Friday, May 27, 2011

Every agency becomes a policy arm

MR. STALLMAN: Well, thank you, Mr. Secretary. The Secretary and I did have a good conversation about this issue a couple of weeks ago and we do agree on the importance of fixing the nation's broken immigration system. To do that, we're going to need comprehensive immigration reform. It's something we've been working on for a lot of years and the need is even greater now than it was when we started.

At every level of government they are clamoring for amnesty. The only thing that holds them back is we the people. The elites want it, we don't. Make sure that we keep our opinions known and the pressure on. They are relentless.


Anonymous said...

"The elites want it, we don't."

I still bet miglavs is a republican. Litterally too stooooopid to figure out who is fucking him.

You may now go back to Foxnews and Rush.

Bruce the Barber said...

I do not know why, when the media or almost anybody on the left side of the left side of the aisle mentions "immigration reform" it is always prefaced by the insinuation that our policies are broken!!. They are not broken. They are just NOT being enforced. "Broken immigration policy".....Bullfeathers, oh wait, political correctness must be applied..."Torofeathers".

Anonymous said...

what good does it do to have a "comprehensive immigration reform" program when the government has already proven that it can not even follow the rules that are already in place?

Perhaps we should just shut the whole system down IE close the borders completely until we can get things under control.

Never happen.

WhyTrust any of 'em? said...

Anon 3:59, Great point.

You gotta laugh at the Amnesty supporters in here that are convinced that if only we had "reform"...finally...Big Brother will now enforce the laws.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you 3:59, what a brilliant idea! I say we go on lockdown at the border, that is, no more entry. We should put our military on the border and force our government to act to solve this invasion. No more legal immigration since the illegals are ruining it for the honest ones that enter through the front door. They come here for the welfare, not to mention all the crimes they commit. They do not embrace a healthy lifestyle or try to better themselves. They are opportunists looking for a free ride and pop kids out like gumballs to increase their welfare benefits. It should not stop at driver licenses, we should make it illegal for illegals to bank, send money out of the country, their children to attend school, absolutely NO benefits whatsoever, no employment, no food banks, emergency room visits. I could go on and on, if we made our country so intolerable for them they would self-deport. We do not want them here, period. I cannot think of one single contribution they make to our country, they are nothing more than pollution.

Bobkatt said...

We don't have a broken immigration system as much as we have a broken government system. If you really believe we can depend on government to solve problems I feel sorry for you.
Repubs stealing civil liberties, starting wars we don't need, bailing out the mafia bankers.
Dems upping the anti, starting wars, dropping "humanitarian love bombs" on innocence civilians, increasing the tyrannical grip on our rights with the S.S. style Homeland Security Gestapo. It doesn't end well.
As long as they can keep us divided and distracted they can get away with anything. Don't look over here!