disgusted with the system and quit. Too many needy citizens were turned down.

OregonGuy said...

Came across this story today, listening to my local radio station.

"To comply with new federal requirements, Oregon should give driver's licenses only to people who can prove they are in the state legally but at the same time make driving privileges availabe to undocumented worker in Oregon, Governor Ted Kulongoski says.

"Under pressure from the federal government, Kulongoski and the Legislature when it meets in 2008 are expected to take up the question that bears on immigration policy, the health of Oregon's farms and national security.

"The federal government's Real ID act requires states to bring their driver's licenses under a national standard and to link their records to national databases. The Congress passed it after the 2001 terrorist attacks.

"But the governor said such requirements would create a problem for workers "who do not have a legal presence in the state" and their employers."

At a service club meeting Tuesday in Eugene, Kulongoski said he understood the concern over identification questions, such as for passengers boarding airplanes, and he spelled out his position.

Anonymous said...

At a service club meeting Tuesday in Eugene, Kulongoski said he understood the concern over identification questions, such as for passengers boarding airplanes, and he spelled out his position.

"The federal government wants some assurance that in fact the people who are receiving those licenses have legal presence in the states that provide them," he said. "I actually think there should be a driver's license that does actually show legal presence in the state."

Anonymous said...

There appears to be no desire at the state or federal level to enforce our immigration laws. Even the unions, once opposed to it now support it, as private industry has outsourced many union jobs and much union power has been lost. They now see illegals as their new membership to regain that power.

The government is now filled with dues paying union members and that means political power via those all important union dues to be donated to the union party.

The more poor people to provide social services too the more union jobs are created and the more state jobs the greater the union influence over state politics.

The average working stiff is taxed to death to provide this wonderful government largess to the poor people of Mexico who only come here to work don't ya know?

We particpate in this fraud by knowingly or unknowingly doing business with companies who hire illegal workers. These companies use cheap labor and let the taxpayer pick up the tab for overcrowded schools, health care cost and other social services.

Express yourself, ask if they company you want to do business with hires illegal workers and then make them show you proof their workers are legal.

It is your money, spend it wisely.

Vote "Yes" on Measure 50 said...

So I am supposed to vote "no" because a pair of washed up sad sack white trash smokers are telling me to? And who is telling them to tell me? The cigarette companies surprise surprise. I would much rather support the "illegal community" anonymouse speaks of, than to support a bunch of cigarette smoking white trash imeciles that have their heads up the cigarette companies. High time for a constitutional amendment. As for me and my house, we will be voting "YES"!

Anonymous said...

To vote "yes" on measure 50:

So quick to demonize smokers.

"sad sack white trash smokers"
"smoking white trash emeciles(sic)"

Hey "yes",
Would you be so quick to say, "sad sack n--ger trash smokers"? Or, "smoking sp-- trash imbecile"?

What a hypocrit. I'm sure "yes" doesn't care, unless he had to answer for it in polite company.

Do you see how you look?

This from Democrats that give so much lip service to protecting minorities and low income people.

And, who are so quick to call others "racists and bigots".

But no, when it comes to low income people who smoke and are a minority (20% of total pop.), demonize and make them pay for people with as much as three times the income.

Regressive, if you ask me.
And, again, hypocritical.

But to high income, intellectual Socialists (ironic), smokers are just low hanging politcal fruit to be plucked of their money.

Socialism is more important than smokers (probably don't give as much political campaign money as gays), so Socialists demonize smokers.

Socialsits throwing smokers under the bus,
so O.K.


Anonymous said...

A yes vote is a vote against cigarette companies. good enough for me.

anon11:04am said...


Sorry, but a yes vote takes money right out of the smoker's pocket. Tobacco companies pass any tax increase on to the smoker.

It's the same as if somebody held the smoker up with a gun and demanded money from THEIR wallet, but with the coercion of the law.

"Yes on 50" people intuitively know that; that's why it's so necessary to demonize smokers...make them seem sub-human.

That way it doesn't feel so bad to coerce the money from a low-income minority.

After all, they're sub-human, you know.

You can't ease your Socialist conscious.

Four legs good, two legs better.

That's how Socialism always ends up.

You may not "get the business" this time. But wait, there will come a time when its your turn to pay the price.

And, finally if it isn't stopped, Socialists will come for you, simply because you don't agree with what they want.

Hold yourself up to the mirror and decide if that's how you want to be.

