Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The party of rewarding criminals

Driver's license issue complicates immigration politics
The leading presidential contenders, Republicans and Democrats alike, routinely declare their opposition to illegal immigration.

Is it hard for you libs to deal with the fact that your candidates have pretend to oppose your positions when running for national office?

During Tuesday night's Democratic debate, five of the seven candidates indicated they would support states issuing driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. The front-runner, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, appeared to endorse the idea as well, before retreating into an answer with so many caveats that her rivals mocked her for seeming to take both sides.

On Wednesday, campaign spokesman Phil Singer would not directly answer whether Clinton supported licensing illegal immigrants. "The question misses the point of the issue," he said, stressing that the New York senator wants comprehensive immigration reform that puts people who are in the country illegally on a path to citizenship. (Amnesty)

I don't like these politicians actually talking about issues or taking a stance. Let's just go back to hearing about how much money they've raised so the Sheeple can go back to watching Dancing with the Stars.


Anonymous said...

daniel - are you trying to be funny? get in mac johnson's pants? both?

Anonymous said...

Wonder what "debate tactic" Anthony "No, I'm Definantly NOT A Gentleman" DeLucca will be using today? (See 10/22, Delucca, 9:00pm) Probably # 3 and # 9. He used them so "effectively" (hilariously) on the comment thread for Daniel's 10/29 entry.
Can hardly wait to see which ones he employs today!
- Eli Barnhardt

Anonymous said...

the republicans are no better, just look at bush and what he has done to solve this problem.If we can keep politics out, just address the issues, no one wants to talk about the solutions.

Anthony "Up yours eli" delucca said...

Nice to see you're addressing the issues at hand Eli.

Daniel, not only do the candidates pretend to to oppose positions (or endorse them if that's what the audience wants), Hillary is basically trying to buy votes.

She'll give you free health care, she'll give every newborn $5000 bucks, she'll pay for college. What she's really saying is that she will raise everyones taxes to pay for this shit. Oops, sorry....she's only going to raise the taxes of the successful people who don't need these programs, so that the people who haven't taken the risks, and who haven't sacrificed to build businesses, who haven't become successful, can get the freebies. On top of that, she has stated that she wants to cap the saleries of Oil Company CEO's, Hedge Fund Managers, etc.

Wealth re-distribution is Socialism...and will absolutely ruin our economy. It will take away any financial incentive there was to go out and take the necessary risks involved in starting new enterprise. No new enterprise, no new jobs, more people depending on the Government assistance.

A socialist utopia.

Anonymous said...

Capitalism also redistributes wealth, Mr. DeLucca. It is no coincidence that the rise of American industrial capitalism has coincided with the phenomenon of the "rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer." One does not need to be a socialist to know that. It is simply a fact ... a fact that the statement "wealth re-distribution is socialism" implicitly ignores and/or denies.

Anonymous said...

Anthony "I dont answer to you" Delucca:

Yeah, you were really "on topic" the last few

Anonymous said...

Rupert Huse: S&M, bondage, sex "furniture" sleazy porn dealer
(hope your tapes never get out, dude)

Daniel Miglavs: convicted 18th St Gang Banger (and God only knows what shit he did BEFORE he finally got arrested) modify a portion of Miglav's post from a few days back...."sleazy perversion and proclivity for crime" are not qualities Oregonians For Immigration Reform should be looking for in their recruits.

Anonymous said...

Daniel wants to build more prisons to lock up more criminals, yet he didn't serve any time for his crimes (he even used our tax money to appeal...twice!).

Daniel - if lax punishment helped turn you around, why won't it work for others? Or are you special in some way?

We all make mistakes, and we all have our contradictions; acting as if you don't is what makes you a HYPOCRITE!

Anthony "G'Day Mate" DeLucca said...

Anon 7:55am

You said:

"It is no coincidence that the rise of American industrial capitalism has coincided with the phenomenon of the "rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer."

Can you tell me how you came to this conclusion? The gap between the rich and poor was much greater in the early 20th century, and the late 19th century than it is today in the United States.

The way I see it, if you struggle, sacrifice, and take the necessary risks, you can succeed and become wealthy in this country. I don't understand why there are some people in this country who see wealth as something evil. The philosophy of "If you are wealthy, then you must be evil" is an absurd one to me, but one that I hear often.

Look at Bill Gates. He created an empire, and produces a product that (like it or not) is the engine for industry and business around the globe. He donates BILLIONS to charity, and gives to the impoverished around the globe. His company employs thousands, and those that had taken the financial risk and invested in his vision in the early years, have been compensated handsomely. Some of them have gone on to create other corporations who in turn, employ additional thousands of people. (Paul Allen for example). Mr. Gates and Mr. Allen are just two examples of the hundreds of thousands of entrepeneurs around the nation who do the exact same thing, albeit on a smaller scale.

Socialism encourages the exact opposite. Socialism over-taxes the rich to give to the poor. If there is to be no reward, you will find very few who will take the risks necessary to prosper.

Our country is the most prosperous in the world foor a reason. Our economic system, while not perfect, allows the individual the freedom and financial incentives to create products, services, and most importantly, jobs.

Government imposed salary caps, higher taxes for the wealthy, etc.. will only serve to kill the economic success we have attained.

Eli and Anon(s)'ll be happy to know that this will be my last post for a couple of weeks. Being the wealthy capatalist that I am, I'm taking my family on vacation for a couple of weeks to Australia.

Anonymous said...

Anthony - if we're so great at capitalism, why are the Chinese (led by a communist party) kicking our asses right now?

Have fun in Australia, and try not to perpetuate the "ugly American" syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Look, here's my take on the drivers license issue. First of all, illegals are here, and from the looks of it, regardless of who is in control on Cap Hill, they're going to be here for a while until we find an answer to this damn mess. So, they're here, and an awful lot of them are driving. They're driving with no instruction and they're driving without insurance. Not good.

First: If we license them, then they are at least "documented" in some fashion. They are "in the system," particularly if they are fingerprinted for their license (that's a good thing). If they commit a crime, we have a fingerprint. So, in some fashion, we have them accounted for, we have them "in the system" and we can get a better handle on the number of illegals here, instead of make-believe numbers people like Anthony "look it up for yourself" Delucca like to toss out there.

Second: they have to prove they know the rules of the road by passing a written test, then prove can operate a vehicle safely by passing a driving test. This is a good thing.

Third: Further modification to any drivers license issued to an illegal: the license cannot be used for Federal i.d. purposes. For instance, it would not qualify as a form of i.d. required to register to vote. This would be plainly marked on the license. That would eliminate their ability to vote (which is a red herring, since 99.9% of illegal aliens don't vote anyway)

Fourth: in order to get tags for your vehicle you must carry auto insurance. Make illegals renew their tags annually. If they have to register annually, that means they have to provide proof of insurance annually. That's a good thing - less uninsured illegal aliens out there driving our roads.

I talked to a retirement-age police officer the other day at a neighborhood watch gathering. He told me that he is pretty confident that at 25 - 30% percent of the drivers on our roads are driving without insurance, or driving with suspended licenses, or driving with no license at all. He said this is true regardless of ethnicity, immigration status and economic status. Pretty scary.

Anonymous said...

Have fun Anthony "numbers are my imaginary friend" Delucca. This "dirt poor" (lol) liberal pinko (lol) spent two weeks touring Australia and New Zealand with his family last year. Don't forget to pick up some S&M toys to take with you, I hear Rupert's having a "buy one get one free" sale.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A sober and reasoned assessment of the immigration issue. A rarity on this blog. Kudos, Anon!

Just a comment on the voting issue. I agree and don't think the fears of illegals voting are founded at all. In fact, one must not only be here legally to vote, but must be a naturalized U.S. citizen. If people are voting illegally - shame on them - but shame on us as well for not having a more reliable and fool-proof system for keeping track of who can legally vote.

Anonymous said...

Anthony "do as I say, not as I do" Delucca:

Nice manifesto on capitalism. Guess I'm not the only one who strays from the "issue at hand."

- Eli Barnhardt

R Huse said...

Once again the astonishing bigotry of the left:

From Anon 8.29

"Rupert Huse: S&M, bondage, sex "furniture" sleazy porn dealer
(hope your tapes never get out, dude)"

Ok, first of all nitwit what tapes are you talking about? Tapes of me having sex? I've got plenty of them, want to come over and watch? Schedule an appointment, Id be happy to show you. You might get a few pointers on how to satisfy your partner, unless you are currently dating your right hand as I suspect.

