Friday, May 06, 2011

Your OFIR dollars at work

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Anonymous said...


This Tues. the 10th, is a hearing, get this, to consider passing In-State Tuition, ONLY for Illegal Aliens, NOT for Legal immigrants or American students that live in other parts of America.

Your Democrat Senate passed this and now DAVE HUNT - Far left Democrat, wants our House to give the OK as well, knowing the purchased by the Democrat machine Gov't Unions - Gov. do over Kitz, will sign the OK.

With over 60,000 ESL students here, and with a tuition break of $17,000 per year, per student, this could cost YOU the taxpayer tens of millions we do not have (S-K schools is laying off 400!).

So Illegal aliens can STEAL a job Americans will do, the better paying College Degree req'd type of job.

Yes your Democrats in charge will not pass any stick legislation they only pass more carrotts legislation.

Do the DEMOCRATS of Oregon work for the Mexican Mafia? Obviously they do!

ps, Thank you too Daniel and OFIR for bringing awareness to this tragedy.

Anonymous said...

When I woke this morning I open the Statesman Journal and the front page covers the stroy of an immigrant. This immigrant is the kind we want. He has immigrated from Malawi and is a nurse at Salem hospital. He went through the process legally AND he will make great contributions to our community as he is educated with a careeer in helping others. These are the kinds of immigration stories we should be more familiar with. Instead, we constantly hear about crime/drugs/DUIs, and all the corruption from Mexico. It is a shame that such an overwhelming majority of immigration is the illegal kind that comes from filthy Mexico. I am all for legal immigration for people who will not fly a foreign flag in our streets and demand rights and free services. We need educated, passionate, driven individuals who want to come here and help, not hurt.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for a Democrat too rebuttle reasonable comment posted just above...somehow claiming that bending over backwards with OUR tax dolars to give a college degree to an illegal is of course Racist...

Anonymous said...

"Waiting for a Democrat too rebuttle reasonable comment posted just above..."

Easy. Democrats don't want the illegals, never did. It's giant corporations and the republicans who let them in, refuse to deport them. Obama is deporting more than Bush ever did.

This all common knowledge, except to you, because all you listen to is Foxnews and Rush Limbaugh. They are lying to you. Get a brain, moran.

Anonymous said...

The DEMOCRATS in Congress and in our Legislator have avoided passing every law against illegals stealing jobs, stealing benefits and voting that has been introduced for over two decades now dummy.

Example/proof - Democrat House leader here - Dave Hunt, refused to even allow a Hearing, let alone a vote, in the last session to make E-Verify a law here but instead has chosen In-State tuition for illegals to have a hearing. Hello?

Instead locally the Democrats repeatedly put on the table Amnesty laws such as Licenses and in-state tuition.

And Pres. Hussein Obama tells his justice dept. too sue AZ. for just asking the Police to ask for ID when they arresst someone.

These FACTs on our lawmakers can easily be looked up but
Of course you wouldn't know that because all you know is OPB, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and the Democrat supportive bleeding heart Papers (who refuse too call them the correct legal term - illegal aliens) you moron.

Anonymous said...

Only states with Republican leadership/governors are the ones passing laws against illegals.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 7:07 PM
Pass the dope, you must have some great shit. There are some repubs who want the criminal aliens *(mccain, bush and some others), but it's the dems who want them for some business and votes. As anon 9:24 said, it's the states who are controlled by the repubs who are trying to pass laws against the criminal aliens.

The dems need the votes desperately after the last election. They won't be able to keep paying their minions out of the public coffers because they are almost empty and then their power ends.

There are a few good dems on immigration. DeFazio is really good on that and kooky on other things.

Anonymous said...

It sure is funny how those republicans at the state level turn colors as soon as they get to the federal level--where immigration is controlled. Funny how US Senator McCain isn't the same as Arizona citizen McCain. And the repubs controlled everything for most of the 2000's. What did they do nothing--no wait, they helped some rich arabs leave right after 9-11. And it was Reagan who gave them all amnesty in the first place.


just for fun:

"illegal immigrants paid $11.2B in taxes last year, unlike GE, which paid zero"

DAVE01 said...

ANON 7:35 PM
You have pointed out something that we all know. McCain is nothing but a RINO. At least most of the republicans are against amnesty and are for secure borders for America unlike most of the democrats.

Yes the repubs controlled most of everything in the 2000's and still couldn't get the amnesty that mccain and bush wanted.

Yes Reagen gave the amnesty in 1986 because Ted Kennedy said there would be about one million, there was over three million and he said the borders would be secure, and they are not secure. That was from the lion of the senate. He was such a liar.

Why don't you ask your democrat friends why their special interest rich friends like GE don't pay any taxes. I would like to hear Obama's answer.

Just for fun, how much money did GE receive from the government and how much money did the criminal aliens receive from the government.

I'm not sure what GE received the government but the criminal aliens have received hundreds of billions.

I have a common sense question for you. California probably has the largest amount of illegals. If illegal immigration is so wonderful and beneficial how come California is in the shitter economically? If illegals add so much money to a society, how come they are tens of billions in the hole?

Just for fun you know.

Factoid for you.
Almost 30% of federal run prisons are criminal aliens.
17% of federal run prisons are mexicans.

That is information I personally got from the federal bureau of prisons several years ago.

Anonymous said...

Someone should fund a billboard that says, "Stop Hate, Deport Bigots TODAY!"

DAVE01 said...

ANON 1:16 PM
Do you think the democrats will deport all the hispanic, especially the mexicans, new voters? You are crazy. How in the hell would people like Dingy Harry get elected?