Anonymous said...

Having a friend that worked in Social Services for the State of Oregon, he often said he couldn't believe it how many low income people in east county would apply for everything free under the sun that the state could offer, but could still afford the cigarettes they smoked outside while waiting thier turn. If the reason to vote against Measure 50 is because the poor can't afford cigarettes, I ain't buying it. The Measure 50-Phillip Morris Campaign can stick that argument up their ass and so can the poor cigarette heads.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the poor can afford cigarettes.

Is it the best choice? Most likely not. But is that where we're heading? Tax the crap out of anybody we don't like. Have the government coerce the "unpopular."

The real question: Should smokers bear the burden of paying for the opening round of the Democrats quest for socialized medicine?

And, who's next on the Democrats' hit list to get their taxes raised?

Ah, I see the demonizing is back.

"...the poor cigarette heads."

I guess that comment proves the validity of anon2:25pm's observation of the necessity of demonization.

"They (fill in the blank) deserve to have their taxes raised because I don't like them."

Anonymous said...

Actually, smokers do put the population at risk with their evil little craft, so maybe they should help fund the healthcare for those they affect. Seems like a great idea.

Ever drive in the armpit of Oregon--Clackamas County? Everytime I travel through there to get up to the Mountain, I see parents smoking with their kids in the car. Healthy Kids Initiative is spot on. After all it is probably those smokers in Clackamas County whose Children are sucking off the Oregon Health plan.

Measure 50 is sounding like a better and better idea everyday.


Anonymous said...

Yep, nothing but white trash here in Clackamas County! The New Yorker call Clackamas County a white trash area when Tonya Harding whacked Nancy Kerrigan.

I guess they have never heard of Lake Oswego that poor little city in Clackamas County - nothing but wealthy white trash! They probably smoke cigars there too - evil I tell you. Tax them too.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:17, how do you feel about drug treatment? Do you believe in the power of addiction? You are on dangerous ground in terms of being grossly inconsistent between narcotics and tobacco.

I don't smoke, so I really don't give a shit, but a tax like this to benefit this large group of society state-wide shouldn't be born by this one select group. The reason they are being burdened is because the Socialists here obviously are concerned that they cannot pass a general tax increase amongst us all. So they pick on a group with virtually no voice.

Once the tax is ushered in, then you get more people hooked onto needing the nanny state service being provided. Once the tobacco money runs out, then the pols have a greater chance of getting the general tax passed as people won't want to throw these kids off the rolls once they have been given benefits.

It's very easy to see what the State is doing. And it doesn't end here. This is a prelude to universal coverage through a massive redistribution of wealth.

Think you have a problem with illegals and other economic migrants now? You ain't seen nothing yet.

Kristopher said...

Oregon, because of a past voter initiative, now requires a constitutional amendment to create or seriously raise new taxes.

The socialist losers in this state have picked out smokers as low hanging fruit.

This ain't about smokers ... it is about socialist losers having to amend the constitution to create new taxes.

Dawey said...

IMO this is a bad measure for everyone smokers and non-smokers alike. As stated previously this is a work around because the corrupt taxspenders in government want more and more of everyones money so they can throw it away on some stupid little pet project.

Don't fool yourselves these people wouldn't give a red cent for any of the children they claim this is for. It is an exercise to see how they can manage to wrangle more dollars out of the Oregon voters.

Same goes for these rediculous ideas about national healthcare. The politicians spouting this stuff off are just trying to say what they think will get them in office. Its a power trip and nothing more.

Don't be fooled by the silver tongues of the politicians running for office over the next year both locally and nationally. That goes for Republicans and Democrats because in so many ways they are just two sides of the same coin.

The voters need to take responsibility for their votes and research the issues and candidates they are considering. You can't rely on whats being posted on the internet or whats being played over the radio and TV waves alone. Spend the time to really get to know what is going on.

Anonymous said...

just saw the commercial of the little girl with cancer back in 1998. i love how these people fail to address this big issue involving illegal aliens accessing care. And the girl in the video was insured. I guess the "all for the childrun" crowd couldn't find an uninsured English-speaking child to be their spokeskid for the effort.

The Left will point to Dorothy English and equate this situation with that one. Can't equate kids to adults. Doesn't work that way.

I hate the Left. I hate the hard right as well, but the left in this state suck ass.

Anonymous said...

For all of you illegal haters: Once upon a time your great mama or pappa was an immigrant.