Porn dealer? - Well, That's certainly a weird one, I have never sold porn in my life. What are you talking about here? Are you actually so jealous of me that you went through my site, and yet so stupid that you couldn't figure out I sell products, not porn?

Look, bigot -

If you have an issue with people tying up their wife or boyfriend, I would suggest you take up you're bigotry elsewhere. Why don't you go beat up a homosexual or a black guy while you are at it. I really have no patience for people who for some reason lead such dull lives sexually that they have to take out their hatred and jealousy on what other people do in their bedroom.

You truly are a Neanderthal. I so wish we could end whatever welfare program supported your family long enough to bring about a birth so worthless as your own.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:40 -

The thing about Daniel is that he puffs up his chest and says, "Yes, but I am reformed!" implying that he, in all his glory, was worthy of reform. That somehow, God annointed him and he has been washed clean. But, the lowly illegal immigrant scum, who also has committed a crime, no lesser and certainly no greater, than Miglav's "former" self (I use quote marks because he still is a member of a gang - of sorts) is not equally qualified for reform, for rehabilitation, for annointing. Only he, the annointed one, deserves absolution, for he speaks English, and not just English, but English with no accent! This, as far as I can identify, is the single mitigating factor that determines if the criminal is worthy or unworthy of reform and therefore exaltation, in Miglavia.

Eli Barnhardt

Anonymous said...

LOL Rupert! Guess I struck a little nerve there....ROTFLMAO.'s a drag, eh. Yeah, when you're on the receiving end. As far as beating up homosexuals...why don't we save that for your little friend and "inspiration," Daniel.

Anonymous said...

What party rewards criminals? It's hard to tell these it Daniel's party today? Or was that yesterday?

Anonymous said...

How's this for "family values" and protecting the great "American culture," you're so worried about?

Here you go, self-righteous red white and blue family values "not in my neighborhood" Miglavians...courtesy of one of your own:

OFIR - what a fine bunch of upstanding citizens.

Anonymous said...

To anon 8:59,

Fourth: in order to get tags for your vehicle you must carry auto insurance. Make illegals renew their tags annually. If they have to register annually, that means they have to provide proof of insurance annually. That's a good thing - less uninsured illegal aliens out there driving our roads.

They get insurance to register the car and then drop it after it is registered.

This happens with all people, not just illegals

There is no requirement for insurance companies to notify the state when someone drops coverage.

Jack Van Nostrand

Anonymous said...

Jack Von Nostrand: At least it's a start. People who drop their auto insurance soon find out it's not in their best interest because they have to pay "high risk" rates the next time around. It's not a perfect solution, but it at least introduces the concept "I should be driving with insurance" into the mind of the illegal alien who may very well continue paying his premiums when he realizes WHY he should be paying insurance and WHY it benefits him. Not EVERY SINGLE one of them is going to let their insurance lapse. And that's a hell of a lot better than EVERY SINGLE one of them not bothering at all.

It would be great a law was put in place to require insurance agencies to notify state motor vehicle departments when insurance has been dropped.

Anonymous said...

dude! that is some website. you could have given a little warning before i opened it at work, though!

to each his own, but i'll never understand the appeal behind this fetish and bondage shit...yikes!

r-huse, what I don't understand, though, is that you claim to not sell porn, but under the "watch fucking" link, one can pay to watch porn, and apparently, some pretty nasty shit. what's up with that?

Anonymous said...

There's NEVER been a welfare recipient in my family, going WAY back, WAY WAY back, meaning NEVER, and there NEVER will.

As far as bigotry goes, I agree with anon 9:25: It sucks, especially when you're on the receiving end. Your ilk doesn't seem to mind it so much when you're doling it out though, but you wail like stuck pigs whenever you get a taste of it.

Actually, I am quite accepting of alternative sexual orientation, as long as good manners are followed. My most beloved cousin, who is currently serving in Iraq, is lesbian, and I trust her with my children implicitly. I've had gay roommates, and have been around gay people for most of my adult life. I am completely comfortable and accepting of gays and lesbians. Also, I have no racial prejudices. Coming from a group of people who have been heavily discriminated against, I find racial prejudice despicable, so you're wrong about me on that count too.

Perpetrating violence against someone simply because of their race or their sexual orientation is not my bag. I save that for Daniel and many of his friends who frequent this blog. But would I get off on going "Chuck Norris" on a hypocrite or two (or four or eight), HELL YES!

As far as my "worthless birth," you'll just have to take that up with God and my mother. What a comment from a pro-lifer.

I think you're probably just saying that because you are very, very, VERY angry right now. Why? You've got nothing to be ashamed of, right? I mean, it's public knowledge what you do, right? And there's absolutely nothing wrong with what you do, right? So what is it that you are so inflamed about? Is it that you didn't want SOME people to know what you do? Why? Are you afraid they may not hold you in such high regard? Are you concerned that your credibility might suffer? I don't understand why you are so red-hot with anger about being exposed. It wasn't something you were trying to hide, after all, was it?

My issue with regards to your choice of "pursuits" is merely to question the "quality" of people OFIR recruits. If it is perfectly acceptable to question the "quality" of people our U.S. Armed Forces recruits, then it stands to reason that it should be perfectly acceptable to question the "quality" of people OFIR recruits. I mean, Daniel is the one that brought it up...take it up with him. If you don't want Daniel's blog entries to be publicly debated to their logical course then perhaps Daniel should make this blog private like Ann Coulter's (is she one of your best customers?).

Guess people who post using "anonymous" aren't so dumb after all...

Anonymous said...

R. Huse said:

... I really have no patience for people who for some reason lead such dull lives sexually that they have to take out their hatred and jealousy on what other people do in their bedroom.

I say: uh...that would be the Republicans and conservatives who are now to embarrased to be called Republicans, right? I mean, they're the ones who are all about getting into our bedrooms and telling us what we can and cannot do...and buddy, I'm certainly not one of them....

Anonymous said...

You know what Rupert? I just have to apologize. You're not a bigot. In fact, you're one of the few people who frequent this dive of a blog who happen to be able to discuss the issue of illegal immigration without resorting to sneers and racism against Mexicans. I forgot that about you. Of course, I haven't read ALL the archives, yet. However, you are an arrogant prick who has no business (in light of your depraved livelihood) bullying those who don't meat (sic, but I'll let it stand for the pun value) your "quality standards" of a patriotic American when your own quality of character is in question, along with that of so many other "quality" OFIR recruits. You may not be a bigot, but you're still an ego-maniac assh*le. So, again, my sincere apologies for lumping you in with Daniel's Merry Band of Bigots. Oh, and by the way: Jealous? NEVER. Curious? ALWAYS.

Anonymous said...

R-Huse - Why do you assume that everyone is jealous of you? I actually feel kind of sorry for you, since it seems like "regular" sex just doesn't do it for you anymore so you must have to go to these extreme lengths to make it interesting.

Personally, life's complicated enough without introducing whips, chains and all kinds of other weird shit into my sex life. That must seem really boring to you.

I'm sure your business is completely legal, and tolerance for differences makes me respect your right to pursue whatever it is that interests you, as long as it doesn't hurt others. Nonetheless, it doesn't prevent me from thinking that you must be some kind of a creep, and that in terms of character, the average illegal immigrant who has crossed the border countless times to earn money in the U.S. and provide for his family and community in Mexico makes you look my humble opinion.

This is not bigotry. I don't think you're a creep because of the color of your skin, the language you speak, your gender, or your immigration status. Forgive me, but I just have my doubts about someone who runs a business that sells, among other things, "ass speculums". I had no idea what one of these things was, but fortunately your website provided a description:

"This is a beautiful heavy weight instrument in satin stainless steel. The fit between the plunger and the tube is exceptional. This is probably the most comfortable tool to use for a good look up inside someone's asshole. Once inserted, it can be used as a funnel, urinal or spittoon."

I would rather not have known! As I said, as long as you're not hurting other people, do what you want...but don't expect me to understand it.

Anonymous said...

I tip my hat to you Anon 2:18. Here, here!

R Huse said...

Anon 2.18

Well, I do have to hand it to you. If nothing else you are honest and I actually do have some respect for bigots who at least admit to their bigotry.

Tell me, is it your opinion that all sexual orientations different from your own are the result of people getting tired of vanilla heterosexual activity?

I mean, following your logic, I suppose you feel sorry for homosexuals because gee, I guess regular sex got dull for them.

Again, I do appreciate your candor, at least you admit your mentality. However I do have to say I am a little stunned someone would be so proud of such a limited view.

Whatever floats your boat.

Anonymous said...

