Thursday, May 26, 2011

I want to know who let them out of the kitchen

Female graduates face pay discrimination
It’s better times for those entering the workforce. But despite the year’s increase in job prospects and starting salaries for newly-minted college graduates, the news is not so promising for matriculating females.

According to a report issued by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, women fresh out of college are offered starting salaries that are, on average, 17 percent less than their male counterparts.

It’s a largely inexplicable phenomenon, explained NACE researcher Ed Koc, except that men might be placing more emphasis on a higher starting salary than women.

Koc said. “It’s a prima facie case for discrimination towards women on the part of employers.

For Koc, the most realistic explanation for this discrepancy is supply and demand.

I can tell this article was written by a women because of the back and forth reasoning that contradicted itself. Arguments rooted in logic are not the forte of the fairer sex.

"Men place more emphasis" then "it's discrimination" and back to "supply and demand" as explanations for this inexplicable phenomenon.

I would argue that people are paid what their labor is worth. You are in a mutually beneficial employer/employee relationship. If one side decides that it is no longer beneficial to them then the relationship can be terminated. Womanly crying about it won't change the situation.

If there is a company out there that doesn't pay women what their talent is worth then they limit their available talent pool. Their competitor who doesn't limit themselves this way will hire better people, have less turnover, be more successful and possibly the other company will go out of business.

Note to the trolls: The wife and I will get a kick out of your comments I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Then your wife is probably as much of a chauvinist as you are. Or maybe she doesn't have much intelligence. There were women who didn't want to be able to vote, were OK with the "rule of thumb" and didn't care much for being able to own property. Sounds like you have a great match. She "knows her place". Great job buddy!

Kaelri said...

Oh, I usually assume these posts are custom-made to get a rise out of the trolls. These points of view can't be sincerely held by a person who has heard of, you know, books.

Anonymous said...

Well, Kaelri, some people regardless of advancements in society, the availability of education and higher levels of thought still can't seem to find their way out of the backwater, gutter that they came from.

Bruce the Barber said...

On this subject I know I am biased in favor of the womans side. My daughter, the light of my life, just graduated about 3 weeks ago. A double major (Art History and Museum Studies) with a 4.0 GPA with special distinction of "Summa Cum Laude" (no nasty jokes on the spelling, Anonymous, thats the way it is spelled). Most of this accomplished amidst all the brouhaha going on with me. She deserves kudos for what she has accomplished and a definite rate of pay on par with any man in her field. The jobs in these two fields are not overflowing with available openings. Art Registrars, Asst. Curators of Art, Museum Research Assistants are not crying for people right now. She has found a part time job, but still, it will be hard for her. After what she has gone through she is strong and hard as nails, she will not back down from asking for the same rate of pay as any man doing the same job. I of course, back her play all the way. Of course I am biased but,Oh Well!!, that is to be expected. BTW, Daniel, she was never allowed in the kitchen. The kitchen is my domain, and I did quite well. She ate very high quality for many years, and still has hardly any fat, must have got that from her mom, because I still can't see my toes. I have high hopes for her career and I know she can tackle any problem that comes her way.

Anonymous said...

a double major in "Art History and Museum Studies"

the really sad part of this type of degree, is that unless you're willing to move to a larger city that it's not really going to do you any good except for the fact that you have, "a degree" and you're lucky enough to get an entry-level position as a receptionist somewhere.

I know of a University of Oregon graduate who got his bachelor's in music because the counselors convinced him that it would launch his career as a music instructor.... they lied!

the only job that he was able to find is a long-haul truck driver and I guarantee that taking that job will ruin any of his chances to get a job in his field.

I guarantee that she will really start feeling the pain when the student loans start coming due.

Anonymous said...

Hey cunt, I mean Kaelri, what happened to the well disciplined silence?

Anonymous said...

I want to know who let you out of the Middle Ages.

Kaelri said...

> Hey cunt, I mean Kaelri, what happened to the well disciplined silence?

Yay! My first anonymous hate comment in ages. *claps hands*

Anonymous said...

May 27, 2011: Bruce the Barber provides the voice of enlightened progressivism to counter Miglavs' sexist, reactionary sniveling.

Am I still in Miglavia?

Bruce the Barber said...

That comment about Kaelri as "cunt". I don't think that was Anonymous....that was Ed Shultz, he just doesn't want to admit it. LOL

Anonymous said...

Low blow, Kaelri. Miglavs likes books. Just as long as they're written by Ann Coulter or Ted Nugent. He likes the classics too: Ayn Rand. He's very open-minded, Miglavs is.

Anonymous said...

How ironic, considering the topic. Refering to any woman as a "cunt" is derogatory and degrading. That foul behavior displays ignorance and vulgarity on behalf of the person posting such a comment. There are many other ways to communicate a thought or ideal without succumbing to such a low level of interaction. Apes would have a better sense about them in regards to social interaction.

Bobkatt said...

This study leaves more questions than it answers.
First Mr. Koc states:"It’s a largely inexplicable phenomenon...except that men might be placing more emphasis on a higher starting salary than women."

Which seems to imply that it is a personal choice of the graduate.

Then he states: One exception: engineering, where women — who comprise just 18 percent of graduates — are more sought out in the field.

“But, in virtually every other field, there were significant discrepancies,” Koc said. “It’s a prima facie case for discrimination towards women on the part of employers.”

Which would imply that it is the employers fault.

He also adds: "In education, for instance, where women compose 80 percent of the workforce, females earn an annual income that is, on average, approximately $10,000 less than males’ salaries."
This seems rather dubious in that if 80% of the workforce is female they would also have a large input on their own salaries.

As usual the intelligentsia see a perceived difference in outcome and automatically assume discrimination.

If you want an intelligent view on why there might be differences in incomes please have a look at the following interview with
Professor Thomas Sowell.

P.S. Bruce, kudos to your daughter and I wish her well but I bet there was not a lot of males in those classes she majored in. Meaning-the males hopefully are pursuing careers that have the most chance of securing a position that allows them to repay those huge school loans.

Bruce the Barber said...

From what she told me, the males that were there were not exactly the "manly" type anyway, if you get the drift. Thats one of the reasons I was so pleased at her choice for majors. I would prefer my daughter not be around any guys from the 20 something or even 30 something. I actually prefer my daughter lead a solitary (no man love interest) life for a good number of years until hopefully all this foolishness with baggy pants halfway down with the crack of their butt showing, nose pierce, eyebrow pierce, lip pierce, foul-mouthed, disrespectful, hip-hop bullcrap with the young generation goes away. I am truly not thrilled with a lot of the "available prospects" out there now. Although, I have sort of helped her learn to listen to Fox News and conservative talk radio and read Daniels blog here and Michelle Malkins. I don't think she would bring home "trash" anyway, she knows what I approve of.