Sunday, October 07, 2007

We'll make it expensive then help you pay!

School board starts tax on new developments
The North Clackamas School Board last night implemented a new excise tax on residential, commercial, and industrial development. The excise revenue will allow the district to purchase and prepare sites for future schools, and to help defray the cost of new school facilities.

No word on whether this new "make housing more expensive tax" will go to Clackamas school facilities like El Puente Bilingual School.

"El Puente's mission is to offer an enriched bilingual educational experience in which all students achieve high academic standards and celebrate cultural diversity."

This school literally has a requirement that 40% of their students be "native Spanish speaking."

A word from our Principal, GM Garcia
Approximately half of the students in each class come from Spanish speaking homes. The other half live in homes where English is spoken. Both groups attend El Puente because each child wants to become bilingual in their first language plus that of their peers (Spanish and English).

In earlier grades most of the instructional day is in Spanish.

I seriously started this post with the intention of highlighting the absurdity of government making housing more expensive and then offering to help people pay for housing that is too expensive...

Housing and Rental Assistance Information (Clackamas County)
"The demand for low-rent public housing is high. The current waiting time for available units ranges from 18 to 24 months."

But after five minutes on the school district web page I have found enough superflous programs to make your head spin. (Everyone on the Diversity Task Force is going to need to get a real job) It's so hard to focus on the whiners talking about unaffordable housing while at the same time making housing more expensive when the whole "reason" for the tax, which is in theory that the school district needs more money, is so laughable.


The Norm said...

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I also sent an email to Rick today regarding the state of things in Oregon. We need to establish some kind of leadership against the pro-illegal immigrant stance of this state. This whole thing with teddy k. trying to give drivers license to illegals was the last straw for me. I'm fed up.

Anonymous said...

let us focus on the criminal behavior not on education. We should have a law on new home construction for solar panels for example. But do we want higher home prices "no".We must spend money to save money. Keep the criminals out saves money

Anonymous said...

Illegal immigrants=criminals. Illegal immigrants kids in schools=criminals=more money. Why not kick those children out of the schools. They are not entitled to ANYTHING! If they want it come here legally. Time for serious ICE raids, everyday, everywhere until we force these people to go home. It is time. Stop sticking it to law abiding people for the crimes of those that commit them.

Anonymous said...

Well, unfortunately, illegals, at least for now, are here. And, they're driving. At least if they are given drivers licenses they will have to show proof of insurance. And, if they are stopped by a police officer, they will have to provide proof of insurance or be fined (a source of revenue). Issuing drivers licenses also provides a way to get them "on the grid" so to speak, so they can at least be identified. If they have fingerprints on file, so much the better. Does Oregon require fingerprinting to receive a license? So far, the pluses seem to outweight the minuses.