Better the party of protecting immigrants than the Party of "P", Mr. "I love Pedophiles" Miglavs.

Anonymous said...

Anthony is already practicing his Australian accent because if he uses his American one, he risks getting his ass kicked. My great Aussie uncle just loves when Americans come to their bars. Ha Ha.

Anonymous said...


Is illegal aliens getting driving PRIVILEGES boring.

Anyhow, giving illegal aliens driving licenses is a stepping stone to "regularization," aka, amnesty.

And, yes, there is a risk of illegal aliens voting, particularly with all the "wink and nod" from the Democratic side.

So far, all the center-left folks on this thread are in apologist mode.

But better look out, the fact is that a majority of American voters are against it.

Anonymous said...

Boy has this thread turned surreal...

R-Huse - Whatever floats MY boat?!? That's rich.

Bigotry is defined as "stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own". I think I demonstrated tolerance of your "beliefs" in my previous post. I am entitled to my opinion (right or wrong), however, about your character, and as long as my opinion doesn't lead me to actively promote discrimination (meaning differential treatment by groups or institutions) or harm towards you, I don't think it is accurate to call me a bigot.

I acutally consider myself quite moderate and believe that in most cases, small doses of any deviation from the accepted norm is probably quite healthy, including sexual practices. And I'm even ready to admit that someone who enjoys playing with "ass speculums" and having other people's urine, spit or whatever funneled into where the sun don't shine probably is completely harmless on an interpersonal level (but, hygenically I wonder). But, just to be safe, I'll probably avoid such a person if and when possible, and wouldn't be too comfortable having them around my kids either.

Now, you'll have to forgive me, since, vanilla as I am in terms of sexuality, I had always thought of sexual orientation in dichotomous or trichotomous terms, based on whether one engaged in sexual relations with people of the same, other or both sexes. I didn't realize that strapping electrodes to your testicles and shoving foreign objects up your ass constituted a sexual orientation. Learn something new every day.

I don't feel sorry for gays because they're gay, I feel sorry for them because they're institutionally discriminated against by the State and prevented from realizing the same rights and equality under the law as straight couples. This has nothing to do with what one does in the bedroom. No one is advocating denying you the right to marry because you like to play with butt-plugs. That would be bigotry. It's not the same as denying someone a state-recognized marriage because they are in love with someone of the same sex. That IS bigotry.

I guess I'm just a product of my socialization. That process has led me not to think of people as lesser human beings because of what they believe, what color their skin is, or who they like to have sex with. But it has inclined me to worry about the emotional and psychological health of people who engage in certain sex practices, regardless of who they do it with. I'm open to information proving my concern unwarranted. Bigots are not.

So, R-Huse, thanks to your website, I have only just learned about sexual practices that I could never have dreamed up, even with the aid of strong drugs. Thus, I think I'll need a little time to come to the conclusion that this is just run of the mill shit that ought to be folded into the "normative behavior" category as soon as our society reaches the enlighted, liberated, and progressive perspective on the world that you have already reached.

I'll be the first to admit that it's probably not fair of me to perceive of people who make their living in the porn industry as somewhat sleazy, but it's just a notion I can't seem to shake. There are certainly other professions that I will encourage my children to pursue.

One last thing, I can't seem to understand how you can endorse Daniel's views about so many things - sexual orientation included - while at the same time blasting the sort of intolerance of which you are accusing me

anon 2:18

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for R Huse. What God made beautiful he has managed, in his pathetic world, to pervert into complete ugliness that has absolutely nothing to do with love, indeed, it hardly even resembles sex. If what God has made for us is "vanilla" then I'll have two scoops. Thanks, but no thanks, I've never had a taste for trash. I hope I never see his face at an OFIR meeting.

Anonymous said...

With regard to the Anon's statement about capitalism and income inequality, Anthony DeLucca innocently asks: "Can you tell me how you came to this conclusion?"

Sometimes, one must simply laugh out loud. Why is it necessary, for the sake of Miglavians, to "prove" or provide "evidence" for the spectacularly obvious? Income inequality, wealth disparity, or the rich-get-richer, etc. or whatever you call it is a FACT OF FUCKING LIFE in the United States. It has been endlessly, exhaustively documented. Dozens of reports on the subject are published every year by think tanks, academics, and government agencies. How can one NOT know this? Hell ... we're living it!

Giving Mr. DeLucca the benefit of the doubt, however, and assuming that he wants to know how the Anon concluded that it is not a coincidence that income inequality has coincided with the rise of industrial capitalism, one still has to question the intelligence he brings to bear on the topic.

Can we assume, Mr. DeLucca, that you at least agree that the rise of American industrial capitalism actually happened in the last century? Or does someone need to "prove" it to you?

And if you agree on that, then I don't think you have to be an economist or academic (or a socialist, for that matter) to conclude that there must be some relationship between the phenomenon of long-term trend of income inquality and the economic system in which that phenomenon is produced. Income inequality is not simply an incidental and inconsequential footnote in American social life; it, like taxes, is a defining feature! A Marxist could no doubt spend hours talking to you about surplus value. I don't understand that stuff myself, but I sure as hell do know that profits have to come from somewhere.

Shit. None of this matters, does it? You're probably halfway to Australia by now, and I've been talking to a herd of Miglavians ... and, apparently, anti-Miglavians who for some reason are obsessed with RHuse's sex life.

Anonymous said...

When he comes back from Australia should we call him Anthony "I had sex with a kangaroo" Delucca?

or Anthony "I went to Australia and all I got was an STD" Delucca?

or Anthony "watch out for the boomera-aaaaaggghhhhh!" Delucca?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5

Not obsessed, not at all. I was just sitting here, enjoying my morning cup of joe, hitting all the regular sites, including this dive. I happened to read one of R.Huse's posts, then clicked on the link he provides to his profile, and boom, there it was. If I were obsessed, I would be planning to visit his web site frequently. No thanks, once is enough. MORE than enough. Eeeechhhhhhh. Uuuuughhhh. I feel dirty even thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

So it comes to light that the U.S. State Department has offered "limited" immunity to the Blackwater mercenaries who gunned down 17 Iraqis a while back. Odd ... I haven't seen any "rule-of-law" chest-thumpers here express any concern or indignation about this.

Apparently, some "rules of law" are more important to the Miglavians than other "rules of law."

Anonymous said...

who cares about that.

R-huse, how much for a cock-ring?

Anonymous said...

Extraordinary though it may be, RHuse has announced, of his own free will, that he has video recordings of himself having sex.

Which raises a question that I'm not sure I want to know the answer to: Does he have any of Daniel Miglavs?

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel - If the old tip jar isn't getting the bills paid, R-Huse is looking for "models".

R Huse said...

Anon 2.18

Actually I frequently blast Daniel, and most anyone here for intolerant views of legal activity. Anyone who has been on here any length of time knows I often castigate people here who yammer on about homo's (since I am half a homo Im allowed to say that) It was simply your turn and you deserved it.

The difference between you and Daniel is Daniel admits it, he doesn't like fags, fine. At least he knows who he is.

You on the other hand have no idea of your bigotry, and that's really creepy.

I just simply don't take kindly in the least to people who go out of their way to disparage other peoples sexual orientation.

I think it is especially loathsome when someone goes out of their way to do it, as you did.

I didn't ask you to go to my site.

I didn't ask you to enter it, where there is a clear warning, "if you cant handle it, leave".

You are absolutely no different than the Neanderthals that say "I hate gay people" and then go visit San Francisco.

I didn't ask you to understand my orientation. You clearly don't, fine. Just say you don't understand it and move on. I don't understand yours, yet you don't see me giving you a hard time about it. I've never been in a long term vanilla relationship, I don't understand them, so I don't engage in them. The difference between me and you is I don't call those who engage in vanilla relationships sick, or disgusting, or intimate they are pedophiles.

You are an absolute ass, I didn't bring my sexuality into this, you did. Then you proceeded to be offended.

You are the one who has insinuated I am dangerous around kids. Based on what?

You are the one who has essentially said what I am engaged in is horrible. Why? How does it affect you?

You....bigot... are the one engaging in activities that hurt people, not me. You run around judging other peoples orientation, intimating they are dangerous around kids, unstable, when they have done nothing to you in kind.

You are the kind that really creeps me out, small little minded people who go creeping around looking for things that offend them.

This one takes the cake:

"I guess I'm just a product of my socialization. That process has led me not to think of people as lesser human beings because of what they believe, what color their skin is, or who they like to have sex with. But it has inclined me to worry about the emotional and psychological health of people who engage in certain sex practices, regardless of who they do it with. I'm open to information proving my concern unwarranted. Bigots are not."

I love how you think that you aren't a bigot because you will allow someone, through your royal grace, to disprove your bigoted assumptions. Gee thanks.

Ok, so let me get this straight, you are so tolerant, you are so open minded, "why sure those darkies and fags are ok.... its those other types Im concerned with".


Let me tell you something, every now and then you hear about someone who got murdered because of some SM wacko. Yep, it happens, they find a body with a bondage hood on or whatever.

How often do you hear about that?

OK - Now when was the last time you heard about someone who was molested by a school teacher? a parent? a HS football coach?

How many of those were regular vanilla sex, and how many involved some sort of SM, because you know if they involved SM it would be all over the news.

OK - Got it? Its real rare. Frankly I think it is I who should be scared around you.

I see far more, way .... way ..... more evidence of vanilla type people abusing kids and raping women than any other group.

Oh, I guess except for the Catholic Priests.

God, you are just such an amazingly small minded individual I am stunned.

I dont know if you live near Eugene, Oregon or not, but I swear to God if I had the chance I would try and talk some sense into you in person.

a 'lib' Anon said...

As someone who has sparred with RHuse on occasion, I will say this: As outrageously stupid, politically disoriented, and disingenuous as I find him capable of being, the discussion of his private (sex) life and business here is inappropriate and uncalled for. Armed with the information, I do find it interesting, given the context of his other views which are disparaging of others, but on the other hand, he DIDN'T bring it up and shouldn't have to put up with all your shit. Drop it, folks.

R Huse said...

Anon 5.06PM

> If what God has made for us is "vanilla" then I'll have two scoops.

Gee, glad you have a direct phone line to god, that's cool. Is that a local call? Is the phone red and lights up like the batman hotline?

> hope I never see his face at an OFIR meeting.

Yeah? Well, Ill tell you what, if you do see my face at an OFIR meeting here is what you are going to do:

You are going to sit there, and you are going to shut up. Got it?

Want to know why?

Because you aren't so tough. Any asshole who makes threats like that and then posts as Anonymous isn't all that tough.

You know it. I know it and now we are both clear on it. So sit down, shut up, and stop trying to be the big man.

You aren't going to do thing one if I show up at an OFIR meeting. Learn it.

Anonymous said...

Saying that I hope I never see your face at an OFIR function was certainly not a threat. I only hope I don't see your face at an OFIR function because I don't know if I could control the laughter. I mean, just the visual of you using some of the "tools" you sell on your "non-porn" site. I mean really, what do you put in someone's rectal cavity after it's been spread wide by one of your beautiful satin finish stainless steel "ass speculums?" Skittles? The visual alone, well, my sides have been aching all day from laughing. And when my significant other came home, well, round two on the laughter!

I'm just being honest here Rupert. If I ever see you at another OFIR function, I will try not to laugh, okay? I really, really will. But I just can't make any guarantees. And I certainly can't guarantee that my significant other, who often accompanies me, will be able to maintain a straight face either. But I am sure we will both try because the last thing we want is to engage in mortal combat with you!

Also, how do you know my gender? You say I'm trying to be a "big man." How do you know I am a man?
Maybe I am, and maybe Im not. Just something to think about.

In addition, how do you know which one of the several Anons here you should be yelling at? Are you just yelling at all of us?

I am the one who visited your site. You put it out there. It's there for me to see. Your screen name is a link that takes any reader directly to your profile. Your profile says S&M loud and clear and you're not ashamed of's right there for all to see. But then you're all offended when someone actually sees it. You're like the kid who says "look at me! Watch me! No, don't look at me! Don't watch me!" Well, which is it? Why are you slamming me for visiting it? If you can't "handle" getting ribbed for it then why include the information in your profile? You provide a link, then get all pissed off when someone clicks on it and follows the path you have paved for them. Weird. Look at me! No, don't look at me!

Anonymous said...

Like you said your own self Rupert, "it's simply your turn and you deserve it."

In addition, like you said your own self, "if you can't handle it, leave.

--another Anonymous, but which one?

Wallace said...

As amusing as this thread has become, I think it raises a serious issue, one that's completely lost on RHuse.

Let's just say, Mr. Huse, that illegal immigration was not a problem in this country. Let's say there's a 100-foot tall wall along the entire U.S.-Mexican border, and absolutely no one can get through. Let's say all the "illegals" have been rounded up and deported. Problem solved. Let's just assume that for a minute.

Now: Who do you think Daniel Miglavs and his little band of uber-Christian fascists will go after next? Whose ass are they going to get New Testament on? Careful ... it might be an ass that's spread wide open by one of your beautiful stainless steel speculums.

You think I'm joking? They won't be. Miglavs was taking great joy the other day about some college kid getting tackled by four cops, Tasered, and hauled off to jail. His crime? Speaking to Sen. John Kerry from behind a podium set up for that purpose, asking a question that deviated from the mainstream.

It will not make any difference to the Miglavian faithful whether you're gay, bi, tri, or trans. You shouldn't be doing it, and you sure as hell shouldn't be talking about it, so steps will be taken.

You think I'm joking, I'm sure, but you'd better pull your head out of that speculum-stretched cavity of yours, because I tell you this: They will not be joking.

This is the company you keep.

Anonymous said...

...Old Testament.

Anonymous said...


yet another anon said...

Wow ... I'd always used the phrase figuratively. It never occurred to me that RHuse might actually have his head up his ass!

Anonymous said...

What's it called? Spelunking?

I wonder if there's an echo...


- Anonymous IIV

R Huse said...

>I'm just being honest here Rupert. If I ever see you at another OFIR function, I will try not to laugh, okay?

Good, that will make two of us. Yay.Im so thrilled.

Anyway, nice back down on the tough guy thing.

>Your profile says S&M loud and clear and you're not ashamed of it....

Right, bingo. Glad it got through to you.

>If you can't "handle" getting ribbed for it then why include the information in your profile?

I can handle it, obviously, I just find the bigotry annoying. It's the same reason black people tend to get annoyed at being called nigger or gay people get annoyed at straight guys yelling faggot.

Obviously to you that's friendly ribbing, at least here. Somehow I think you are probably a little more neutered down in real life. Don't take that personally, I just tend to think Anonymous's who are all full of bravado here, don't quite measure up real life.

Anonymous said...

So you "bravely" display your name only to snivel like a whiny little brat when anything else about you is displayed.

-- another anonymous

Anonymous said...

Alright R-huse, enough with the bigot charges. I admitted to a certain degree of bigotry when it comes to non-normative sexual behavior. But I'm not a bigot towards gays, nor am I repulsed by gay intercourse, so you can stop hammering away on that one (no pun intended).

In sum, I'm not the kind of bigot who has any type of negative sentiment towards gays; rather, I'm the type of bigot who finds shoving a funnel up one's ass so somebody else can urinate in it to be quite twisted.

Who knows, maybe it will turn into a fad, and as it becomes more popular and common among my friends, I'll open up to it (again, no pun intended).

Anonymous said...

Can I get one of those speculums? I'm thinking it might come in real handy when it comes time to stuff my Thanksgiving buzzard? I hear you're having a buy one get one free sale...

Anonymous Maximus

R Huse said...

>Now: Who do you think Daniel Miglavs and his little band of uber-Christian fascists will go after next?

Gee, I sure don't know, because basically all the bigotry I seem to be getting is from the lefty Anonymous's.

Pretty much the only intolerance I have seen for myself, my business, or my sexual orientation has been almost exclusively from the left, it has happened before and this thread is continuing evidence of that fact.

Its been the same in the past when gay issues have come up. The only criticism I have ever gotten about that on this blog has been from the left.

This entire thread has been proof positive of the vacuity of the supposed tolerance of the left.

The only liberal who seemed to pick up on that fact was "lib" anon, the rest of you missed it.

Why would I have anything but contempt for you?

Your next point would be what?

Anonymous said...

Um, what does it look like when someone farts with their ass "speculumed?" And if they did fart and there were Skittles in there would they all flutter out like confetti? Hey, that might be cool for a party!!!

Anonymous said...


What's the wierdest thing you've ever filled an rectal cavity with? How about Jello? Bean Dip?

Anonymous Jr.

Anonymous said...

How long before you'll have to wear Depends?

Anonymous Botanicus

R Huse said...

Anonymous 10.47

No sir, you are a bigot, pure and simple.

You are the kind of person who because he doesn't understand something thinks he is entitled to criticize it and not be criticized back.

You implied I was dangerous around children because of what my wife and I do in the bedroom. That is bigotry.

You implied I had some sort of mental imbalance because you don't understand or approve of something. That is bigotry.

You sir, are a bigot, at least on this issue, since you hold these beliefs against all empirical evidence to the contrary. Thats the definition of bigotry, and you.... are it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know, how about those candies that fizz and pop...what were those called...POP ROCKS. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Hieronymus Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Dear Rupert:

You is what you is, but that doesn't mean we have to like it.

Nighty night, don't let the bed bugs bite...

Anonymous Giganticus

R Huse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
R Huse said...

>You is what you is, but that doesn't mean we have to like it.

Bingo, glad one of you brain surgeons finally got that through your head.

You don't have to like it, I didn't bring it up.


You is what you is, but that doesn't mean I have to like your bigotry.

Pretty simple to me, lord knows why you guys get all whiney ass when its pointed out.

Good morning sunshine. Kiss Kiss.

Anonymous said...

Dear R-Huse -

Please do forward all empirical studies about ass speculum users. As I said, I'm open to changing my opinion.

Actually, in the course of all of this, I've grown bored, apparently numbed already, even to the fact that ass speculums exist, and people, beside proctologists, actually use them.

My criticism of you is not motivated by bigotry, but rather by your hypocrisy, in consorting with the type of people and party who are openly hostile to your type of lifestyle and advocate policies and make formal declarations from positions of power insinuating that your "sexual orientation" is tearing apart the moral fabric of our society. Wallace was spot-on when he pointed this out.

I don't say THOSE things. I don't believe them. I think other things are tearing apart the moral fabric of our society - like consumerism, poorly funded education, a government that pursues war over diplomacy, etc - and that people who play Guantanmo in their bedroom have NOTHING to do with it. And I probably was too harsh in making moral claims about the psychological and emotional stability of s&m-ers, I'll admit that. But the rather light-hearted ribbing you are receiving here (my comment on whether I'd want you around my kids excepted), I would guess, is because of your hypocrisy, not because of any genuine disdain by people on the left. Some on the left might make fun of you (because they might perceive you to be a hypocrite), but the right will ostracize you and openly and formally disparage your lifestyle. Who are the bigger bigots?

Your logic on this one is quite twisted, and I'm not sure why. You hold more respect for Daniel, because he's honest about his bigotry. Those of us "on the left" who make some jokes when a right-winger reveals that he gets medieval in the bedroom, are apparently the more dangerous bigots, because we "don't even know our own bigotry"? Give me a break. Actions speak louder than words, and insofar as I vote against the anti-gay and anti-porn measures that right-wingers are always putting on the ballot, insofar as I support the ACLU and all the other so-called left-wing groups that seek to protect YOUR right to do whatever the fuck you want in the bedroom, I'm pretty sure that makes me and the left far less bigoted than your republican friends. It's not your lifestyle we despise, it's your blatant hypocrisy that I, personally, lack tolerance for.

How many openly gay republican politicians are there?

How many gay politicians are there?

I don't like you, R-Huse. I think you're a bombastic, arrogant, prick. But that won't prevent me from continuing to act in your interest insofar as I oppose the type of homophobic and anti-expressionist policies that your friend Miglavs so militantly supports.

Do I care that you play with ass funnels? No. Do I think it's a little weird? Sure.

Anonymous said...

....what he said. Ditto for me too.

Anonymous Guantanomous

Anonymous said...

R-Huse -

Note that the one comment you received from the right was a threat by some pussy OFIR-member who then backed down when you called him on it.

All the comments from the right have just been rather light-hearted jokes, motivated, I suspect, by hypocrisy-fatigue.

Dude, I've been laughing my ass off at these jokes! They're funny. You shouldn't take them personally.

Anonymous Barbarous Cunnilingus

Anonymous said...

Uh...sorry dude. All the funny comments have been from the left.

The "right" are still reeling. I think they're just hoping this "will all just go away."

Hieronymus Anonymous

Anonymous said...

still a criminal, always will be a criminal!

Anonymous said...

I haven't "backed down." I still hope I never see him at an OFIR function. I really do think I might dissolve into hysterical laughter. But again, for Rupert, I will sincerely try.

I would never "back down" to the likes of Rupert. Sorry.

Anonymous said...


Do you sell ass speculums with one of those colonoscopy cameras attached? I figure as long as someone's taking a gander up there, they might as well snap some photos of the colon and send them off to the physician. Kill two birds with one stone!

Anonymous Colonomous

Anonymous said...

Stewie: Good morning to you too, sunshine! Wow, that was great last night. Was it good for you too? What's for breakfast?

Anonymous Hilarious

wallace said...

Mr. Huse:

If your response to the question of who the Miglavian uber-Christian fascists would go after next in the scenario I outlined above is "Gee, I don't know," then my next point would be that you are a hypocrite and a fool.

You seem perfectly capable of recognizing bigotry when it is directed at you because of your sexual orientation/practices, but you practice bigotry in relation to Miglavs' current target: "Illegal aliens."

I have absolutely no problem with what you do in the bedroom. I'm as gay-friendly as a straight lib can be: I believe gays should have full and equal protection under the law, they should be able to marry, they should be able to adopt, have kids, everything straight couples take for granted. They have historically been marginalized, ostracized and legislated against -- just as immigrants, "illegal" or otherwise, have been and are -- and it's time that both forms of bigotry STOPPED.

R Huse said...

Anon 6.35

>It's not your lifestyle we despise, it's your blatant hypocrisy that I, personally, lack tolerance for.

Well, I do note that I wasn't the one who started out by calling other people mentally unstable and implying they are pedophiles for what they do in their bedroom.

>insinuating that your "sexual orientation" is tearing apart the moral fabric of our society. Wallace was spot-on when he pointed this out.

Guess I missed that, the vast majority of criticism I have gotten seems to be from people who think citing ACLU membership gives them a get out of jail free card on bigotry. The only vaguely right wing guy critical of me seems to have been the supposed OFIR guy, and even he backed down when called on it as I and others have noticed.

>But that won't prevent me from continuing to act in your interest insofar as I oppose the type of homophobic and anti-expressionist policies that your friend Miglavs so militantly supports.

If you want to really start acting in my interest, start with yourself. Stop thinking it is perfectly ok to imply someone is a pedophile because you don't understand their sexuality. Stop getting all cranky when you get called a bigot for that.

The only reason you are upset is because I pointed out something you didn't want to face, your bigotry towards a sexual minority you felt you could insult at will. Your not mad at me, you're mad at yourself.

You need to start walking the walk that you talk and you're just pissed off at me because you know it and because I pointed that out in no uncertain terms.


>They have historically been marginalized, ostracized and legislated against -- just as immigrants, "illegal" or otherwise, have been and are

I don't think I have ever said I have any belief that immigrants should be marginalized.

I have consistently said I think illegal immigrants should be marginalized. I don't see anything hypocritical about that at all.

The problem here is the basic logic you are using, because I am an "out" sexual minority that has been marginalized in the past, then therefore I should support those who are marginalized due to their illegal activity. That's a somewhat silly proposition, and if that makes me a hypocrite in your eyes, fine. I just simply don't understand your reasoning, and somewhat resent the implications of it. Minorities, sexual or otherwise, owe no allegiance to those who are marginalized due to being criminals.

Bottom line:

In the end I think we have clearly established yet another realm where the left thinks its better at running other peoples lives than the people living them.

Im the one who is the "out" sexual minority. Im the homo, the evil SM person, whatever, and yet, Im the hypocrite. I don't know who to hang out with and nice ACLU members, who have shown me nothing but bigotry in the most vile terms are here to help. Gee, thanks guys!

R Huse said...

By the way, just to be clear.

The "ACLU card waving members" was not directed at you specifically Anon 6.35. That's a general thing I have used in the past when I've had the "ACLU get out bigotry jail free card" pulled on me.

Anonymous said... when is the next OFIR meeting? Will I see Rupert's face there? Will I follow his funny little directive: "you are going to sit there, and you are going to shut up?" Is that Rupert going all "dominatrix" on me? ROTFLMAO. Rupert, I don't "back down." I really do hope I don't see your face at OFIR. I won't "sit there and shut up." I might squirm a little in an effort to keep from bursting into laughter, but if I can't help myself, and I start laughing uncontrollably you can whip me with a cat-o-nine I suppose, just don't make me put on one of those red gag balls or whatever they're called. LOL, LOL, LOL...get over yourself Rupert. No one tells me to "sit down and shut up." Back down? Nope, can't help you out there, either.

Anonymous said...

I'm threatening to laugh at you. How disturbing.

Anonymous said...

How about this: if I start laughing at you, you can start laughing at me. I have a really fat ass. You can laugh about that.

Stevie said...

“The party of rewarding criminals”? Daniel, as is often the case with your posts, you’re not necessarily or entirely wrong. But what you DON’T say is often just as revealing as what you do say.

In this case, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation if the President of this country (a Republican, in case you forgot) utilized the same broad executive powers he has granted to himself with regard to Iraq and terrorism, to control illegal immigration. If you believe that leadership starts at the top (and most people DO believe that, BTW), then it is only logical to conclude that the GOP-controlled Executive Branch, which has routinely ignored illegal immigration, is the ultimate party willing to reward criminals.

And don’t even get me started on the recent revelation that the State Department (also run by a GOP member) is apparently willing to grant immunity to contractors in Iraq who have routinely and systematically defrauded the government. The Executive Branch (again, run by the GOP) could put a stop to rewarding criminals in this regard too, but they don’t.

As my grandmother used to say Daniel, “Every time you point your finger, there will be three fingers pointing back at you.”

Anonymous said...

Okay, R-Huse: Why don't you stop crying now. I admitted it was wrong of me to insuate that you were a pedophile just because you like dungeon-sex. But if you can't recognize someone thinking that the use of electric catheters during sex is a little out there and someone actively denouncing that sort of behavior (through policy measures or from the social/political pulpit) as two distinct forms of bigotry, the latter far more reprehensible than the former, then, as Wallace said, you might just be a fool.

It was wrong of me to insinuate that you are a pedophile because you're into s&m just as it is wrong of Daniel to insuate that illegal aliens are drug-dealers or child-rapists just by virtue of their being in the country without documents. How can you condone one type of bigotry and decry the other?

There is no convincing empirical evidence (in terms of scientific research) that any of the charges that Daniel repeatedly levels agains illegal immigrants - that they commit more crimes (entering illegally excepted), that they steal jobs from natives, that they take more from public coffers than they put in. The evidence that I've seen suggests that the illegals are not the problem, our immigration laws and quotas are. We probably have more undocumented workers than we need, but our economy needs the low-skilled work illegal immigrants provide, and our laws should be brought in-step with that economic reality.

This is no different than the situation for a sexual minority such as you. As late as 1972, sodomy was against the law in Oregon. Up until 2003 when the Supreme Court ruled all sodomy laws unconstitutional, what you do in the privacy of your own home was a felony in Idaho, carrying a 5 year to life penalty. This is absurd, as what you do in the privacy of your own home is no threat whatsoever to the public good. And unless the nativists can provide some real, empirical evidence that undocumented immigrants are a threat to the American public, any more so than anyone else, our immigration laws should be amended in order to bring them into the fold of our society. Yes, amnesty.

Lastly, let's not kid ourselves. While you are right to desire a more open social acceptance of your lifestyle, I think your plight as a minority pales in comparison to that of hundreds of thousands of foreign-born children brought very young by their undocumented parents (hired by somebody!!), who live in limbo right now because the nativists defeated the dream act. These kids, many of whom have no memory of their country of origin, face deportation to a country that is as foreign to them as it is to you me. They were raised here, educated here, socialized here, their entire life is here. That we can't do something for these kids is inexcusable.

So, I'm sorry to have subjected you to any sort of bigotry. I apologize for that. But I still find you to be one big hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Dear R. Huse:

I've read thru all the posts, some of them are pretty serious, others gut-splitting funny. I have a question though. What are you angry about? I'm having a hard time putting my finger on it. Is it that your website was posted or that people expressed negative reactions? I'm not wanting to start anything here, I am just trying to understand. Thanks for your reply.

- Moondoggie.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard Stevie? Daniel isn't a Republi-con anymore. Like most conservatives, they are too embarrased to be called a Republi-con. Stay tuned, they're in a huddle right now, deciding amongst themselves what they want to be called. I'm sure they will get back to us on that.

Anonymous Bulbuous

Anonymous said...

Okay, so what R. Huse seems to be saying is that, as a member of the S&M/Dungeon Sex community, he is a minority and that to judge him negatively for his sexual preference is a form of bigotry. Apparently, what he's saying is that because his preferred sexual habits are LEGAL, those who find it distasteful are bigots and therefore, he is a victim of bigotry. Am I on the right path?

-- Moondoggie

Anonymous said...

Okay...still reading...but as near as I can tell, what happened was a reader, who says they are a frequent visitor to this site, clicked on R.Huse's name, which linked them to his profile page. I did that. Then once you're on his profile page, it says very clearly that his occupation is a purveyor of adult S&M items. OK. That's interesting information provided by R.Huse himself. One would have to be brain dead to not be "piqued.
At the bottom of his profile is another link to his own blog. OK. Clicked that. Within seconds, I see his first name. OK. Rupert. Google "Rupert Huse." Within seconds I have access to his online store, OK. Well, R. Huse, I have to say, you have pretty much layed out a "paved path" for anyone to follow. One poster characterized the other poster's discovery of your website as "obsessive" but I would have to disagree. I don't think a minute, which is what it took me to find your site, qualifies as a long enough time span for an "obsession." Three
clicks, boom, you're there.
I don't understand why you are so angry about all this. It isn't as if you took any steps at all to conceal it. Indeed, you did lay out quite an easy path. I am finding, as I read along, that Anon 8:56 pretty much nailed it. You're like an attention-starved naughty child with a streak of exhibitionism, who jumps up and down waving their arms and crying "look at me! Look at me!" Then, realizing that in the process of looking, more than he wanted might be revealed, changes his mind and shouts "No, dont look at me! Don't look at me!"

-- Moondoggie

Anonymous said...

It's really unfortunate. As good libs, constatntly reminded of the moral depravity of our political positions by various figures ranging from -- James "focus on the family" Dobson, to Larry "I like to get down and dirty on public restroom floors" Craig to Pat "natural disasters occur because God is punishing us for the presence of gay people in our society" Robertson, all the way to Daniel "18th street gangbanger who found God who revealed to him that his life on earth was to be spent demonizing and scapegoating undocumented peasants from Mexico" Miglavs, to Rupert "purveyor of testicle flasks and ball presses" Huse -- we should really be more tolerant and accepting, and not make any remarks whatsoever when it is revealed that one of their conservative ranks, all of whom of course, we are led to believe, walk the straight-and-narrow, turns out to like his sex turkish-prison style.

I guess we're just human, and even though we should really resist gloating a bit when it turns out that diversity of opinion and lifestyle exist in the world, and that no one dies as a result, I guess we just can't. What more would you expect from a liberal?

Anonymous Ejaculatingbuttplugamous

Anonymous said...

This is definitely my halloween costume next year! I think I've finally found a way to avoid the embarrasment of showing up to a party wearing the same costume as somebody else. Finally!

Anonymous said...

I want to comment that I can't figure out what 'minority' group Rupert wants to belong to so he too can be card-carrying victim of discrimination. I can't detect even a bit of a problem with his (half) homosexuality on this thread, so it doesn't look like we're a bunch of homophobes. He must feel victimized because so far, unlike the growing number of protections laws available to homosexuals, there are no protection laws addressing his specific sexual niche. Of course, I haven't heard of rampant descrimination against S & M'ers yet, so spare me the violins.

Hieronymus Anonymous

Anonymous said...

That's only because no politician worth his salt would risk losing the all-important butt-plugger vote.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I have never witnessed as much hate from the left as I have read here today.

I thought that you people were billing yourselves as the tolerant crowd?

Cheap shots online at someone whom you disagree with is not an honest discussion, and will only cause to further solidify the notion that the left in this country uses hate to further their agenda.

You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we don't hate Huse, I don't think anyone has said that here. Not at all. It's just extremely amusing that, yet again, the party who claims to have a monopoly on character and family values, who has spent the better part of three decades demonizing the left and branding us as immoral NAMBLA defenders bereft of character, consistantly seems to produce a bumper crop of characters who fall far, far short of their own measuring stick.

Anonymous said...

Lord Miglavs -

Can't you see we're floundering here in moral uncertainty. Please, grace us from on high with your opinion!

Anonymous said...

Can we assume, RHuse, that you objected loudly and vigorously in 2003 when the Supreme Court invalidated U.S. sodomy laws? I mean, the law's the law for a reason, then you get a bunch of liberal judges decide that sodomy is fine with them, so then it must be fine for EVERYONE. You're opposed to amnesty, right? Why? Because it's rewarding criminal behavior? Isn't that basically what the Supreme Court did in Lawrence v. Texas? Also, just because the court invalidated the laws doesn't mean they still aren't on the books in some states. If they're on the books, then shouldn't the law be enforced? What kind of "message" are these states sending if they don't enforce the law?

Anonymous said...

LOL...he's too busy right now. He's on a shopping spree at Huse & Son.

Anonymous Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Good Gawd Huse. After so much anal stretching, how do you keep all your poop from just falling out all over the place?

Anonymous Comodius

Anonymous said...

I'm a little disturbed about the "& Son" part of Huse's enterprise.

Anonymous said...

Well, I took a look at this site and I couldn't help but think how many perverts have purchased items from him only to use them while torturing kidnap victims, women and girls who have disappeared without a trace. He'll probably say that the majority of his customers are regular people like you and I, but how does he KNOW. Personally, I couldn't live with myself if I thought any of these items was being used to torture an unwilling human being, worse, a child.

-- Maliengus

Anonymous said...

You don't call that hate?? If you were to have the same crowd surround this Huse guy on the street, and would be hurling the same verbal crap at him, it would be almost as if you were about to physically attack the guy. As an onlooker, I would seriously be concerned for the guy's safety.
The "If I see you at an OFIR meeting.." crack can be taken no other way than as a threat. Dodge it all you want, but saying things without defining what exactly it is you mean, can be heard a number of ways.

Again, he's engaged in a legal enterprise, serving a niche market. (a wierd market in my opinion, but a legal one none the less).

Simply put, you people are coming off as pretty "asshole-ish" if that's a word.

Anonymous said...

Oh please. Are you so quick to defend the people Miglavs and friends mercilessly pummel at on practically a daily basis? I am afraid for anyone who speaks Spanish, because lately Miglavs seems to have lost all reason, recklessly assuming, with out care, that anyone who speaks Spanish MUST be illegal. If Miglav and friends were dogs they would be snarling pit bulls. Are you the defender of the world, or just those who belong to groups sanctioned by your particular interest group?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:00 --

The correct quote from Anon 5:06 (11/1) was: I hope I never see his face at an OFIR meeting.

Not, "IF I ever see his face..."

"If" implies something will follow..." IF I step on a nail it will hurt. IF I rob a bank I might go to jail. "I hope" doesn't...and as the poster later said, their reasoning was that if they did see him they might burst out in laughter, especially since they had been entertaining themselves with funny visuals all day...I think they mentioned Skittles? The poster also went on to say
"violence isn't my bag." They also implied their gender was female. I hardly think a female would threaten to cause bodily harm to the likes of R. Huse.
In fact, Huse's reply seemed much more menacing if you ask me.
In closing, the whole explanation doesnt seem like "dodging" or "back tracking" to me. It seems quite plausible to me, actually, because if I ever see him, unrestrained laughter will probably be my reaction too.

Anonymous Hippopotamous

Anonymous said...

Daniel, could you post another entry so we can move on?

--Eli Barnhardt

Anonymous said...

all this petty drivel needs to move to craigslist rants and raves section. yall are fucking annoying

Anonymous said...

Regarding the question posed by Anonymous Comodius and the comment by Anon 4:14 PM:


Anonymous said...

Anon 4:06, I appreciate the seriousness of your question, but I'm not sure that asking RHuse about what he did "loudly and vigorously" was the best way to go about it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:00, 11-2: R Huse put himself out there, wide open, (no pun intended) and in so doing, must assume that this kind of sh*t is going to happen. His current pity party aside, judging from the vibe eminating from his on-line store, I think he can take care of himself.

Z. Zamora

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:00 - Oh for God your Pollyanna bullsh*t for Sunday. If we can't make fun of this then what the hell can we make fun of? Do you know how much sh*t we get from these sanctimonious turds? We're "Godless," traitorious, Nambla-loving, America-hating miscreants who danced in the streets on 9/11. You bet your ass I'm going to poke fun at these guys, every fricking chance I get. If they can dish it out they better be prepared to take it.

the detective said...

Forget it Jake. It's Miglavia.

Roger Doger said...

I suspect with all the hate directed at RHuse that there are some self hating conservatives throwing in on this. It is funny, I am a lib and could care less what Rhuse does in his bedroom or what he sells, so long as it is between consenting adults, doesn't involve children and is legal. There is stranger stuff out there. But with all the Republican sex perverts and pedophiles coming out the woodwork almost weekly, it is not to hard to understand why anonymous cons would want to throw their brethren Mr. Huse under the bus. They hate themselves so much for what they have become that hating RHUSE is the best they can come up with.

observer said...

I notice RHuse has a few defenders here who are appalled by the jokes made at his expense.

They don't buy the argument that he's catching hell because he has a reputation as an arrogant, reactionary prick. RHuse, they believe, is being singled out because of what he does in the bedroom ... er, I mean, dungeon.

There are multiple ironies at work with such a response.

In the first place, I suspect many of the jokes are coming from people who, while finding RHuse's recreational choices a bit strange, probably, at a much deeper level, don't really have any problem whatsoever with what he does in that regard.

On the other hand, I'm guessing that at least some of RHuse's defenders are genuinely (and secretly) appalled by his orientation/choices, and would not hesitate, given the chance, to vote "Yes" on a ballot measure intended to criminalize or otherwise marginalize him.

These same people, I suspect, are part of the rising tide of anti-Latino, anti-South America, anti-immigrant venom, participating in the name-calling, scapegoating and demonization, with little care about who their venomous rhetoric sweeps up, and yet when someone calls them on it, they protest: "No, no! We're not racist! We're just upset about the illegal immigrants!"

In so many ways ... pathetic.

eddie said...

No Observer, I think you're wrong on that account. In fact, you, like most on the left, mistake the conservative stance for intolerance because it makes it easier to villify us.

Frankly, most of us could care less what someone else does in their bedroom. If it makes them happy, and they do it with others that feel the same, then more power to 'em.

However... and this is a HUGE however.... we reserve the right to teach our children that deviance is not normal. That pushing the envelope in search of personal pleasure is not the standard, or perhaps even the proper thing to do.

Currently, in our society, with government approval comes an immediate flood of prepackaged social conditioning through entertainment media, the public service message system, clarifying legislation, and the public school system... if you approve ANYTHING then immediately the education begins in how that new thing is JUST AS GOOD, if not BETTER then the traditional way.

This is the stand we take... we don't care if RHuse prefers to dress as a leather ballerina with a crown of battery operated surrogates on his head, or if a couple of men want to live together and call each other husband.... really... we don't. We just don't want authority figures telling our children that those lifestyles are equivalent to their parents' one.

observer said...

Eddie, were you in Oregon during Measure 9, in 1990? How did you vote on it?

Anonymous said...


Okay, so MOST of you could care less about what someone does in their bedroom... Really? Then explain to me why MOST of you turned gay marriage into THE "deciding" issue when you decided to do the WRONG thing and give the Chimp FOUR MORE DISASTROUS years in office. You basically gave him a pass on a huge barge load of shit he created for our country on this ONE ISSUE. You guys let him slide based on this one issue! It was more important to you guys than ANY THING ELSE. And it's not liket here wasn't a plethora of other issues way, way, way more important to our nation -- it's security, it's reputation, it's economic future, our very existence as a PLANET...but you guys picked gay marriage. GREAT. If you don't care, then explain to me why gay marriage retains a position on the top 5 list of Republican election-time talking points, at a time when there are issues far, far, far more important.
I'm sure that there are SOME of you Republicans and neo-CONS who don't care, but only SOME, and its a small "SOME". MOST of you told us EXACTLY what you think of gays in 2004.

There's mountains of evidence stacked against you. Nice try though, Observer.

Anonymous Giganticus

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Giganticus:

I think you meant to direct your post to Eddie, not Observer, no?

Anonymous said...

What the hell is Anon 10:09 talking about???

Anonymous said...

Ooops! My bad. Yes, the comment should have been addressed to Eddie.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think anon 10:09 is asking a very pertinent question, based on Eddie's double-speaking post.

If I'm understanding him/her correctly, anon's asking if conservatives don't give two shits about what people do in their bedroom, why do they consistently put measures in opposition to gay marriage on the ballot every election?

Calhoun said...

Comment #115!

anon 11:23, you seem to think that conservatives all think the same about everything. We don't.


Anonymous said...

Calhoun - Thanks SO MUCH for bringing this to my attention. I hadn't considered the potential that variation exists on the political ideology spectrum. Boy will that observation change the course of the debate!

Nonetheless, isn't it conservatives who sponsor the anti-gay marriage measures, and conservatives who drone on about the "evils" of homosexuality and pornography?

Anonymous said...

Wow...Anon 4:14 and Maliengus 4:24 bring up two things that should make all of us think more somberly about RHuse's "harmless" occupation: Whats up with the R Huse "and son"? That gives me the creeps, even if Rupert is "the son." And, yes, these
"instruments" he pedels certainly
look like the sort of stuff that's commonly found in sex slave
"dungeons" where cops find women
and children who have simply vanished only to be found, after being held unwillingly, sometimes for years. How does Huse live with himself knowing that some of these perverts very well may have purchased their instruments of torture from him? Yikes. Double Yikes.

Anonymous Giganticus

Anonymous said...


ENOUGH of you do, which means the MAJORITY. A big enough MAJORITY to decide the 2004 election based on this ONE issue. Get real.

Anonymous Giganticus

Anonymous said...

Now, I don't think that's at all fair to R-Huse.

If somebody were so disturbed as to make a sex slave out of some unwilling soul, he (most likely a he) would do it regardless. If R-Huse didn't sell electric catheters and ball presses, the miscreant would most certainly employ other instruments of torture. My guess is that in shopping at Huse & Son, the perpetrator is just scoring style points.

Again, not fair to assume that R-Huse sells his implements to sociopaths, and if he ever did, I'm sure he would be abhorred, and would have done so unknowingly.

Anonymous said...

Good God...what short and convenient memories we all have. Yes, Anonymous Giganticus, I remember the 2004 election very well! Remember the exit polls that were oh so revealing? Anyone?
For a political group with such diverse views (rotflmao), you certainly put those diverse views aside en masse at the voting booth. It was striking, in exit polling how many Republicans cited "gay marriage" as the overriding factor influencing their vote. But suddenly, in this forum today, you are a party with diverse thought! Suddenly, today, you're oh so tolerant and accepting. How pathetically hilarious. It's as if November 2004 never happened!


Anonymous said...

Calhoun said...
Comment #115!

anon 11:23, you seem to think that conservatives all think the same about everything. We don't.



Right back at ya' babe. You seem to think liberals all think the same about everything. We don't.


Anonymous Phenomenous

Anonymous said...

These anonymous names are hilarious. Wish you were here (not) Anthony "look it up for yourself" Delucca !

Anonymous Vulgarius

Anonymous said...

RHuse hasn't said anything for a while. Probably just tied up somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Dude - you have no idea how hard it is to type a post when you're strapped into the ol' "Secretary Bondage Bar"!

Cut him some slack!

Anonymous said...

....he's got his ass in a sling right now...


Anonymous said...

He's probably having trouble getting his head out of his ass today.

Anonymous Aromus

Anonymous said...

Huse gives the word "jack" ass a whole new meaning...

Anonymous Erectus

Anonymous said...

R Huse's bumper sticker:

Gas, grass, or speculum in the ass -- nobody rides for free.

Anonymous Delirious

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

For Rupert -- in case you're feeling down...

once there, type in "poop"

Love, Stewie

PS: I really did enjoy our time together the other nite.

Anonymous Familius

Anonymous said...

Oh,'s another one Rupert:

once there, type in "anal"

Anonymous said...

A whole bunch of posts about a whole bunch of nothing. What a bunch of useless banter wasting space that should be used for engaging political debate.

Why don't you guys go somewhere (Craigslist rants was proposed earlier) to post this tripe?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:32. Lighten up.

Anonymous said...

... wasting space that should be used for engaging political debate.

Um ... sure, but this is Miglavia. You expect "engaging political debate" in Miglavia? Look, things have gotten a little out of control, sure, but I'm sure we'll be returning soon to the regularly scheduled programming: Vilifying and scapegoating the entire Latino population in the United States. I am sure that even as I speak, Daniel is searching the newswires for a story about a Latino (past experience with reading Daniel's Political Musings has shown that immigration status is frankly irrelevant ... report the arrest first, maybe throw the poor bastard's scowling mug up so everyone can get it into their heads that Brown = Danger, and figure out the citizenship angle later) who got arrested for some Holy shit crime in a town we've never heard of before.


Anonymous said...

Yeah...I'm waiting for Miglavs to post another entry so we can move on. It's not like this
raucousness(sp?)happens every day.
I must admit, some of the entries are pretty damn funny. R Huse has dished PLENTY of it, I don't feel too sorry for him. I suppose Daniel's been a little busy. I hear he's over at the R Huse & Son website on a shopping spree....

--Eli Barnhardt

beakeer said...


Anonymous said...

Careful Beakeer ... a Miglavian will appear and demand that you "prove" that Bush is a liar. Do you really have that kind of time on your hands?

(And then when you provide examples, you'll be accused of cutting and pasting, etc.)

Anonymous said...


Two words: Ron Brown

I could add a gazillion others

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Clinton gave Halliburton "no-bid" contracts in Kosovo as well.

I don't see the Bush / Cheney haters crying about that one either.

a commentator said...

My comment is directed to the 11:40 AM Anon:

This is an old charge. Similar accusations are repeated here regularly: We [those of us on the 'Left,' whatever that means these days] didn't say anything about this and that, didn't object to Clinton's war against Iraq, the sanctions, etc. RHuse, in fact, once confidently insisted that "no one" on the Left had criticized the Clinton administration for the bombing of Yugoslavia. Total rubbish! I responded to that ridiculous charge with detailed references to public comments made by various figures on the Left that illustrated how totally wrong he was. He ignored it.

These accusations, which have absolutely no bearing whatsoever to reality, which can be easily refuted, illustrate a number of qualities about you and others who make them: Your ignorance, the narrowness with which you read, your inability to think critically and thoughtfully about what you do read, your razor-thin perspective of the world, and your inexplicable determination to literally ignore reality itself.

It is profoundly pathetic.

Anonymous said...


beakeer said...

7:38 PM

Except the unfortunate souls packing infant formula in the middle east, when his attention-diverting cruise missiles knocked on the door.

Anonymous said...

...Baby formula factories, wedding parties... which party is without fault with regards to unfortunate bombing mishaps? NEITHER.

Anonymous said...

BUSH & CO. LIED and now we can't even count how many innocent Iraqi's have died because of it.

Anonymous said...

..not to mention 3,000 American sons and daughters who are no longer with us, and 20K who will spend the rest of their lives coping with debilitating injuries. The "27% Club" can shove their "Clinton obsession disorder" up their arses, I'm sure RHuse will be happy to help.

a liberal said...

From Daniel's post:

Is it hard for you libs to deal with the fact that your candidates ...

They're not my candidates, asshole.

Kristopher said...

I think this is a good example why you cannot allow anon comments these days.

You get a bunch of libtard trolls and whiners trying to turn the comments into a libtard echo chamber.

They know full well no one reads their blogs except themselves, so they come here to pout publicly.

Anonymous said... we'll all make up names, kristopher. Does that make us any less anonymous? No.

Mary Smith

Kristopher said...


You evaded the real point of my post.

No one takes socialists seriously anymore. You post here because almost nobody reads yours blogs ... except other socialists.

As far as I can tell, the only thing you offer anymore is a vague promise that if you ever get a hold of the levers of power again, like you did during the Twentieth Century, you wont murder over 100 million people again.

Anonymous said...

What blog? I don't have a blog.

Roger Jones

Anonymous said...

Kristopher said:

I think this is a good example why you cannot allow anon comments these days.

You get a bunch of libtard trolls and whiners trying to turn the comments into a libtard echo chamber.

They know full well no one reads their blogs except themselves, so they come here to pout publicly

Then he said:

You evaded the real point of my post.

No one takes socialists seriously anymore. You post here because almost nobody reads yours blogs ... except other socialists.

As far as I can tell, the only thing you offer anymore is a vague promise that if you ever get a hold of the levers of power again, like you did during the Twentieth Century, you wont murder over 100 million people again.

What? All that hidden in a comment about "libtards" using anonymous?
Wow. You should be working for the CIA in covert languages.


You guys are always whining about "libtards" posting as Anonymous, like it's a BFD. What a load of crap. There are LOTS of people who comment here who use "Anonymous" and many of them are NOT liberals. The fact of the matter is, it is WAY easier to just click Anonymous, rather than remember a Google Blogger password that is rarely used. It's just a dumbass "red herring" to have something to try and throw out there hoping it sticks to the wall. Wow...that's a deja vu moment...sounds like a Bush & Co statergery. LOL.

Joe Smith

Anonymous said...

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